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Event Name/Title
« on: January 16, 2008, 04:36:00 PM »
O.K., Maybe I am dreaming, but was "Event Name" as a Game Tab field always called "Event Name" or was it ever called "Title".

The reason I ask, is that there is no token that is called "Event Name", but there is one called "Title" and the title token really refers back to event name.  Title is a standard tool box cell I think and it seems odd that it refers to event name, but you wouldn't know that if you didn't "know that".  :o

So, who cares you might rightly ask.  ::)

Well, I was about to make a suggestion that would put the file name or "Path" column from the INFO dialog box of the stats filter closer to the "status" column.  The reason being that the only real identifier I have for any of my tournaments is in the file name (I don't want to change the event name for each tourney because then that is just another thing I need to modify when starting a new tourney and I prefer to just use my standard template and give a new name with a date identifier in the file name when I "save as").

So, since I just use the file name for an identifier, when I am trying to sort through the stats info dialog box I can't very readily see which tourneys are filtered and what their status is because the Path column is so far away from "status" and "filtered" column. (tough to follow along the rows way over to the right that I have to scroll over too, then losing sight of which tourneys are completed and filtered).

I see that if I changed the event name for each tourney, then that would work, but again, I would prefer not to change something for each tourney if possible.

I have always used the name of my poker room as the "event name" and wonder why I would have done that, unless way back that field used to be called "title" and used the token of "title" that I then used in my layout to post my poker room name on the layout.

I guess my main suggestion is . . . . would it be possible to move the "path" column closer to the left hand side of the stats info dialog box?  A reasonable problem that this will bring up is that file path names tend to be very long, so that column takes up a lot of space and other columns will shift way over to the right.

Any thoughts on this or other things I should consider so that when I am filtering tourneys I can easily see which ones are loaded and which ones aren't??

Best bet is probably just for me to add a date or similar identifier to the Event Name field for each tourney and then this will show up in about the 4th or 5th column in that info dialog box and I can more easily see across the row which tourneys are loaded/complete and which are filtered.

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Re: Event Name/Title
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2008, 09:54:36 AM »
Wait for me to update the Stats tab?  :)

Seriously, I'm planning a minor overhaul of the Stats tab, it's high on the to-do list but that doesn't mean I'll be able to get to it any time soon.

Here are the plans (as I remember them, I'm not looking at my notes):
- On the Stats tab will be 3 sub-tabs: Tournaments, Players, and Single Field (or some more appropriate name I have not yet come up with)
- The Tournaments tab would display information about every tournament found, much like the "Info" button does now, but with more information (including a column for filename (just the filename, not the path), the full path, title (or event name), number of players, pot, etc)
- The Players tab would show the information you currently see on the Stats tab
- The Single Field tab would show the information you see when you switch to "Single field" mode with the View button

The Tournaments tab would also allow you to pick and choose tournaments you wish to include, thus modifying the filter in an ad-hoc way.