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General Discussion / Formula HELP for this sample
« on: April 22, 2013, 01:49:36 PM »
Hi guys i would like to have help whit this kind of league management:

- numbers of players " represent the maximum points for the last standing player, the winner"
- to give points in the simple method: first player that make a rebuy has 1 point "all the rebuys/addons to be ignored" and to be considered out of game for ranking only, last standing player get maximum points regarding total numbers of players that was in the game
- and also the buy in value and all the rebuys /add-ons to be ignored in formula but to be able to continue in the game
- very important the first player who make a rebuy to be considered by the formula out of game and give to him a specific points regarding the order, as example: from a number of 45 players, the first one that make a rebuy to receive 1 point and the last place in ranking list, the next one 2 points and so far until the last one that will take 45 point and the first place in ranking list

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