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Help Me / Best way to handle pre-paid league
« on: October 14, 2012, 12:06:59 AM »
Our league 20 players and is once a month.  At start of January, we all pay $300 up front and then divide that up for monthly payouts, points payout, and a 13th game for the rest of the money.  Since each tournament pays out $250, that works to $12.50 per tournament per person.

What I'm wondering is how best to handle players that don't show up?  The prize pool for each month is already paid.  If I remove them from the tournament, then the prize pool doesn't match up.  So should I just add them and then eliminate those that don't show up?  Just curious as to how others deal with that.

Help Me / How to properly Chop points.
« on: October 12, 2012, 11:34:51 PM »
While trying to determine if we want to use this program for our league, which is a highly probable, I have one final issue that I'm trying to solve.  How do you chop points to get it accurate?  I have my points system setup as follows:

- 1 league tournament per month
- 20 players
- top 15 earn points in increasing order by position 1pt for 15th on up to 15pts for 1st.

Since we've already played 10 tournaments this year, I'm backloading our tournaments to make sure my points system is correct.  In the second tournament, the 2nd and 3rd place players chopped evenly so 13.5 points each and 1st took the 15 points.  Once I got down to the final three in the tournament, I did the CTRL C to bring up the chop menu and the amount to chop for the money showed correctly, but the points showed zero points to chop.  So I adjusted the points giving first 15 pts, and then 2nd and 3rd splitting 13.5 each.

After doing the manipulation, it appears that the program rather than adding the points, it didn't and seemed to incorrectly value the points.  One player who chopped, should have shown after two tournaments with 21.5 points, but TD showed him with 23.  I think now I have it all jacked up and will have to probably delete the tournament and start over, but I'd like to figure out the proper way to chop it up and count these points correctly.  Is chopping half points possible in the program?

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