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New Feature
« on: March 17, 2008, 12:36:38 AM »
Could you add an option to have TD load the last tournament it saved when you start up TD?

I don't want a blank tourny or a new/reset version of a template tourny loaded each time i start it up,
but rather, i need the last saved tourney loaded in its complete saved state.

This would help in many areas.   If TD crashes/ locks up etc, you just reboot and start up TD.  It would load the
last tourny it was running and start it off right at the point where it last saved it before the crash.
Also, in my case, i load TD, then load the tourny file for the next planned tourny and enter in the players i know are
coming.  I may make changes to prizes and seating, then save.  Later in the week start TD, and again load the file needed and
add more players etc and save it.  Each time i need to manually load the file for the upcoming tourny.

Even if i set this file as the default tourny file it only loads the new/reset version of it, not the full ready to run file.


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Re: New Feature
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2008, 07:39:58 AM »
uuuggghhhh, I don't like this idea for our group... but I do recognize the fact that some people might be able to use it. Maybe this could be an option in the preference tab?

Corey Cooper

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Re: New Feature
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2008, 10:14:16 AM »
I'm opposed to this for a couple of reasons (although I understand your reasoning for it):

1) It's counter-intuitive.  Most applications open with a "blank slate".  Think MS Word or Excel, or just about any application.  Unless they are opened by way of opening a file, such as a Word document.  This could be implemented with the TD, but there are drawbacks.  I'll look into this option.

2) It would change the current behavior of the TD, which I am reluctant to do without a much more convincing reason.

3) It's the first request, which means to me that it's not something that users in general would really benefit from.  The TD version 1.3.x did this, but the application has changed drastically since then.