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Obviously a bug, and actually already fixed, just need to complete the other work for 3.4.2 to get it released.  If I can get the time I'll see about releasing a patch that will fix this issue.

Here's a short example of the format:

Code: [Select]
  "RoundNum": 1,
  "BreakNum": 0,
  "Level": 0,
  "IsRound": 1,
  "IsBreak": 0,
  "NextIsRound": 1,
  "NextIsBreak": 0,
  "HasMoreRounds": 1,
  "HasMoreBreaks": 1,
  "FirstAnteRound": 1,
  "FirstAnteAmount": 10,
  "LevelDuration": 20,
  "NextLevelDuration": 20,
  "State": 0,
  "StateDesc": "before",
  "Buyins": 37,
  "DefaultBuyinFee": 50,
  "DefaultBuyinRake": 0,
  "DefaultBuyinChips": 1500,
  "TotalBuyinsAmount": 1850,
  "TotalBuyinsRake": 0,
  "TotalBuyinsChips": 55500,
  "NumberOfLeagueMembers": 0,
  "Pot": 1850,
  "PlayersLeft": 37,
  "TablesLeft": 5,
  "SecondsLeft": 1200,
  "SecondsElapsed": 0,
  "ClockPaused": 1,
  "ClockPausedSeconds": 0,
  "TimeOfDay": "232124",
  "Time": 1513056084,
  "LastPlayerMoveTime": 1507833861,
  "LastPlayerBustoutTime": 0,
  "RebuysAllowed": 1,
  "RebuysOver": 0,
  "RebuysLeft": 0,
  "RebuysSecondsLeft": 0,
  "RebuysLastRound": 6,
  "RebuysMaxPerPlayer": 1,
  "RebuysMinPlayers": 0,
  "RebuysMaxTotal": 0,
  "DefaultRebuyFee": 50,
  "DefaultRebuyRake": 0,
  "DefaultRebuyChips": 1000,
  "TotalRebuys": 0,
  "TotalRebuysAmount": 0,
  "TotalRebuysRake": 0,
  "TotalRebuysChips": 0,
  "AddonsAllowed": 0,
  "AddonsOver": 0,
  "AddonsLeft": 0,
  "AddonsSecondsLeft": 0,
  "AddonsLastRound": 0,
  "AddonsMaxPerPlayer": 0,
  "AddonsMinPlayers": 0,
  "AddonsMaxTotal": 0,
  "DefaultAddonFee": 0,
  "DefaultAddonRake": 0,
  "DefaultAddonChips": 0,
  "TotalAddons": 0,
  "TotalAddonsAmount": 0,
  "TotalAddonsRake": 0,
  "TotalAddonsChips": 0,
  "InTheMoneyRank": 5,
  "TotalFixedRake": 0,
  "FixedRake": 0,
  "Ante": 10,
  "SmallBlind": 10,
  "BigBlind": 20,
  "GameType": 2,
  "GameName": "texas hold em",
  "ChipUp": false,
  "NextAnte": 15,
  "NextSmallBlind": 15,
  "NextBigBlind": 30,
  "NextGameType": 2,
  "NextGameName": "texas hold em",
  "NextChipUp": false,
  "ChipCount": 55500,
  "ChipCountAdjustment": 0,
  "UnadjustedChipCount": 55500,
  "GuaranteedPot": 0,
  "PreGuaranteedPot": 1850,
  "HouseAdds": 0,
  "HouseContribution": 0,
  "BustsUntilMoney": 32,
  "BustsUntilFinalTable": 29,
  "UsePlayerBountyChips": true,
  "RestrictBounties": true,
  "BountyTotal": 185,
  "Limit1": 0,
  "NextLimit1": 0,
  "Limit2": 0,
  "NextLimit2": 0,
  "Limit3": 0,
  "NextLimit3": 0,
  "Limit4": 0,
  "NextLimit4": 0,
  "Limit5": 0,
  "NextLimit5": 0,
  "Limit6": 0,
  "NextLimit6": 0,
  "Limit7": 0,
  "NextLimit7": 0,
  "Limit8": 0,
  "NextLimit8": 0,
  "FixedRakes": [
  "Players": [
      "Nickname": "Alan",
      "Firstname": "Alan",
      "Lastname": "Jenkins",
      "StreetAddress": "",
      "City": "",
      "State": "",
      "Zipcode": "",
      "Country": "",
      "Phone1": "",
      "Phone2": "",
      "Email1": "",
      "Email2": "",
      "Notes": "",
      "OptID": "",
      "Name": "Alan",
      "InternalID": "6D522DFB-8432-4954-8A4D-014F12AF8E44",
      "Paid": true,
      "PaidInFull": true,
      "BuyinCost": 50,
      "BountyChip": 5,
      "TotalBuyinRake": 0,
      "BuyinChips": 1500,
      "Rebuys": 0,
      "RebuysCost": 0,
      "TotalRebuysRake": 0,
      "RebuysChips": 0,
      "Addons": 0,
      "AddonsCost": 0,
      "TotalAddonsRake": 0,
      "AddonsChips": 0,
      "TotalCost": 55,
      "TotalRake": 0,
      "ChipsBought": 1500,
      "TimeOut": 0,
      "RoundOut": 0,
      "Hitman": [
      "HitmanID": [
      "Rank": 0,
      "Hits": 0,
      "BountiesWon": 0,
      "PrizeWinnings": 0,
      "BountyWinnings": 0,
      "TotalWinnings": 0,
      "Points": 0,
      "Take": -55,
      "ChipCount": 1500,
      "BountiesKept": 0,
      "BountyMoneyKept": 0,
      "PlayingTime": 0,
      "Seat": "",
      "BuyinTime": 1507833832512,
      "Status": "BoughtIn",
      "BuyinsList": [
          "Time": 1507833832512,
          "Round": 1,
          "Amount": 50,
          "Bounty": 5,
          "Rake": [
          "Chips": 1500,
          "Points": 0,
          "BustOut": null
      "AddonsList": [
  "Title": "Big Tournament!",
  "Description": "",
  "LeagueId": "477B08F7-E454-4E33-8348-F58732F95C3D",
  "LeagueName": "Woods Poker Club",
  "LeagueDescription": "Imported league",
  "SeasonId": "",
  "SeasonName": "",
  "SeasonDescription": ""

General Discussion / Re: Tracking Points on Website Exporting TD Results
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:16:27 PM »
There was a third-party site plug-in that the TD integrated with a few years ago, but it disappeared and support was dropped.  I honestly can't think of the name at the moment.  It was a Joomla plug-in I believe.

The TD still integrates with several sites that will manage your poker league.  The TD will upload tournaments directly to and  The same integration was planned and actually coded for, but that site's developer had to move on to another project before integration could be completed.  The TD still exports to format, so it's definitely a usable option.  It just doesn't connect directly to the site and upload tournaments for you.  You have to do it manually.  Same with

Help Me / Re: Multiple buy-ins & receipt printer
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:13:58 PM »
In 3.4.1 I discovered there was a way to NOT display the system print dialog.  It's an option on the "Printing" category on the Preferences tab.  Since the system print dialog doesn't open, the print job goes straight to the queue and prints without any confirmation.

Help Me / Re: Edit Mini-Clock
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:11:20 PM »
The mini-clock is not configurable.  If you need to see more info in the Settings window, you can use the Dashboard.  If you're looking to see that additional information when the mini-clock is displayed on the built-in screens (Seating Chart, Player Rankings, etc), I'm afraid you're out of luck.  I'll put a note to see about adding that info, though.

Beta Testing / Re: V3.4.1 Black Screen & TD Will Not Reopen
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:37:41 PM »
The not-opening-after-reboot is puzzling.  It sounds like some of the application was corrupted.  Usually when the application won't open, it's usually a preferences issue and so I would suggest deleting the preferences file.  It's rare the code would get corrupted (so rare I'm not sure I've ever heard of it).  Reinstalling the application won't affect your data, including your preferences, so it seems it was unlikely a problem with your preferences.  I'm stumped.

General Discussion / Re: Camera Track Added
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:32:47 PM »
Very cool!

Help Me / Re: Multiple buy-ins & receipt printer
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:29:00 PM »
Could be anything, but given the limited abilities of the TD, I'd look into the print queue and Windows.  What I mean is, the TD can only tell Windows to print the page.  After that it's up to Windows.

Btw, are you using the Auto-print (sending of hotkeys) method, or the new method that bypasses the print dialog altogether?

Help Me / Re: Change payout towards end to include bubble
« on: December 06, 2017, 11:07:47 AM »
Is there another prize level in your configuration that fits the number of prizes you want to award?  For example, you said 12 players pays off 3 prizes.  Is there another level, say 20 players, that pays off 4 prizes?  If so it's easy, because you can override the automatic prize level selection. Just click the "Automatic" button on the Prizes tab, then press the Configure button to configure the automatic prizes.  Then press the "Override" button at the bottom, click the level that has an additional prize, and press OK.

Help Me / Re: player movement screen automatically appears
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:23:19 PM »
When player movement is suggested, the application shows you the Player Movement dialog.  It shows the players that are moving, and where they are currently located and to where they are moving.  You can confirm the movement by pressing the OK button, or deny it by pressing the Cancel button.  You can also line-item approve it by checking/unchecking individual players.  It looks like this:

So, usually when you touch the space bar the tourney clock starts or pauses.  But, when I use extended screen and put the tourney screen on the extended screen I can't use the space bar to start and stop the clock, only via the control screen can I pause or start clock.

In fact, I can't even click on the mini-clock on the extended screen, or right click on the turney screen to get those context menus.

Feeling I have some setting box checked incorrectly.

The only thing that makes sense to me here is noting that the Settings window is a "modal" dialog.  It is modal to the main window, which means while the Settings dialog is open, you can't access the main window underneath it.  Thus, hotkeys, like the spacebar, won't work.  Likewise, you can't click on the window, so trying to access the mini-clock won't work.

But this is why the Settings window has a mini-click, a Dashboard, and a Controls tab.  Those allow you to control the tournament while leaving the Settings window open.  The spacebar WILL work on certain tabs.  On the Preferences tab, select the Behavior category, then check the box that says "Allow hotkeys on all Settings tabs that do not have inputs".  Then hotkeys will work on tabs like the Tables tab, or the Rounds tab (when it's not in Spreadsheet mode), or the Players tab (when the Find box isn't open), or the Prizes tab, etc.

While I am at extended screen questions.  If I send the tourney screen to the extended screen (so I can use the control screen on my laptop so it is hidden from players), then I can't see the tourney screen on my laptop  (the "main" display, or display 1).  Kind of a problem because then I have to swivel my head to find a monitor that is showing tourney screen so I can see what is going on there.

The main window can only be displayed in one place at a time, so yeah, if you show it on the extended display, it won't also display on your laptop.  The Dashboard might be of help here.

Help Me / Re: player movement screen automatically appears
« on: December 05, 2017, 11:22:32 AM »
It's on the Player Movement dialog itself.  Look near the bottom.  The checkbox says "Display Player Movement screen when movement suggestion accepted".  Uncheck it.

General Discussion / Re: Version 3.3
« on: December 02, 2017, 05:25:34 PM »
What is the problem you are experiencing?

Help Me / Re: need help again
« on: November 30, 2017, 04:27:15 PM »
Oh my, I'm terribly embarrassed that I didn't even LOOK at your token.  I just noticed the incorrect quotation marks and fixed those.   :-[

Are you wanting the Tables tab of the Settings window to open when you press that button?  The best you can do at the moment is to have a button that opens the Settings window, but it won't go to a specific tab.  I can add that functionality but it's not there today.  To have a button that opens the Settings window, use:

<tdButton type="SettingsWindow">

Help Me / Re: need help again
« on: November 30, 2017, 07:46:26 AM »
I think your quotes are just a bit out of whack:

<tdbutton type="tables" seatsPerTable="10" text="Tables" inheritFont="true">

Help Me / Re: Black screens and application slow down
« on: November 29, 2017, 10:21:55 AM »
Would it make it worse/better to set the auto-save time frame at shorter interval?

The auto-save interval is almost irrelevant, as long as you have the Auto-save after significant events preference enabled.  The only thing auto-saving per an interval gets you is the closer to the exact time on the clock if something goes wrong.

I just tested a tournament with only 16 players and went about 2 rounds with about 5 bustouts and 3 rebuys and then got the black screens.

In my testing, I didn't see any issues until busting out at least 50 players, or more (I can't recall off the top of my head).  I feel like it was closer to 100.  Of course, it's not just buying players in and busting players out.  Other actions affect memory as well.  So whatever you did before you started the tournament contribute as well.  Regardless, that seems like a very small number of actions to cause this issue.

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