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rebuy or add-on, not both


I don't think this is currently possible in version 2 (correct me if I am wrong and just don't see the setting).

It would be nice to have a game setting that does not allow an add-on for someone who has already done a rebuy.

I like to run a tourney where you can add-on only if you have not done a rebuy (or vice versa).  So you get one rebuy OR one add-on.

I know I can just state this as a rule, but I can't always remember who rebought or added on.

Well . . . I guess you could just limit everone one add-on and just let them add-on whenever, including when they've busted down to zero . . . I mean, if you're limiting them to either one rebuy or one add on, just call everything an "add-on."

Thank you, I thought my head might have been to thick to see the easy answer :D

I allow for both in my rebuy tourney's. 


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