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Beta Testing / Version 2.3 Beta 1
« on: April 21, 2007, 06:14:30 PM »
Once again major changes have occurred across the entire source base of the Tournament Director software, so a beta test is in order.

This version includes many new features, as well as a number of bug fixes (see below for a complete list).  If you would like to beta test the software, please read:

- The software contains no KNOWN bugs.  However, given the amount of change, I'm absolutely certain beta testers will find some.  Be prepared.

- BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE INSTALLING THIS VERSION.  I cannot stress this enough.  If you install this over your existing version, you better have a backup of your database, saved tournaments, templates, and preferences because you will not be able to revert to the previous version (should you need to) without losing data.  Not only are tournament files incompatible with previous versions, but ALL files that are saved by the software are incompatible with previous versions.  Files are now saved in Unicode format to support international languages, and previous versions of the software will not load them.  (So as not to confuse anyone, this version will of course load files saved with previous versions of the software, as usual.)

- Please post any comments you have.  If you have problems, post them here or email them to  Please post your comments if you experience no problems, too.  It's always good to get a perspective on how stable the software is.

- Thank you in advance for your participation.

Download version 2.3 Beta 1 here:

Edit: beta 1 is no longer available.  See topic on beta 2:


The Tournament Director 2.3 beta 1
Copyright 2004 - 2007 Corey Cooper

Version 2.3 beta 1
New Features:
- Players who have not bought-in to the tournament may now be seated
- Added feature to randomly set the dealer button at start of tournament
- Added ability to sort in different ways the players on the Player Movement
  (table balancing) dialog
- Added the ability to control table collapse/elimination order
- Increased the table name maximum length
- Updated the Tables Export to allow sorting by name, or by table & seat

- Updated Fixed Rake to accept fixed amounts or percentage amounts
- Reduced the size of the "Notes" field and added an input for the Points
  for Playing formula; allows modifying the Points for Playing formula without
  opening the Test Points for Playing dialog
- Separated the variables on the Test Points for Playing dialog into Player
  and Tournament sections
- Added assign() function to formulas, which allows the assignment of values
  to variables; this can significantly simplify some formulas, while
  simultaneously allowing formulas to be more powerful
- Added switch() function to formulas, which eliminates the need for long
  strings of if() functions
- Added "prizepool" variable (pp) to Points for Playing
- Added "inthemoneyrank" variable (mr) to Points for Playing, which represents
  the lowest rank a player must achieve to be "in the money" (also represents
  the number of players who will rank "in the money")

Tournament Page
- Added "showPoints" and "showCash" attributes to <rankings> token
- Added a confirmation for "Next Round" and "Previous Round" actions
- Added <totalrake> token, displaying the value of the collected rake
- Added actions to <tdbutton> token to go to the Player Rankings page or
  the Seating Chart page, or to any user-defined layout screen
- Added action to <tdbutton> to stop all currently playing sounds
- Added "includeBountyChip" attribute to <buyin> token
- Added <unseated> token, which displays the count of players currently
  not seated
- Add <prize> token to display a specific prize
- Add <bustsuntilmoney> token indicating how many busts must occur before
  all remaining players are "in the money"
- Updated "ranks" attribute on <pointsforplaying> token to accept "all"
  as an upper-limit

- Added a "default" filter that accepts all tournaments, players, leagues,
  and seasons
- Added "Single Field view mode" on Stats tab, which displays the values of
  a single data field (such as Points) for each player, for each tournament
- Cash and Points adjustments (made on the Player dialog on the Players tab)
  now take effect even if the player does not buy-in to the tournament;
  (this can allow, for example, for a player to be penalized if they don't
  show up for a tournament)
- Double-clicking an income source on the Player Income dialog opens the
  corresponding Tournament Info dialog, indicating from which tournament
  a particular portion of income originated
- Added a stat indicating the number of times a player has reached the final
- Added additional information to the Tournament Info dialog
  (double-click a tournament on the Tournaments Info dialog on the Stats tab)

- Added "Income Sources" button to Edit Game Player dialog, and added bounty
  chips and cash income sources
- Added Random Player dialog to assist in picking player(s) at random; also
  added hotkey mapping and <tdbutton> token action to open the dialog from
  the Tournament pages
- Added ability to NOT track players; this brings back functionality from
  version 1.3.x in which individual players are not added to the tournament,
  but only the number of players is specified.  Bust-outs simply reduce the
  number of players in the tournament by one
- Updated Adjust Rankings dialog to allow changing the tournament end time

- Players can now be added to the tournament directly from the Database tab;
  players that are in the current tournament are highlighted in red
- Added an additional player information field named "ID"

- Internationalized the application; no translation has been done, but the
  application can by fully or partially translated by anyone
- Added a "Remove License" button to the Register dialog, making it easier
  to transport the software using a flash drive (for example)
- Added a visual reminder indicating that Auto save is not enable
- Added support for stats tracking website

- Added "Import Sounds" feature to quickly import many sound files at once
- Added sound event that plays continuously (every so many seconds) while
  the clock is paused (audio reminder to unpause the clock)
- Added ability to mute sounds

Seating Chart
- Updated "List Format" mode so that column titles remain visible on the page
  even if the list scrolls
- Added setting to alternate background colors in "List Format" mode

- Added preferences "Pause at start of rounds" and "Pause at start of breaks"
- Added preference to right- or left-align numeric amounts
- Added preference to auto-save after major events (bust-out, buy-in, round
  change, etc)
- Added preference to specify the display precision of points (that is,
  display points as whole numbers, or as 1.1, or 1.15, etc)
- Added additional Name Formats
- Updated Status Messages to allow absolute positioning
- Added creating/printing receipts (for buy-ins, rebuys, etc)
- Added preference for searching on all player dialogs (Add Players to
  Tournament, Buy Players In, Bust Players Out, Rebuy Players, etc)

- Added new prize types "Award to random player" and "Award as bounty on
  random player"

- Updated Insert Token to pre-select appropriate token if the token text
  is properly highlighted
- Added "Find" button to Cell Properties dialog which displays the screens in
  which the cell is included

Player Rankings
- Added option to turn off display of seconds in Time Out column

- Added display of the maximum players a chipset and chip allocation will

Bugs Fixed:
- Added check all / check none links to some dialogs (some were missing these
- Changing the Fixed Rake didn't always cause the tournament financials to be
- Saving a Tables template didn't retain Unavailable seats
- If seats are marked as unavailable, an unbalanced tables state could be
  triggered when the tables were actually in balance
- Animated image files sometimes caused an error on dialogs where image files
  were selected
- Deleting all screens/screensets and displaying the Tournament page
  resulted in an error
- On the Tournament page, right-clicking on a player and selecting
  "Undo Buy-in" caused an error
- Deleting all screens of a layout and then deleting a cell caused an
- The tournament Save button (on the Game tab) shows the tournament
  filename as its tooltip, but it wasn't being set upon entering the Game tab
- The "in the money" formula variable (m) was not properly calculated when
  compiling Stats
- The Backup feature did not include sub-folders and files
- The <pointsforplaying> token only processed long-name variables (for example,
  "rank" but not "r")
- The Tournament Page wasn't automatically updated when adding and buying-in
  players at once
- Context-menu on the Seating Chart page allowed rebuying a player who had
  never bought-in
- Status display wasn't updated when the Auto Prizes feature was turned off
- The Add Players dialog, when invoked by a hotkey, wasn't setting the default
  League properly
- Using the Adjust Rankings dialog and moving a player to 2nd place could
  set their bust-out time to after the tournament end time
- Copying a Screen did not copy the Screen's background image

Send email to  If you have done this and have not received a response, send a private message to me using the forums (just click my name to the left).  But don't make a public forum post.

Beta Testing / Next version (post 2.2.2) status
« on: February 23, 2007, 09:04:28 PM »
Since I've gotten a few inquiries, I thought I'd update everyone one what's going on for the next version.  The biggest effort was making the software translatable, and this took several months of coding.  Now that it is finished, I've started on new features.  I have to say, adding features is a lot more fun than internationalizing the software...

Here's a short list of what has already been added:

  • The Tournament Director is now able to be translated
  • Added switch() and assign() functions to points formulas
  • Players not bought-in can now be seated
  • Cash and Points adjustments to players not bought-in now possible (and take effect on Stats)
  • "Income Sources" now expanded to cover everything, including bounty chips; also accessible for the current tournament as well as the Stats
  • Added stat displaying the number of times a player has reached the final table
  • "Next Round" and "Previous Round" now ask for confirmation before proceeding
  • Players can be added to the tournament directly from the Database tab
  • Players in the tournament are highlighted on the Database tab
  • Added options to Seating Chart page to alternate colors of each row (in List Format), and column names now remain visible on the screen when the list is scrolled
  • Added sounds Import to quickly create sounds from a folder full of music files
  • Added "showPoints" and "showCash" attributes to <rankings> token
  • Added <totalrake> token displaying the total collected rake
  • Added actions to <tdbutton> token to go to Player Rankings page, Seating Chart page
  • Added attribute to <buyin> token to include bounty chip cost
  • Added <unseated> token with the current count of unseated players
  • Added column "Hits" to <seatingchart> token display
  • Added preferences to pause at the start of rounds, and to pause at the start of breaks
  • Added a feature to choose a random player
  • Added a feature to randomly choose dealers (randomly places the dealer button at each table)
  • Added a sound event that plays continuously while the clock is paused
  • Added ability to temporarily mute any sound event
  • Added preference to auto-save when "important" things happen in the tournament, such as players buying-in, busting-out, etc.
  • Numerous bug fixes

No promises on what else will go in or how much more... I pretty much re-evaluate the to-do list every day that I code.

General Discussion / Forum spam
« on: December 04, 2006, 10:46:10 AM »
Thanks to everyone who emails me when they notice spam posted in the forums.  I try to get rid of it as quickly as possible, but the spam bots are just faster.

A new version of the forum software was released on Saturday, and I upgraded the forums last night.  This version includes some additional features to help combat spam (like captcha - image verification on registration, for example).  Hopefully this will help reduce the spam.

Beta Testing / Version 2.2 is available
« on: August 29, 2006, 10:59:46 PM »
Version 2.2 has been released.  For those following along at home, here are the few minor additions since beta 3:

  • Added volume control and corresponding hotkeys
  • When using an estimated pot, the Shared values weren't updated when set to 0
  • Insert Token/Insert Image buttons on Cell Properties dialog now insert at the current cursor position
  • Added the ability to buy players into the tournament at the same time they are added to the tournament
  • Added <timestamp> token to all HTML export features
  • Added <actionsummary> and <history> to Tournament export (Game tab)

Beta Testing / Version 2.2 Beta 3
« on: August 22, 2006, 10:36:03 PM »
Beta 3 of 2.2 is now available.  Hopefully, this one will become the final 2.2.

Changes since beta 2:

  • Rebuying player errored if player bounties weren't enabled
  • Bounty chips weren't properly awarded if the player purchased a bounty chip (at initial buy-in or a rebuy) and then purchased a rebuy without first busting out of the tournament
  • The Hitman column on the Players tab sometimes showed strange values when a player had no hitman (wasn't currently busted out or was the tournament winner)
  • Fixed some text-wrapping issues on the Status tab
  • Add additional prize attributes to the AutoPrizes schema
  • Add an export option to the Tables tab to list the players alphabetically along with their seating assignments (much like the Seating Chart page list format)
  • Added roundOff and roundOffPoints attributes to appropriate tokens
  • Fixed bug that prevented sounds and sound events from being deleted
  • Added undo/redo buttons to Tables tab
  • Fixed bug in auto-resize feature that kept some layout components from resizing
  • Fixed bug in which custom tokens didn't update at round changes
  • Added the ability to insert or undo add-ons, rebuys, and bust-outs directly within a player's history
  • The styling of the seatingchart token (and a few others) broke due to some changes in 2.2; fixed
  • Removed the ability to set or reset the clock before the tournament start (which would sometimes cause an error if done)
  • Fixed the Chip dialog, which only allowed selection of a white chip
  • Fixed sounds to use relative paths (making sound templates portable)

Get beta 3 here:

Edit: Version 2.2 has been released, therefore beta 3 is no longer available.

Beta Testing / Version 2.2 Beta 2
« on: July 29, 2006, 08:49:02 PM »
Beta 2 is now available.  Here are changes since beta 1:

- Fixed a bug in which a broken image was displayed when rearranging columns (thanks TimDugan)
- Fixed an error condition displayed when creating a new HTML style (thanks lethargicdolt)
- Fixed an error condition displayed when saving a chips template (thanks lethargicdolt)
- Rearranged some mixed-up context menu items to make them more logical
- Fixed an error condition that occured when you moved the mouse over a cell that you just created (thanks lethargicdolt)
- Minor fix to the formula compiler.  Previously, use of the operators "or" and "and" (instead of "||" and "&&") in some formulas could fail to properly compile.
- Fixed a bug in which adjustments to a player's winnings weren't properly reflected when compiling statistics (thanks brunobus)

And I actually kept track, somewhat, of who reported issues.  That's tough for a disorganized person like myself...

Seriously, thanks for your efforts, and for taking the time to report these issues.

Get Beta 2 here:

Edit: Version 2.2 beta 2 is no longer available.  See

Beta Testing / Version 2.2 Beta 1
« on: July 24, 2006, 11:13:38 PM »
Given the amount of underlying code change in this next version, I thought it a good idea to get a little bit more of the "real-life" testing before making version 2.2 generally available.  And I figure those who browse and post on the Tournament Director forums have a higher than average interest in the software, so who better to test it?

If you're a brave soul and would like to test the software, read on:

- "Beta" software is not "alpha" software.  Alpha software is known to be incomplete.  Beta software is (supposed to be) complete.  This is what I will be posting in this section for download.  The "beta" version(s) of the Tournament Director 2.2 are complete, and I believe I have found all the existing bugs.  However, additional testers will likely hit scenarios I have inadvertently missed and will hopefully help to uncover any bugs I may have not yet found.

- If you run the software in a live tournament, be prepared for problems.

- Version 2.2 saved tournaments are NOT backwards compatible.  You will not be able to load your version 2.2 tournaments into the Tournament Director 2.0, 2.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, etc.

- You can have more than one version of the software installed, just select a different disk location and different Start Menu path for each one.  However, when you wish to uninstall one of them, you should use the Uninstall link in your Start Menu for the corresponding version.  There will only be one entry in the Add/Remove Programs dialog, and it will uninstall the most recently installed version.  Also, uninstalling will remove your license information, if you are a registered user of the software, so keep your registration information handy so you can re-enter it the next time you start the software.

- Please post any comments you have.  If you have problems, post them here or email them to  Please post your comments if you experience no problems, too.  It's always good to get a perspective on how stable the software is.

- Thank you in advance for your participation.

Download version 2.2 Beta 1 here:

Edit: Version 2.2 Beta 1 is no longer available.  See

General Discussion / Version 2.1 is available
« on: May 05, 2006, 01:34:46 AM »
Download it at

The Tournament Director 2.1
Copyright 2004 - 2006 Corey Cooper

Version 2.1
New Features:
- Nickname is no longer a required player field.  For any player, you
  must supply either a Nickname or a First name.
- Import players into your tournament from a CSV file.  This is
  identical to importing players into your database, which was already
  a feature.  Now you can import directly into your tournament, if
  you do not wish to utilize the Tournament Director's database.
- Added a spreadsheet-like view on the Rounds tab.  This view makes
  changing values across multiple rounds very efficient.
- Added option to allow players to rebuy before busting out of the
- Points for playing formula system overhauled:
  - Formulas are more robust
  - All formula variables now have meaningful alternates.  For
    example, "r" or "rank" can be used for a player's rank.  "n" or
    "numberOfPlayers" can be used for the number of players in the
  - New variables added:
    - Buy-in cost
    - Rebuy cost
    - Add-on cost
    - Bounty chip cost
    - Total cost
    - Total rake
    - Prize winnings
    - Bounty winnings
    - Total winnings
    - Take
- Added the ability to configure your own prize suggestions.
- Added "Automatic Prizes" feature.  When this feature is on, the
  software automatically uses suggested prizes, and the number of
  prizes awarded is automatically updated as players buy-in (or
  you undo their buy-in).
- Added "Locked" attribute to prizes.  When you lock a prize, the
  software is prevented from overwriting the prize if you use the
  prize suggestion tool, or the automatic prizes feature.  This
  allows you to, for example, have a bounty on a returning
  champion and still use the automatic prize feature.
- Added checkbox for each prize to denote whether or not the prize
  should be dispayed on the Tournament page.
- Added Email Addresses export option for Players tab and Database tab.
- New layout tokens added:
  - numberoflevels   - Displays the number of levels defined
  - numberofrounds   - Displays the nubmer of rounds defined
  - numberofbreaks   - Displays the nubmer of breaks defined
  - totaltime        - Displays the total amount of time defined in
                       the schedule
  - totalplayingtime - Displays the total amount of time dedicated to
                       rounds defined in the schedule
  - totalbreaktime   - Displays the total amount of time dedicated to
                       breaks defined in the schedule
  - elapsedbreaktime - Displays the amount of time elapsed that was
                       spent in breaks since the tournament started
- Optimized tournament saving; reduced save time by nearly 50%.
- Added preference to automatically pause the clock when the
  Tournament Director suggests player movement.
- Added Opacity to Status Messages.
- When you drag a player from one seat to another, and the destination
  seat is already occupied, the TD now presents a dialog of options,
  instead of dropping the player into the first available seat.
- Added context-menu options to insert and delete seats at a table.
- Preference added to display numeric input values in a plain, or
  unadorned, manner.  This option removes commas and monetary symbols
  from input values.
- Worked around an Internet Explorer bug to reopen the Help and
  Hotkeys dialogs in the same location that they were last in.
- Added dialog for quickly setting "Paid in Full" on multiple
  players, and added hotkey for quick access.
- Added dialog for quickly resetting the duration of every round
  and/or break.
- Added stats showing the number of times a player has busted out at
  each rank.  Added "First", "Second", and "Third" columns to Stats
  tab, so you can quickly see how many times a player has ranked in
  the top 3 spots.
- Added preferences for specifying the export templates to use.
- Added elapsed time and playing time to tournament export fields.
- New sound events added:
  - when [n] seconds are left on the clock during a countdown
  - when a player busts out in the money
  - when a player busts out on the bubble
  - when a player busts out with rank [n]
  - when a player is [n]th player to bust out
- "Bounties Kept" and "Bounty Money Kept" fields added to to Players
  Tab and Stats Tab
- "Number of columns" property added to Seating Chart page

Bugs Fixed:
- When more than one screen set or property set matched the given
  tournament conditions, the first set should be used (as described
  in the user manual), but was not necessarily being chosen.
- Sign-in sheet was using the checkmark image for players who had
  already paid.  This only works if the exported sign-in sheet was
  located in proper location in the filesystem.  The checkmark image
  is no longer used, to avoid broken images.
- Export of Action Summary (on Summary tab) has been updated to use
  carriage return + linefeeds for end-of-line.
- Certain banner set configurations could cause an error to display
  on the Game tab.
- An error could occur if moving to the Summary tab and then to
  a different tab very quickly.
- If the "Buy-ins" value was set on the Chips tab when no chips or
  chipsets were defined, an error could occur.
- If multiple rakes are defined, pressing the Rake button on the rebuy
  player dialog (immediately after a player busts out) caused an
- Duplicate hotkey action error always displayed when editing an
  existing hotkey.
- An error was seen if a player who was part of a prize chop was
  deleted from the tournament
- Error displayed if, when editing a database player, the player's
  first and last name were changed such that they matched those of
  another existing player.
- The Copy button on the Status Messages dialog did not copy the
  Flash attribute.
- The Set Per-Player dialog on the Chips tab did not accept non-
  integer values for chips.
- Tournament sounds did not play for some users.
- When multiple sound events exist for the same event, the Tournament
  Director will choose one at random when the event occurs.  However,
  for the start/end of round/break event, the first sound event
  found (matching the event) was played instead of a random one.
- Multiple sound events were played simultaneously when a rebuy was
- The <tables> token displayed "1x1" instead of "2x1" when the
  tournament was down to 2 players.
- Use of the "=" operator in the Conditions dialog (when editing
  Screen Sets or a Cell) caused an error.
- Bounty was awarded to the winner(s) of a tournament even if bounties
  were not used in the tournament (bounty money awarded was 0, so
  winnings, etc, were unaffected)
- Bounty money kept was not added to total winnings on Stats Tab.
- Deleting a level could cause the tournament to start.

Suggestions / Future directions
« on: February 15, 2006, 01:52:22 PM »
Here are some of the things that are high on my to-do list for The Tournament Director.  These are by no means a promise of functionality or improvements, nor is this a complete list, but these are the things that I would most like to do with the software:

It's unlikely I will translate the application into any language, but I do intend to make it translatable.  This means removing all text from the main program into language catalogs, and would allow anyone to translate the program themselves if they chose to do so.  Besides, it's good programming practice.

Change to a clock window/settings window model
The clock page (or seating chart or rankings page) should always be visible, either full-screen or in a window.  The settings should be in another window (always-on-top of the clock window), and the user should be able to close the settings window at any time.  Many laptops have a standard TV output, and when connected to a display, show two desktops - one on the laptop, and one on the external display.  By having the settings in another window, the clock page could be displayed to the players at all times on the external display.  Plus, the tournament director (the person), could open the settings and make adjustments on the laptop's display while the clock is still displayed to the players on the external display.

Ad-hoc break
Add an option/hotkey for instigating an "ad-hoc" break.  An ad-hoc break would pause the tournament clock and enter a break for a predetermined amount of time.  When the break was over, the clock would resume exactly where it left off when the ad-hoc break began.

Player names
Remove restriction on unique Nicknames for players, and add an option to display users by their nickname, first name, last name, or any combination thereof.

More hotkeys
Add hotkey actions for going directly to any of the various tabs on the Settings page

Update the blinds suggestion tool
Suggesting blinds is a difficult process.  David Maybury has done some excellent work on this and I might try to implement some of his suggestions.

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