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Hey how is this template working out for folks?  Have there been successful installs?  Do the instructions need any tweaking?

Thanks Corey!  I didn't extract the zipped file to the correct location.  I just tried to open and save the files in their correct folders.  Your way (the correct way) works much better!  I can not see the Rules page or the Post Tournament page either.  I guess this is the problem you spoke about earlier.  Great work TenPercenter!  The layout looks awesome! 

For now, I have rebuilt the zip to include "\templates\ChipTalk-rules.html"

To implement it:
1. Go to the Rules Tab
2. Click "rules" in the list on the left
3. Click the "HTML" radio button
4. Browse and choose the ChipTalk-rules.html file.

You can save the template at this point.

If you want to change your rules, just open ChipTalk-rules.html with Notepad or an html editor.


Corey, how would do the rules page differently than what I am doing now? Instead of saving it as an html page in the templates folder?

I mean, how do I make this part of the layout export instead of a separate step for the user?

One more suggestion: where you have inserted the ChipTalk logo (main screen and both Player Ranking and Seating Chart headers), use a relative path instead of an absolute path.

Currently you've got it set to "C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 2\images\\ct_logo_bg_blue1.gif".  This works fine for probably 95+% of all TD users, but for those who have installed the TD to a different location, they'll get a broken image.  Change it to "images\\ct_logo_bg_blue1.gif".

I suspect it is set to an absolute path because you used the "Insert Image" button when you first created the template (probably some time ago).  At the time, any images saved in the TD's "images" folder needed an absolute path.  This is no longer required.  If you use the Insert Image button now, you'll see it insert something along the lines of:

<img src="file:///<home>\images\\ct_logo_bg_blue1.gif" border="0">

The <home> token will insert the folder in which the TD is installed, making it:

<img src="file:///C:\Program Files\The Tournament Direct 2\images\\ct_logo_bg_blue1.gif" border="0">

... or if the user has the TD installed in "C:\TD":

<img src="file:///C:\TD\images\\ct_logo_bg_blue1.gif" border="0">


<img src="images\\ct_logo_bg_blue1.gif" border="0">

... should work just as well.

Thanks Corey.

How do I fix the "C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 2\templates\ChipTalk-rules.html" file?  neither method seems to work.

You've exposed a bug in the layout export - the export doesn't include images (background or otherwise) in the Player Rankings or Seating Chart pages.  Looks like I just missed including those...

For anyone wanting to use this layout, you'll need to download the "heart.jpg" and "diamond.jpg" files (from here: and save them to your TD folder, in "images\".

I went ahead and added them manually to the zip file.  If I did it right, there's no need to download background images separately.

Corey, do the status messages preferences export?  I changed the colors to red from the default green.

The files are uploaded, see the original post please.

PLEASE:  Give me feedback with any problems you see, fixes, or suggestions.  I will repair the export and reattach the zip.

Doh.  I saved off my files, reinstalled TD cleanly to test the layout and images, and I'd got a license lockout.  I've opened a "ticket"  ;) with TD so I'll upload as soon as I get the files tested.

I guess a lot has changed since 2.0?  I see that we're at 2.4.3 now...

The templates have been rebuilt.

I've updated the original post with new screen shots.

I am now going to test and package the files and then upload them.  Watch the OP for the Zip.


I get emails all the time about this template.  I don't mind at all if it gets used by folks, especially if the ChipTalk logo remains. :)

If these things can happen, I will post it here:

1. Corey has to be OK with posting it.  I would require that the ChipTalk logo remain intact by anyone that uses it.  I would also want to add credit and URL to
2. This template is formatted for my plasma which is 848x480.  I'd want to rebuild it for a standard monitor probably 1024x768. 
3. Sulli would have to stamp approval too.  I built off his template.  And if anyone else that built elements requested it, I'd take it down.

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Re: Template Gallery
« on: June 23, 2007, 03:27:47 PM »
The Tournament Director Template:

** Discussion underway here:

(I am still tweaking, and I'd like to get some feedback on it before posting the final.  I'll update this post with the files once it's Gold.)

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Re: Template Gallery
« on: June 23, 2007, 03:26:24 PM »
If there's enough interest, I'll be happy to host these on the main website.
That'll be a good idea Corey, once enough get posted.  At a point, this thread will get diluted with discussion (perfectly fine), so it'll be hard for guests to see all the layouts in opne place.

can you post the layout file so others (me) can use it?

Gerry Klimczak

I am still tweaking, and I'd like to get somwe feedback on it before posting the final.

I want to add one layout in the rotation prior to the game starting.  I want to show the ROUNDS.  Can someone tell me what variable it is to show the rounds?

This template building thing gets addicting once you get started.  I spent many hours modifying once seeing different template ideas here.  I think I got the base template from Sulli... thanks.  If the owners of any of the background images ask me to I will replace them.

Due to email requests, I've updated this post as well as the template.  I've rebuilt it around a 1024x768 screen.

** Please, in order to get exposure for the forum I request that you please Do Not Remove The Logos.

Other than that logo request, I offer it free for download and use!  Enjoy!

The Tournament Director Template:


Files attached in a ZIP:

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