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Beta Testing / Re: 2.6 beta 3
« on: November 05, 2010, 02:34:07 PM »
Are you planning to push out Beta 4 in the next couple of weeks?  Our next tournament is Nov. 20, and some of the features you've added have been asked for by my players a lot recently (especially with selecting multiple hitmen on a bust-out).  Not wanting to rush you, just wanted to know so I don't waste my time playing with Beta 3 and getting everything set up if Beta 4 is right around the corner.  :)

Help Me / TD2 and Windows 7
« on: June 20, 2010, 03:03:46 PM »
Hey Corey,

I recently ran a tournament using TD2 version 2.5.11 on a laptop running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit, and I am still receiving script errors sporadically.  I also received an actual error at one point, but being that I was in the middle of a tournament (and still in) I didn't write it down.  Could you tell me what log files/debugging would help you to narrow down this issue?  In the meantime, I'm loading TD on an old XP laptop since it's not working right with 7 64-bit :(

More system info:
IE: v. 8.0.7600.16358 256-bit
CPU: Intel Core2Duo P8400 @ 2.27 GHz

Help Me / Re: Scoring help
« on: February 28, 2010, 10:01:37 PM »
Thanks for the feedback's what I'm thinking of going with:

(10*sqrt(n)/sqrt(r)*4.162) + (100*(nh/n)) + (finalTable * 10)

The main equation hasn't changed...I like the way it gives points :)

100 * (nh/n) = points by taking people out, based on the number of entrants.  Eg, for a 5 player game, each hit is worth significantly more than in a 10 player game, but it should never be more than points gained for simply playing.

finalTable * 10 = 10 extra points for making it to the final table

With this equation, for a 16-person game the example would be:
Winner with 0 hits gets 176.48 points
Winner with 3 hits gets 195.23
Winner with 15 hits gets 270.23 points

What do you think of this?

Help Me / Scoring help
« on: February 13, 2010, 04:54:20 PM »
Hi all,

I've been using TD2 for almost a year now with our monthly poker group, and we've found this to be absolutely awesome for our games.  I run a 6-month season, and we'll be starting a new on in April.  I would like to change how points are scored for the new season, and could use some input on the best way to do it.

Currently, we use this formula as point for playing, which I got from here so don't fully understand: 10*sqrt(n)/sqrt(r)*4.162.  This is working as none of our players have had the same amount of points, but it only gives points for additional based on # of hits or bounties.  We are using the default tournament filters of log((n+1)/r) for Tournament Score and (1-exp(-average(scores))) * 100 for Overall Score.

What I would like to do is to keep the same mindset - no 2 players should ever have the same score, period.  But I also want to reward the more aggressive players who take people out, allow the missing of 1 game per season without affecting the overall score, and add in point bounties for the top-rated players.  My players tend to play conservatively, and I'm hoping adding a points incentive to being aggressive will help make more memorable moments during the games.  I'm also thinking about allowing re-buys, so this would need to take re-buys in to account as well.

What I was thinking is adding points for # of hits in the points for playing...but not sure where best to do this.  10*sqrt(n)/sqrt(r+nh)*4.162 lowers the end score, 10*sqrt(n+nh)/sqrt(r)*4.162 seems to work, but I'm not sure the overall effect on the game...I want aggressive play to be rewarded, but not be the deciding factor in the overall points.  I've thought about 10*sqrt(n)/sqrt(r)*4.162+nh, but I think that doesn't provide enough points to be an incentive.  I'd also like the # of hits to be inversely proportional to the number of players in the tournament...the more players, the less each individual hit is worth.

I'm also thinking about setting points for being in the money...something like 1 pt for bubble, 2 pts for next rank, 3 for next, etc. or possibly more since since scores can get pretty high, possibly proportional to the number of players.  Here I would also like to add in a bounty for taking out players based on their rank in the points for taking out the bottom-ranked player, but a progression up to the top ranked player.

For the overall score, I was thinking of doing a (sum(top(5, scores)) as the overall score, with the points for all of the above added together.

Can anyone help me set up these formulas, or I am simply asking to much and should stick with something simple?


Suggestions / Update on current plans?
« on: September 19, 2009, 01:39:36 PM »
Hey Corey,

First, I love the has added a completely new dimension to the casual poker tournament that I run, and the amount of customization is absolutely phenomenal.  Could you possibly update us on your current high-priority items on your To Do list?  I know there's a post down the line, but I believe that's quite a bit outdated now.

Also, if you want, I've set up and administered a couple different Bugzilla ( implementations for software projects like yours...could make keeping track of bugs and features quite a bit easier. :)  I'm sure that this isn't a full-time project for you...but if you some help with setting up something similar let me know!

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