Author Topic: Rounding of prizes and "leftovers"  (Read 1908 times)


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Rounding of prizes and "leftovers"
« on: March 21, 2006, 11:51:42 AM »
Trying to figure out what to do with rounding of prizes and leftovers.

Theoretical prize stucture of 50%, 30%, 20%,

Lets say 10 players with $5 buy-in with $3 rebuy.  1 person rebuys. so pot is $53.

I can't really round the prizes without either have a $2 leftover or being short a buck.

Is the best way to handle this to have the prizes always rounded down and then "share the pot" for just one of the prizes (say 1st place) so any leftover goes to first place (or whatever place)?

It seems like you can't really share the leftover between multiple positions because then you may end up with non-rounded prizes (if you have $1 left over and that is shared between 2 prizes (say 1st and 2nd), then the prizes for those 2 positions ends up increasing by 50 cents even though rounding is in place).