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Help Me / Re: Making a new formula for points
« on: October 29, 2017, 10:33:01 PM »
Got it to work, here it is if someone wants to try out a new points formula.

36 *((if(pw, 1)) + (if((rank <= 9) and (pw < 1) , 0.67 , 0)) + (if(rank>9,0.33))) *(sqrt(n)/sqrt(rank))*(1+log10(((totalBuyinsAmount+totalAddOnsAmount+totalRebuysAmount)/n)  +0.25))

Help Me / Making a new formula for points
« on: October 27, 2017, 08:55:40 AM »
OK this might be a difficult one, atleast for me.
I have made a formula in excel that I am using in tournaments.
But want to put it in the program if there is a possibility of that.

Ok here is the formula I am using.

Points = 36 * (ITMfactor) * (√entries/√player position) * (1+log10(average bet+0,25))

1 if player cashed
0.67 if player is top 9 but not cashed
0.33 if player placed 10-99

How many players in the tournament

Player position:
Which place the player busted

Average bet:
Each players average bet  ( total price pool / Total Entries )

square root symbol: √


Was reading in the formula maker in the program and on the cheat sheet, but coulndt figure out if i could do it.
maybe on of you guys know how to rewrite this formula so that it work in the program.
Would be nice to get it automatically when we are playing.

Inserted a photo of the formula also (swedish language)

I also looked at Dr. Neau's Tournament Formula, have anybody used that in the program?
Or do any of you have used another formula that is decent ?

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