Author Topic: Tournament Series Formula with Rebuys  (Read 860 times)


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Tournament Series Formula with Rebuys
« on: June 12, 2008, 07:29:40 AM »
Hi I would like to offer this formula which was achieved with the help of quite a few posts here. It has served us well over the last six months of a tourney we have been running. We are now playing our final table this weekend. Thanks to all those who contributed.

Basically it rewards players by where they finish in a given tourney but also penalises players if they have rebuys by approximately one place per rebuy. (in essence a rebuy is another life so one place per rebuy seems fair)

It also rewards aggressiveness and so two players who play for two hours and then are both taken out at once ny anopther player are rewarded by the number of hits they may have achieved up to that point.

((  (n+tnr)*prizepool)  /  (r+nr))  + (nh*bc)

n = num players
tnr = total number of rebuys
prizepool = total money being paid out in a tourney
r = rank player finishes in a tourney
nh = number of hits
bc = buy in cost
nr = number of rebuys