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Thanks a lot Corey!!  great software, great support!

Finally did it !!!!! :D

using this one.... 


awards specific points to defined rank and 1 point to all other ranks not listed

thanks but Im not quite there yet....

that formula gave all players a point for advancing in rank....  I wanna give 1 point to all players for the buy in, but they will only make extra points till the get to Final table

thanks for the hints Corey

Hello, Im a complete begginer at using TD software and I would love some help for wrting a formula in TD in order to run my local league.

Every player earns a point for buying in
Zero points for rebuy
zero for add on
no hitman points
extra points for making the best 10 as follows
0.5 extra for 10th
1 extra for 9th
2 extra for 8th ...... an so on til we get 1st place who gets 9 extra points

I know its a very simple league but hey its a start!!!  please hlp

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