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Thank you both for the replies.  That makes sense now - I thought initially that I was trying to add a different cell, but now you mention it I suspect I was trying to change the value/contents of the cell, which would of course update on any screens where that cell is used...  D'oh!  Apologies, still getting used to the setup :)  Which by the way, the more I play with it the more I feel this is an immense piece of software - I just can't believe how customisable the system is!  It beats the competition by a country mile...

Corey, totally understand what you're saying about the releases - I look forward to v3.2 whenever it may be ready, and if the token I asked about gets included then all well and good - if not, it's not the end of the world because I can always hard code the starting chip values into a new screen - will just take a bit extra work to cater for different types of tourneys with different starting stacks, but certainly possible I think...

Anyway thanks again for the replies, much appreciated to both.


Corey I just started noticing something, and can't work out if I'm doing something wrong or there's some kind of bug perhaps...

I have created a master layout screen, which I then want to copy and make a secondary screen with just a few different tokens in the middle column.  So I select 'new screen' then copy from 'main screen' which populates the secondary screen as I'd expect.

But then, as soon as I make any changes to cells/tokens on one screen, the other screen also updates - it's like they're now linked and set to remain identical.

Is that expected behaviour?

I assumed that when I copy a screen, I'd just be copying it as a starting point then could update both screens independently of each other...?


Hey Corey,

Thanks for the fast reply.

No worries, if you could make such a token available please that'd be sweet.

I notice from another of your posts last month that you mentioned there will be profiles available for buy-ins, rebuys & add-ons in the upcoming release 3.2 - do you have any idea roughly when that release might be available please, and do you think you'd be able to squeeze this token into that release too?


Hi all,

Firstly I'm a newbie with this software, have just downloaded it for a trial now in preparation for the home league we're setting up.  To Corey if you read this, kudos to you sir - this is some pretty sweet software :)

Anyway, does anyone in the community know if it's possible to display the 'per player chip quantities' (set on the Chips tab) as part of a pre-tourney screen?

I can see the <chips> token displays the colour and value of each chip in my set, but additional to that I'd like to display the number of each chip a player receives too if possible...

Anyone know if this can be done please?

Many thanks :)

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