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Beta Testing / Re: Stat screen Bug
« on: July 25, 2006, 11:04:07 AM »
Dang it, that's because there is an image missing.  You should be seeing a pair of arrows indicating where the column will be placed should you drop it at that time.  I'll post an update this evening.

As for #1: You didn't describe how you imported your DB from your current install of version 2.1.2, but my guess is that you exported your players to a CSV file and then imported them the same way.  Yeah, this will not work the way you expect.  The problem is that each player (and league and season) has a unique internal (ie, the user never actually sees it) identifier, and that is what is referenced in your saved tournaments.  So as far as the software knew, the players in your 2.2 database were entirely different from your players in your 2.1.2 database, even though they had the same name, etc.

Here's a better way to do what you were attempting:  Use the "Backup" button on the Database page.  Backup the database and then unzip the resulting backup file into where you are installing the new version.

Beta Testing / Version 2.2 Beta 1
« on: July 24, 2006, 11:13:38 PM »
Given the amount of underlying code change in this next version, I thought it a good idea to get a little bit more of the "real-life" testing before making version 2.2 generally available.  And I figure those who browse and post on the Tournament Director forums have a higher than average interest in the software, so who better to test it?

If you're a brave soul and would like to test the software, read on:

- "Beta" software is not "alpha" software.  Alpha software is known to be incomplete.  Beta software is (supposed to be) complete.  This is what I will be posting in this section for download.  The "beta" version(s) of the Tournament Director 2.2 are complete, and I believe I have found all the existing bugs.  However, additional testers will likely hit scenarios I have inadvertently missed and will hopefully help to uncover any bugs I may have not yet found.

- If you run the software in a live tournament, be prepared for problems.

- Version 2.2 saved tournaments are NOT backwards compatible.  You will not be able to load your version 2.2 tournaments into the Tournament Director 2.0, 2.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, etc.

- You can have more than one version of the software installed, just select a different disk location and different Start Menu path for each one.  However, when you wish to uninstall one of them, you should use the Uninstall link in your Start Menu for the corresponding version.  There will only be one entry in the Add/Remove Programs dialog, and it will uninstall the most recently installed version.  Also, uninstalling will remove your license information, if you are a registered user of the software, so keep your registration information handy so you can re-enter it the next time you start the software.

- Please post any comments you have.  If you have problems, post them here or email them to  Please post your comments if you experience no problems, too.  It's always good to get a perspective on how stable the software is.

- Thank you in advance for your participation.

Download version 2.2 Beta 1 here:

Edit: Version 2.2 Beta 1 is no longer available.  See

Suggestions / Re: New Tournament Director Features
« on: July 24, 2006, 10:46:29 AM »
And as to #1, this is most definitely high on the enhancement list.  It's simply that, unfortunately, the original design of the software did not take this into account, probably because this situation has been a very rare occurrence in my personal experience.  I'm reluctant to make this kind of change simply because of the implications - it affects how money, points, standings, etc, are calculated, and that's a very important, and somewhat delicate, area of code that I do not like to mess with, for fear of breaking something.

Suggestions / Re: Player Pics
« on: July 24, 2006, 10:40:44 AM »
It has been suggested before, and this is actually on my "to-do" list, but I can't say when, if ever, it will make it into the software.  I admit it would be a nice feature, but it will require a not insignificant amount of work, and I'm not convinced it would be worth the effort for the majority of the users of the software.  So, for now, "it's on the list".

Help Me / Re: Points only bounties
« on: July 24, 2006, 10:32:08 AM »
You are correct, there is no way to statistically track who wins bounty prizes (or how many they win, how many points they got from them, or how much cash they won from them).  Nor can you track how many first place prizes a player wins, or second place prizes a player wins, etc, etc, etc.

Off the top of my head, I see maybe on the Stats Player dialog (double-click a player on the Stats tab), a button that breaks down the source of all points and money.

Code: [Select]
Tournament        Date         Source                 Money    Points
Hold 'Em Night    6/23/2006    1st Place               $200      0.00
Hold 'Em Night    6/23/2006    Points for Playing               75.00
Hold 'Em Night    6/23/2006    Points for Rebuying              -5.00
Hold 'Em Night    6/23/2006    Bounty on Jack           $50     25.00
Hold 'Em Night    6/30/2006    4th Place                $25      5.00


Help Me / Re: Seating randomization
« on: July 21, 2006, 10:57:46 AM »
As I said before, anything is possible.  I've been in software development for long enough to acknowledge that.  But again, I think it's far more unlikely than likely.

More technically: ECMAScript is the technical name for Javascript.  The ECMAScript standard actually doesn't specify anything other than the function of the random number generator (RNG).  Therefore, its implementation can be (and probably is) different with different implementations of javascript.  So, the possibility, I would argue, would exist in Microsoft's implementation of its RNG.  I realize just saying that opens doors in many people's minds to criticism, but again, it's been in widespread use for a long time, and primarily MS's implementation (I may love Firefox, but IE still has the major market share).  So, any serious problems would likely have been found by now.

As far as seeding, well that's the funny thing.  ECMAScript doesn't have a way to seed the RNG.  So you just have to "trust" the RNG.  Could this be the problem?  Again, maybe, but doubtful.  And again, if there was a problem, it would probably have turned up by now.

And I definitely think your write-protected tournament "template" has nothing to do with it.

Help Me / Re: Seating randomization
« on: July 20, 2006, 10:38:20 PM »
You know, at first I had this big long explanation of seating, and random number generation, and ECMAscript, and was looking to see if there were any flaws in ECMAscript implementations of the random number generator.......

Bottom line: is it possible?  Yes, absolutely, anything's possible.  Is it likely?  Not very.  ECMAscript is in very, very widespread use, so there's very unlikely any problems in its random number generator.  The Tournament Director has been in use... well, not as much as ECMAscript, but certainly a lot.  Thousands of people running thousands upon thousands of tournaments.  So, it's unlikely there's a problem in the seating implementation either (as far as randomness goes).

There are some things that could make one THINK the randomness isn't very good, like locking players in their seats, and placing dealer buttons.  But those mostly affect balancing tables, not initial random seating.

Here's a simple test.  Grab yourself a configured tournament, with tables defined and players bought-in.  (Or load a finished tournament and reset it if that's easier.)  Go to the Tables tab.  Press the Seat Players button.  Take a look at who is sitting where.  To make it easier, just pick a table and note who is sitting at that table.  Now unseat everyone by pressing the Clear button, checking Unseat all players, then pressing OK.  Now press the Seat Players button again and note where people are sitting.  Repeat this half a dozen times.  I just ran through this example myself, as I nearly always do when answering questions, and I didn't see anything close to the same seating arrangements at any iteration.

If you (or your tournament participants) are still uneasy about it, make a rule to perform this little ritual at the start of every tournament.  Kind of like shuffling the cards.  You'll seat and then unseat everyone 3 times, and then seat them a 4th and final time.   It's unnecessary, but we know poker people can be superstitious...  :)

Help Me / Re: Hits not recorded
« on: July 19, 2006, 10:35:16 AM »
Yes, it affects bounties (bounty chips, not "prize" bounties) as well.  ETA for 2.2 recently divulged here:

General Discussion / Re: Version 2.1 is available
« on: July 18, 2006, 07:05:49 PM »
Soon.  Probably this time I'm going to offer it as a beta for those who are brave enough.  Although there aren't as many major functionality changes as in previous releases, this one has a lot of underlying UI changes and needs a good thorough test before being generally released.  If I can't get it out before this weekend, it should definitely be next week sometime.

General Discussion / Re: scrolling player knocked out
« on: July 17, 2006, 11:34:25 AM »
Wow, after posting that and actually implementing it in the software, I realized your marquee is scrolling UP.  Duh.

Still, there's no way in the <rankings> token to insert additional text (between two columns, as is the case here).

General Discussion / Re: scrolling player knocked out
« on: July 17, 2006, 11:16:47 AM »
The <rankings> token displays the player rankings in a way similar to what you see on the Player Rankings page.  This allows you to drop the rankings directly into your "clock" page, so you don't have to switch to the Player Rankings page (and away from the clock) to see the rankings.

This token displays the rankings in a table format, just like on the Player Rankings page.  Scrolling it horizontally in a marquee would be strange at best.  I think you're looking more for something that would list the rankings horizontally, with some additional text to make sense of it.

8 Corey 8:35 4 Ed, 9 Brad 8:22 3 Jack, 10 Adam 7:45 3 Jack

That, to me, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  But nevertheless, that's what it would look like if you took each row of the Player Rankings and showed them side-by-side.  It's the titles at the top of each column that make it sensible.

8th place: Corey busted out at 8:35 round 4 by Ed, 9th place: Brad busted out at 8:22 round 3 by Jack, 10th place: Adam busted out at 7:45 round 3 by Jack

That makes much more sense.  I'll add a new token to accomplish this.

To your specific question, the "tokens" in the Tournament Director are little bits of XML.  To understand why your modification didn't work, you'd be best served by reading a little bit about XML.  w3schools has some great tutorials:

General Discussion / Re: images not loading
« on: July 13, 2006, 10:15:25 PM »
Not yet.  This is actually a feature a started during the work on 2.0, but it remains unfinished.  The ability to import cells, screens, banners, etc, from another layout... will eventually get there.  For now, you'll have to duplicate the items manually.

To learn more about creating a layout, all I can really suggest is to consult the user gude and take a look at the various included layouts, and those that others have shared to see how things are done.  Knowing/learning HTML is a big plus as well.

General Discussion / Re: images not loading
« on: July 13, 2006, 03:37:54 PM »
Good policy, but sometimes it's good to ask.  In this case, I decided to double-check the FAQ, just in case, and found it to be inaccurate.  So I updated it first.

Help Me / Re: Running TD on 2 pc's
« on: July 13, 2006, 02:59:34 PM »
Save all of your HTML / images / sounds / templates / etc to a folder inside of the Tournament Director installation folder (C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 2).  If you include images in your layout, make sure to specify them using relative paths ("pictures\chips.jpg" instead of "C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 2\pictures\chips.jpg").  That way, if you have the software installed on the C: drive on one machine and the D: drive on the other, the paths to images, etc, will still work.  Then you just have to copy the Tournament Director folder back and forth between the 2 machines to keep them in sync.

Help Me / Re: Missing Player
« on: July 13, 2006, 02:54:33 PM »
- Make sure the player is definitely in the database (on the Players tab, the player will be in italics if they are not a DB player)
- Make sure the tournaments that the player has played in are being accepted by your Stats filter (press the Info button on the Stats dialog)
- Are other players in the same tournament showing up in the Stats?

If all else fails and you can't figure it out, backup your database and tournaments and send them to  To backup your DB and tournaments, go to the Database tab and press the Backup button.  Check "Backup database" and "Backup saves folder".  This will ZIP up everything.  Attach the file to an email, and be sure to specify the issue in detail (which player isn't showing up, etc).

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