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Beta Testing / Re: 3.5 Progress
« on: May 24, 2018, 05:27:41 PM »
Actually, it does.  I most definitely will not make any promises, but theoretically it could run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Beta Testing / Re: 3.5 Progress
« on: May 24, 2018, 03:44:17 PM »
Oh, and the main one, which we will definitely have to see once everything's done, but I expect it to run much faster and be more responsive.  We will see...

Beta Testing / Re: 3.5 Progress
« on: May 24, 2018, 03:40:56 PM »
I'll try to add updates as time goes by and work continues.  There will definitely be a beta test for this one.  :)

Here are some highlights:
* No more Internet Explorer required
* No more IE 11 memory leaks
* Full-screen mode no longer requires a restart.  Like a real browser, you can toggle between window and full-screen at any time
* Game window will actually have minimize/maximize buttons that work as other windows do
* Settings window will also have maximize button
* No longer need to configure the TD with info about your extended display, it can now get your display info from Windows
* No "Call was rejected by callee" errors because IE doesn't know how to work right when a sound is played
* No more Windows Media Player required
* System dialogs (open file, save file) work, for everyone (this is a problem for a lot of people now)
* Real context menus, not the ones I had to hack into the application which may open partially offscreen
* No more stupid X button in inputs that displays after you select the input and then text in the input moves
* No more administrator access required
* Good folder selection dialog (the one the TD uses is awful)
* Ability to use HTML5
* And for me, a real debugger, which has been a godsend in getting this working so quickly

This is just a short list of stuff I've thought of since starting ...

Beta Testing / 3.5 Progress
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:44:19 PM »
Many of you have seen my posts where I talk about the next version of the TD, which will be ported to a new framework.  In those posts I also mention that it's going to be a lot of work, and will be some time before the new version is ready.  That's turning out to be correct, but it's really exciting (from a nerd programmer perspective) because as I work through it so many of the past limitations of the application are gone.  There's a long way to go, but surprisingly I've made an amazing (to me) amount of progress.  Anyway, I wanted to share some details as work progresses.

So I started with a proof-of-concept, to make sure the TD would work under Electron (, and to familiarize myself with Electron and Node.js and modern Javascript (the TD is currently stuck way in the past - a years old version of JS).  There were several aspects of the TD that, if they weren't possible under Electron, the whole effort would have been pointless.  And happily I discovered they were possible, and so I dove in.  In a surprisingly short amount of time, I had all of the TD code loading (but not working) under Electron.  Over the past few weeks I've been neck deep just trying to make it kind of work, no real direction, just fixing anything that was preventing the application from just running.

At this point I've actually got the main window and the settings window up and most tabs displaying (but not yet working).  Here's a screenshot of the Settings window under Electron:

Not exciting because it doesn't look much different, but that's good!  My current goal is to get the TD working closest to its current form.  New features and taking advantage of the new framework will come later.

I just got the Game window sort-of functioning:

Not as pretty, but all the pieces are there and they actually update.

There's a huge amount of work ahead.  One major example is dialog windows.  They work differently in Electron and at last quick count, including alert dialogs and simple confirmation dialogs, the TD has nearly 1000, all of which will require some refactoring.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that this is really underway, and progress is being made, and it's actually going faster than I anticipated.  This is without a doubt going to be the largest overhaul the software has ever seen, and I'm really excited about the possibilities. Just thought I'd give everyone a peak at what's happening.

Help Me / Re: Xml code - Prize suggestions
« on: May 24, 2018, 11:10:42 AM »
Now you have too many </prizeLevel>.  :)

  <prizeLevel minPlayers="1" maxPlayers="2"> </prizeLevel>
    <prize rank="1" name="1st Place" percent="100" />

Should be:

  <prizeLevel minPlayers="1" maxPlayers="2">
    <prize rank="1" name="1st Place" percent="100" />

Think of it this way: each prize level can contain one or more prizes.  <prizeLevel> is the start, and it is closed with </prizeLevel>.  <prize> elements go between.  Every element, denoted with surrounding brackets <> must have a matching closing element </>.  What is confusing is the shorthand where the / can go at the end of the opening element, instead of having a matching </> element.  In other words, this is equivalent:

  <prizeLevel minPlayers="1" maxPlayers="2">
    <prize rank="1" name="1st Place" percent="100">

Help Me / Re: Doh! licence details required
« on: May 23, 2018, 02:59:47 PM »
Please email

Yes, bug (obviously).  A simple mistake of calling .options() then .len() instead of the other way around.

The dialog is reading the value of the <select> fine, and persisting it fine, but it's not setting it properly when you change property sets.  Because it doesn't set the selected option correctly, it defaults to the first option in the list.  Thus if you select a property set which is using a banner set and using any banner set except the top banner set in the list, you'll have to make sure to select the correct one before selecting a different property set or pressing OK on the dialog.  But you already knew that.

This is broken in version 3.4 through 3.4.3.  Fixed for whenever the next release is ready.

Thanks again for the detailed report!

Help Me / Re: More conditions in cell properties
« on: May 18, 2018, 09:26:28 PM »
They are not there currently but I can add them.  FYI, I'm working on the port to a new framework at the moment, so most new functionality is on hold.

Help Me / Re: Export only bought in players
« on: May 18, 2018, 09:22:05 PM »
The export functionality doesn't allow you to filter the players, except for a specifying maximum number of players to export.  So the way you would have to do this is to remove all non-bought-in players from the tournament and then export them.  Specifically, press the "Remove Players" button, then click the "check unpaid only" link, then press OK to remove the players.  Then export.  This won't affect the running tournament because unpaid players aren't part of the tournament.  But if you wanted those players to remain "added" to the tournament, this might be a problem.

Thank you for the detailed description.  I will investigate and see what I can find ...

Help Me / Re: Cant validate into new version
« on: May 15, 2018, 08:32:04 PM »
Try  Make sure to include details like the exact message you are seeing, and any errors you are seeing.  If you're emailing from an email address different from the one you purchased your license with, make sure to include the last 5 digits of your license key.  That will minimize the back-and-forth emails if I need to lookup your license.  The more details you can provide the more likely I will be able to help resolve the issue.

efdenny is correct.

isbreak is a technically a boolean (true or false), but its actual value will be 1 or 0 which is functionally the same thing.  It's a 1 whenever the tournament is on a break, 0 otherwise.  So it "isbreak=1" will be true during any break.

Actually, you want to combine the two, because breakNum will be 1 once the tournament enters the first break, but if I recall correctly, it will remain 1 until the 2nd break.  For example, if there are 3 rounds between break 1 and two, breakNum will still have a value of 1 during those rounds.  So you want to do something like:

isBreak and breakNum=1

Help Me / Re: Open Face Chinese Poker
« on: May 11, 2018, 02:48:29 PM »
If the values change per round, but are always the same from tournament to tournament, you could use a set of layout tokens to accomplish this.  Not ideal, but I think it would work.

On the Layout tab, press the "Tokens" button in the "Other Controls" section.  This opens the Layout Tokens dialog.  Basically you can add your own tokens here, which, when inserted into the layout, will show whatever you want them to.

So, add a token named "roundone".  Set it to "Text" and also "Plain text".  For it's value, put the values for round 1.  For example:

1 - 5
2 - 10
3 - 15
4 - 20
19 - 95
20 - 100

Repeat, adding a new token named "roundtwo" with the values for round 2.  And so on.

In your layout, choose the cell where this will be displayed.  You should probably remove all existing Property Sets, but this will depend on your layout.  Create a new property set for the first round.  With the new property set selected, press the Conditions button and set the "Level" to "Round number:" "=" "1" and press OK.  Edit the "Contents" and set the HTML to:


Repeat, adding a new property set for round 2, using the <roundtwo> token.

Tedious to set up the first time, but it's a one-time setup.  Unless those values change, but then you just need to edit the values, not the setup.

Help Me / Re: Computer crash
« on: May 11, 2018, 02:36:12 PM »
As long as you've saved your tournament, you can exit, restart, reboot, whatever, start up the TD again, load the tournament, and you should be exactly where you left off.  I always recommend you enable Auto-save, so you can always get back to exactly (or very close to) where you left off.  In a future version, once the code is ported to a new framework, auto-save will be the default.

Game over only occurs if the tournament has already started and there is 1 or 0 players left in the tournament.  Were players suddenly busted out when you loaded the tournament again?

Help Me / Re: Auto-addon at a certain stage?
« on: May 06, 2018, 05:28:39 PM »
You can't have to software automatically apply an add-on for those who haven't busted out.  And the limitations to who can rebuy or add-on are somewhat primitive.  You can't apply any other logic, other than what you see on the Game tab in the Rebuys and Add-ons sections.  There is a feature request in the queue for adding more logic to this.  Basically, you could have a formula for add-ons, for example, that evaluates to the number of add-ons a player has "available".  It could be based on just about anything in the tournament, including the number of rebuys the player has already purchased, what the currently level is, how many add-ons in total have been purchased by the entire tournament, etc.  But it isn't there today.

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