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Suggestions / Creation of a DVD
« on: April 16, 2006, 11:25:34 PM »
Dear Software Creator.
I live in Sydney Australia, I know of your program and have seen it used many times.
I don't own a laptop, however my suggestion is along the lines of a stand alone DVD as a POKER CLOCK/Home Tournament system.
Using your software by creating a DVD or series of DVDs your average home user could hold a tourney in their own home using a standard DVD player.
You could have various combinations of standard blinds and times etc. Then you would run the DVD which could then be paused for breaks etc. and sound could alert players when blinds were going up.
This would enable people with limited means/resources to purchase a DVD only and have their home tourney in their living room using their standard A/V setup and screen to display the information. it would only need to be very basic but may be handy distributor for the software also.
By purchasing the DVD the software program could be built into the DVD to run on standard laptops also. Just a thought, what do you think?

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