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Help Me / Hand timmer button on main page
« on: May 22, 2010, 12:47:44 PM »
I am not up fully on how to program custom events and I am interested in (Using TD ver: 2.5.10) adding/ creating a hand timer button along with a bunch that came with a template that I am using.  Every so often we have a player that takes forever and because I use a touch sensitive screen (screen shot attached), I would like to make up an event and button to start the hand timer for 1 minute.

I tried finding something related to this, with no luck unless I was just using the wrong search terms, found some code/event for last buy-in, but not this :-(

I know I can access this hand timer in the controls tab, but it would make a lot more sense if I can do this right on the main screen, buy just adding another button, so that when it is pressed, the hand timer clock window would pop up showing the hand timer counting down from a minute.

Once I have the event properly made, set actions to play a sound at the start like "you have one minute to decide on your move!"  and then another event say 15 seconds, to say "You now have 15 seconds left to make a decision", and then one last warning "Time is up, you fold!"

Right now my button control code is as follows:
<tdbutton type="previousround" text="Round -" inheritFont="true">
<tdbutton type="nextround" text="Round +" inheritFont="true">
<tdbutton type="addplayers" text="+ Player" inheritFont="true">
<tdbutton type="buyin" text="Buy-in" inheritFont="true">
<tdbutton type="bustout" text="Bust Out" inheritFont="true">
<tdbutton type="rebuy" text="Rebuy" inheritFont="true">
<tdbutton type="addon" text="Add-on" inheritFont="true">
<tdbutton type="clock" text="Pause" inheritFont="true">

Thanks to members and Corey Copper, this has been a great program.  Any help on this would be great.

Help Me / Monitor in middle of poker table question.
« on: August 03, 2009, 03:12:21 AM »
Recently found this excellent tutorial:
on putting a monitor into the middle of the table, and using Tournament Director with some customization to come up with a great practical center piece for tracking and displaying time, chip count, etc. while playing.
My question is
I am building a table right now and I am wondering if it is worth while to spend extra to put say  a 15 LCD touch screen in the center
(3M™ MicroTouch™ Display C1500SS Enclosure Monitor)
as opposed to a regular screen.  I am thinking in conjunction with Windows 7, Tournament Director, and actual practical usage during a game. 

I know there are issues with accidental touching of the screen, but I am sure that is just a software mod that implemented to prevent accidents - there always is something put into place just in case.

Anyway, any further insight into this issue would be great, as I am not an experienced user of the software yet.

Bottom line, based on software and program experience, would this be a great idea and your reasons why?

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