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Suggestions / Adding players to the Database
« on: October 24, 2012, 09:11:39 AM »
Im using the option in the Players Tab, under DATABASE, the first one is "Add to the Databse players in your current tournament". I found it usefull because the name was turning red when the name is already in the Database. But the problem i found out, it is not looking for identical Players, its just looking for the nickname (correct me if im wrong) So the problem that gave me is that it let me add Identical Player with same ID, first and last name to the Database without noticing it.

Can we have an option is the setting that set what we want this option to check, like check box for each of them, ID, NIck name, first and last name....

I personaly use ID over the name, i would select only the ID and will make sure no duplicate is added. Because im  running with a 10k names Database and going up. Finding duplicate in there is a total waste of time. I know you have the option that tell you that you already have this player in the Database when you enter the new player. But i run the database differently for specific reason. The main one is over 4k of names, TD is becoming slow as hell to search for names.

Is it something that can be done? Because right now im doing everything manualy and it take me time everyday, it would be like seconds with this options on.

Thanks you

Help Me / Formula help
« on: July 19, 2012, 12:34:12 AM »
I need help to make a formula if someone can help.

40 players always

40th get 50
39th to 10th increase by 4 per position (so 54 to 170)
9th to 4th increase by 10 per position (so 180 to 230)
3rd to 1st increase by 30 per position (260 to 320)

Im having hard time with the incrementation.... and its a big part of the formula lol

Thx in advance !!

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