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2.0 is Great

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Congrats on the new version Corey,  I had fun with the beta, and look forward to seing other peoples templates....

Same here! Although I really wanted to help with the software by giving you some feedback I just didn't the time to put a decent report put together. Though I soppose you could look at this a good way: I ran the software for over a month without a single issue!!! Anything I would have contributed would have been suggestions and not bugs. Thanks again!

- mrmookid aka keith

I have run 10 tournies with the new software, and it is perfect.  I love the database to see who the biggest fish are :)

That database has made my job of collecting stats for my league soooooo much easier.  It's amazing how quickly I can figure year-to-date totals simply because of the database.  I can now assign points to everyone automatically rather than having to do it by hand.  It's just great.

I'm sure I'm not using the software to its fullest potential, but it works just fine for our games and does everything I need it to.

I haven't been to the website for awhile, so thought I'd drop by to see if there were any updates.  Ye gads, you've been busy!  With my past experience of this program, I've ordered a license for 2.0 before even trying it.  The new features sound incredible!


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