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Help Me / First Ante Layout Cell Token Expression
« on: August 19, 2013, 05:16:00 PM »
Using Tournament Director 3.2, a typical game might have antes starting on round 9 after the end of the second break Rounds 1-4 have no antes followed by break 1, rounds 6-8 also have no antes followed by break 2.  The first round to have antes is round 9, after which all rounds have antes that increase in accordance with the rounds settings.  In other words, rounds 1-8 have ante values of 0 in the rounds tab, round 9 has the first non zero ante value, say $100.

I wish to place a cell on the game clock layout with text = Round Antes Start and a token expression, which for this game evaluates to 9, 9 being the first round with an ante > 0.  The cell should display Round Antes Start:  9 persistently.

Hmmm, even better would be to extract the round number of the first non zero ante and also the ante value, then the layout cell could display First Ante $100 at Round 9

Anybody got a token expression to generate these two parameters?

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