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Help Me / Re: Im trying to run a Doubles tournament.
« on: February 12, 2012, 08:22:56 AM »
Manually awarding the prizes seemed to work in my test run, thanks. Gotta check the overall stat database to be 100% sure, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Help Me / Re: Im trying to run a Doubles tournament.
« on: February 11, 2012, 03:38:42 PM »
If you do it on the Prize tab, you should be able override to 1st & 1st, Money,Points,etc, 
Thanks, I'm gonna give it a try.

Help Me / Im trying to run a Doubles tournament.
« on: February 11, 2012, 06:55:17 AM »
I run a small league and we were thinking about doing a doubles tourney, many of us that play are couples and the non-couples can easily find a partner.
I have run into a few small problems, such as rankings, seating, points etc.

1. I tried running a sim game, 12 players (6 teams) with the idea that once the head-up was completed that I would simply use the chop function to split points/cash the way I wanted and to award 1st place to both winners and 2nd to both runners-up. When using the chop function, I found that if I awarded two 1st places, the next place I could award was third. My players are very funny about their stats and don't want to see a third place where a second should be.

During the typing of this I solved most of my problems so now number 1 is my only concern.

It would seem that if I run two SEPARATE games (one with the first half of each team, one with the second) I could get the same end results for the stats (i.e. proper 1st,2nd,3rd etc) but is there any way to avoid this? Is there something in the chop panel I am missing or a setting in the preferences I do not know about?

Suggestions / Re: Streamline the buy-in process
« on: January 30, 2012, 11:14:43 PM »

On a personal note, I don't use chip stacks or show that - just not something that my league players see as a need.

I use this function to once heads-up to determine who has who covered simply by counting one stack (if they are above chip ave. then they have the other player covered. My league uses add-ons that not every player takes so the chip number is different than simply multiplying the starting stack by the number of players.

Help Me / Re: Padding in a cell
« on: January 30, 2012, 07:19:44 PM »
Could some one explain what padding does in a cell? I have read the reference to it in the help files. But cant figure how this would work or in what context this would be used. Could someone try and explain this for me and to give an example?

Padded cells are used in the treatment of people with severe psychological disorders that may be dangerous to themselves in a room without padding. Padding represents the buffer between the patient and the wall.

Suggestions / Re: Streamline the buy-in process
« on: January 30, 2012, 07:10:47 PM »
I too would like to be able to do an add-on as I am buying in my players. If you added a check-box next to the box you click to buy someone in for the add-on it would save me a good bit of time collecting the add-ons at the tables before the first hand is dealt. If the buy-in and add-on could be done simultaneously, that would really help me out.

As for the re-buy situation, it sounds to me as if you allow your players to "double buy" as opposed to re-buying when they bust out. There are two solutions to your problem that I can see off the top of my head.
1. a "double buy" option box is added to the buy-in screen, this will take time should Corey decide to implement it. In the mean time, See option 2.
2. Create a new player in your league (let's call him "Nil") buy this player in and bust him out as many times as is needed to get the correct chip count, as long as you aren't offering points for re-buying, this is actually quite simple. Once you have reached the requisite number of "buy and busts", "Nil" will finish Dead Last, altering you point scale (assuming you use one) to make Dead Last and second to last equal in the eyes of the standings you're clear and Nil will always reside at the bottom of your stats.

Help Me / Re: Is there an easier way to do this?
« on: January 27, 2012, 06:09:28 PM »
Thanks again, as for others that have questions about the formula, they will be referred to the excel sheet with a polite smile, I understand the formula but not to the extent where I would feel comfortable explaining it twenty time a night for the next six weeks.

Help Me / Re: Is there an easier way to do this?
« on: January 26, 2012, 07:06:35 PM »
My league rules state that if there are 6 or fewer players it is a non-point game, so in that case, all I would have to do is remove the "<" from the first line right?

and I can copy/paste this into my game and it will hand out the points instead of using a different prize templates for each number of players like i was doing, you're the best Corey!

General Discussion / Re: Suggestion on how give points
« on: January 26, 2012, 12:35:40 PM »

I would think changing awarded points after the fact would be wrong, however, as your players (I assume) modified their play style based on how you gave out points.  It's not fair to arbitrarily change points after they've already played the game.

Good luck!

I couldn't agree more, unless your WHOLE league agrees to a change (and it would also have to be retroactive making you go back through already completed games and implementing the new system) mid-season then it is best to save changes for between seasons.

Help Me / Re: Hov to set up point
« on: January 26, 2012, 12:12:23 PM »
you can at least simplify your formula by making your per-determined point payouts part of your prize template. then all you need is a formula that starts handing out points to 7th and down with a min payout of 1 point.

Help Me / Is there an easier way to do this?
« on: January 26, 2012, 11:09:08 AM »
Attached is a copy of my points scale for the league I run. It's a small league in comparison to many but we're just a bunch of friends who all love the game. Recently we decided to break the year up into 3 seasons and hold a championship tourney at the end of each with the winner getting the season title and some distinguishing mark next to their display name in the TD (example CigarDan*1* for season 1 champ). Only the top 9 in points at the end of a season are eligible for the Finals.

Currently I use a different prize template for each number of entrants to award my points, is there a way I can use this point scale with the points for playing formula or am I just better off with the 11+ different prize templates?

General Discussion / Re: Suggestion on how give points
« on: January 26, 2012, 10:37:35 AM »
Ok here it is.

Just some background on my league, I have 19 players thus far, on a given night I have an average turnout of 12 of those players. My location's table space limits me to 17 people playing at any given time (had to seat alternates once) so that's why my scale only goes up to a 17 player game. As long as your league doesn't run 40+ person games, given a day or two I could expand this scale if you'd like.

General Discussion / Re: Suggestion on how give points
« on: January 26, 2012, 01:57:29 AM »
My tournaments use a sliding scale for points, making 1st in a 7 person game worth less than 1st in a 10 person game by a bigger than 3 point margin. My players like the added reward of placing higher in larger games.

and to boot there are negative points awarded for finishing dead last. Only players with a positive total can play in the season final, thus making it a bit more competitive in the early stages because no one wants to be out first.

If you'd like, i can post my point scale ( it's in an excel file) to give you an idea of another possible way to do things

General Discussion / Re: Bounty Chips
« on: January 26, 2012, 12:40:02 AM »
as for bounty chips, I would use whatever I have lying around. my tourneys use 25's as the smallest chip, but I have 1's and 5's in my chip set, so when I run a bounty game I use those chips not in play as my bounty chips.

failing that you can use the tabs from soda cans, beer bottle caps, or anything else that your players wont just have in their pockets when the game starts.

worst case scenario, its an American site that sells all kinds of chips, check the bulk chips section they usually run about $0.10 a chip, shipping might kill you though...

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