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Help Me / Re: Bounties
« on: April 08, 2006, 11:28:48 AM »
Not sure if this should have been a separate thread, but since it is bounty related, I thought I would post it here.

We have a "winner take-all" side bet bounty where only those players that have purchased the side bet can win.  The one who outlasts all those that bought the side bet wins all of the side bet money.  Is it possible to do this through TD? 

You would have to manually do this.  For each player who participates in the side-bet, increase their buy-in by the side-bet amount when you buy each player in.  Then create a prize that is a fixed amount, and set it to the side-bet amount (which you'll have to figure manually), and set the Recipient to be manual.  Then you'll have to award the prize manually by setting the Recipient override once the winner has been determined.

The reason you would go through the manual steps to include this in the TD (as opposed to just doing it 100% manually) is to (a) have the prize displayed in the prizes list and (b) include the winnings and cost in the participants' stats.

Suggestions / Re: Seat players before buy-in?
« on: April 08, 2006, 10:34:10 AM »
It's in.  Added a dialog to quickly mark/unmark players Paid in Full.  Added a button on the Players tab, a Hotkey action and a <tdbutton> to access it.

Suggestions / Re: Bug report - table counts in main layout
« on: April 08, 2006, 10:26:29 AM »
I am currently running my weekly tournament and I am down to my heads-up players. However, the "Tables" display on my layout says 1 x 1 instead of 2 x 1. I had another problem with 8 or 9 players each at 2 tables but I will have to try and recreate it and give you specifics. (As I said, as I type this I have two players battling for the prize so I can't fiddle with anything at the moment) :P

Yep.  This is very specific.  When you're down to 2 players, the <tables> token will show 1x1 instead of 2x1.  All other configurations should work.

Fixed for the next version.

Help Me / Re: Not managing players
« on: April 07, 2006, 10:26:30 AM »
No, there is currently no way to do this.  A request has been made to add this functionality back, and it is on the to-do list, but I don't know if/when it will make it into the software.  So, for now, you've got to enter player names at least.

Suggestions / Re: Auto-Load Last Tournament
« on: April 06, 2006, 10:42:51 AM »
How about the ability to load a default tourney that is set up with your templates etc, not necessarily the last one played

Set the Default Tournament on the Preferences tab.

Suggestions / Re: Future directions
« on: April 06, 2006, 10:42:11 AM »
There is one thing that I am frustrated with.  I cannot add breaks or new rounds where I want to.  the moving the breaks up or down one at a time is frustrating if you add it at the end of the rounds....I am not being really clear I know.

Right-click on an existing round/break and use the "Insert round..." or "Insert break..." option.

Help Me / Re: Editing players and keeping stats
« on: April 06, 2006, 10:40:17 AM »
I tried to change the nickname to the right spelling of the fellows name, and this error keeps coming up:

'ap' is undefined (pageDatabase: 1381)
 at editDBPlayerDialogValidate(PlayerName, PlayerInfo, null)
 at playerDialogValidate(Unknown, Number)
 at _showDialog(Boolean, String, Array, String, Function, Number, Number, null)
 at _showDialogPreSize(Boolean, String, Array, String, Function, null, null, null)
 at showDialogPreSize(String, Array, String, Function)
 at playerDialog(String, null, PlayerName, PlayerInfo, Set, Number, null, Number, Function)
 at editDBPlayerByUUIDDialog(String)

Any ideas?

Yes, known bug in the current version.  It's giving an error when it is attempting to warn you that the player's first name + last name is the same as some other player in your database.

General Discussion / Re: Registration Number
« on: April 05, 2006, 09:15:43 PM »
PatricksDad, your key was sent Sunday evening (4/2).  I'll resend it.

This brings up a good point (not directed at you, PatricksDad, just everyone in general):

This forum is not the place to address individual license key delivery issues.  I obviously need to update the FAQ with this information:

To reiterate, you definitely need to check your spam or bulk email for the license key.  Even when I tested the license key delivery email with my own account(s), some of it landed in these folders.  There's nothing I can do about this.

If you have not received your license key within 24 hours, you should email; not post here about it.

If you email about not receiving your license key, and do not receive a response to your inquiry within 24 hours, then in all probability there is a problem with email delivery to the email address you have provided.  This could be any number of things.  So far they have ranged from (1) your domain is temporarily unreachable (although in this case I will retry a number of times); (2) your domain is unreachable from the domain from which I send email; (3) your domain REJECTED email from me; (4) your email address is incorrect; (5) you have an approval-based email system and you did not pre-approve email from; (6) some other reason.  If email cannot be delivered to the email address you provide, then there's little I can do.  In that case, you should create an account here on the forums and send a private message to me.  That will ensure we can at least communicate and work out the email issue.  There are a number of people in this category right now, but I'm not about to post anyone's name or email address publicly.  There's nothing I can do about it unless you contact me in a way in which I can return the communication privately.

Again, this isn't directed at you, PatricksDad, or anyone else in particular, for that matter.  I apologize in advance if it appears that way.  I am just hoping to encourage future issues to be handled in a more appropriate (and confidential) manner.

Help Me / Re: round or level and break time
« on: April 05, 2006, 01:41:10 PM »

(That one was pretty easy...)

Help Me / Re: error initalizing
« on: April 05, 2006, 09:57:46 AM »
IE7 isn't supported at this time.

I did see this type of behavior, though, with IE6.  After I started the TD, I disabled the ms-its protocol, and the TD started behaving as you described.  After I re-enabled the ms-its protocol, it went back to normal.  I don't know how much this helps, but you might re-visit the ms-its issue and make sure the protocol is enabled.

General Discussion / Re: Registration Number
« on: April 04, 2006, 11:34:14 PM »

How long does it take to get the reg # usually? I just payed via CC last night, but have a tourney this week end and am anxiously awaiting.....

Plus, reading these forums has me all excited about making a layout and customizing the sounds. ;D


I'm usually able to get license keys out within a few hours.  I would say that, so far, probably 99% of all license keys purchased have gone out within 12 hours of the purchase (or, within 12 hours of Paypal notifying me of the purchase).

The 72 hours is given because I am not on the license key gig 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There will be times when I cannot get the license key out as soon as I'd like.  But I do like to get them out quickly.  I know some people wait until the last minute, and I try to be mindful of that.

In your case, Ben, your LK was sent approximately 5 hours after PP notified me.  If you haven't received it, email me:

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Re: LPS Layout
« on: April 04, 2006, 10:08:47 AM »
Your layout looks nice. ;D

Is there a trick to getting the chip images to appear larger?  My images are 400x400 pixels and are still showing as tiny.

I do not see a size setting when adding the chip images, but I would like to make them a bit larger.


The <chips> token has a size attribute, which indicates pixel height/width:

<chips size="100">

This would display your chips as 100x100 pixel images.  The default size is 30, so you'll get 30x30 pixel chip images if you omit the size attribute.

If you ever want to know what the various attributes for any token are (or what the tokens are), just edit a cell and press the Insert Token button.  There you'll find all of the tokens, each of their attributes, and descriptions for everything.

Help Me / Re: Adding points from previous games?
« on: April 02, 2006, 06:52:44 PM »
Technically, a league is a simple way to group players in your database.  It makes it easy when you create your tournament to filter out the players you want to add to the tournament.

A season is really nothing but a "tag".  It is simply a designator.  It is useful for more easily creating a filter that will show stats for the specific sub-set of your tournaments.

Do you need to create a league for your players?  If you host tournaments with more than one "set" of players, it might be useful to group your players into different leagues.  It sure makes it easy each time you setup your tournament, you set the League (on the Game tab), and then on the Players tab you press "Add Players" and you'll only see players that are part of the league.  Click the "check all" link and then press OK and everyone in the league is now added to your tournament.  Very easy.

Do you need to create one or more seasons?  If you ever intend to "reset" your stats, then a season makes it easy.  "Reset" is probably not the best word to use, but you need to understand how the statistics are generated in order to make the right choices for leagues and seasons.

When you want the TD to generate statistics, it loads all of the saved tournaments it can find, and then tallies up the stats for the players in those tournaments.  The stats generated are relative only to: (1) the players who played in those specific tournaments, and (2) *those specific tournaments*.  This is key.  If you have played 20 tournaments, and your filter only accepts 5 of those 20 tournaments, stats generated for each player will be relative only to those 5 tournaments.  This is why seasons can be good.  If you want to see stats for January through June, for example, and then "start over", or "reset" the stats so that everyone in your group of poker players (league) can get fresh start, then it would be a good idea to create two seasons, "1st half 06" and "2nd half 06".  You could then create two filters, one that loaded only tournaments in the "1st half 06" season, and another that loaded only tournaments in the "2nd half 06" season.  With a stats filter, you're telling the TD: "Compute statistics only for the tournaments that fit these criteria."

You can, at any time, load a saved tournament, make changes to it, then re-save the tournament.  If, for example, you've run 3 tournaments and then decide that seasons would be a good thing, you can create your season in the database, then, in turn, load each of the 3 already saved tournaments, set their season, and re-save them.  The next time you "Reload Tourneys" on the Stats tab, the TD will recognize your changes.

That's fairly rambling, but I hope it helps.

Help Me / Re: Editing players and keeping stats
« on: April 02, 2006, 06:34:26 PM »
Yes.  Each player in your database has an internal, unique identifier.  Changing their nickname, first name, and/or last name will have no effect on stats, other than the player's name will be different.

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Re: Looking for sound files
« on: April 02, 2006, 06:33:25 PM »
I just did the multiple sound to an event and it worked fantastic.  I would assume that this will work for everything then? 

Also, is there anyway to change a persons nickname ( I use it as their first name) , as I spelled it wrong, and it will still assign stats from previous tournaments to the edited player?  I guess what I am asking is if you edit a player, will the program recognize that and still have the correct stats from saved games?

Yes.  Each player in your database has an internal, unique identifier.  Changing their nickname, first name, and/or last name will have no effect on stats, other than the player's name will be different.

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