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I guess I couldn't find other "critical error" fix suggestions.

But, there is this thread - not sure if it will help or not, but check out these 2 threads (second simply refers to the first)
These don't appear to be what I'm seeing. I think that one of the times was when I hit 'X' to bust someone out, and then immediately clicked on the mouse.

I'm not too concerned just yet, if it happens again I'll make a note of the error and the circumstances it happened under.

I am betting that Corey will need to know your operating system, computer set up (processor, memory), operating system version and what version of Internet Explorer you are using (are you using IE 7?).
Windows XP SP2 with pretty much all patches applied, Laptop with 512M meg RAM. IE 6.

I do see some value of an autosave after a bust out.

One workaround - or something that might just help you - is to make a "save" button for your layout.  That way you can manually hit "save" whenever you want (maybe anytime you bust out a player or a major event happens).
That's a good idea. Also, isn't there a hotkey for 'save'?

This was my first event using TD, so I'm still feeling my way around it to a certain extent.

Thanks for the advice.


1.  How about setting your table as the "final table", that is, right click on the table with your locked seat and choose the option "designate as final table".

Then your table will not close down.

If, after you bust out, you wish to redesignate a different final table, you can do so simply by designating a different table as the "final table".
That's an idea I guess. Thanks, hadn't thought of that.

2.  I would have to believe that setting the auto save for every 3 minutes would capture all important events.  At least enough such that you could recreate anything that happened since then.  I have left mine at the default 5 minutes and, although I haven't had to use it, I feel comfortable that I could recreate the previous 5 minutes.
Last night was a bit hectic, particularly with me playing as well. I did consider not playing, but this was our first big tournament so I really wanted to be involved.

As such, I'm not convinced I could recreate the last 5 minutes if I'd had to, particularly if more than one person had busted out.

I still think that automatically saving immediately on 'important' events (busting out, rebuy, new level etc. etc) would be a good idea.

3.  Can't help with the critical error problem, but weren't there other threads that addressed this regarding IE 7.0 or something like that and some patch you can run from Microsoft to possibly fix it?
Ok, I'll do a search and see if I can find anything.



Suggestions / Locking player in seat, auto save and a critical error or two
« on: November 19, 2006, 06:05:49 AM »

I ran my first tournament using TD last night, and on the whole it went very well. However, I had a couple of 'issues'.

1. I had locked myself into a seat next to the laptop so that I could get easy access to it. However, as the players were eliminated, TD eventually decided that my table needed to be closed, and I was moved to a table nowhere near the laptop.

Could we have an option to apply this 'locking' even when a table needs to be closed (i.e. close one of the other tables and move players appropriately)

2. I asked another player to restart the timer on the laptop by 'pressing the tournament button at top left, then press the space bar'. Unfortunately, he's obviously not very computer literate and hit the button at the top left of the keyboard, which happens to be my power button!

Of course, if I'd had 'auto save' turned on, that would have ben less of a problem. However, I've been experimenting with auto save this morning, and found that it auto saves based on a timer. I tried setting this timer quite short, and it appears that this makes the screen update a bit laggy at times. Could the auto save option automatically save when a 'big' event happens (someone goes out, table seating changes, the round changes), and then also save based on a timer to keep the round time saved in the file?

So, I could set the time to something like several minutes, and then know that if anyone was busted out before this timer expired (or a new round started) then the data would be saved.

In this instance, all I would lose would be the fact that we were a few minutes further into a round than the save file indicates/

3. I had a couple of 'critical errors' appear. Luckily, pressing 'OK' on these allowed the software to continue. They appears to be related to players going out at the same time as something else happening (perhaps the round time expiring?). I can't give much more details as I was a little stressed running my biggest tourney ever while also playing in it.

On the whole though, very useful sotware. Thanks a lot.


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