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Suggestions / New Feature
« on: March 17, 2008, 12:36:38 AM »
Could you add an option to have TD load the last tournament it saved when you start up TD?

I don't want a blank tourny or a new/reset version of a template tourny loaded each time i start it up,
but rather, i need the last saved tourney loaded in its complete saved state.

This would help in many areas.   If TD crashes/ locks up etc, you just reboot and start up TD.  It would load the
last tourny it was running and start it off right at the point where it last saved it before the crash.
Also, in my case, i load TD, then load the tourny file for the next planned tourny and enter in the players i know are
coming.  I may make changes to prizes and seating, then save.  Later in the week start TD, and again load the file needed and
add more players etc and save it.  Each time i need to manually load the file for the upcoming tourny.

Even if i set this file as the default tourny file it only loads the new/reset version of it, not the full ready to run file.

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Pirana Poker Tour Layout
« on: July 11, 2007, 02:47:29 AM »
Here is the latest Layout I have created.
It was designed for the Pirana Poker Tour at a Crabby Joe's Location.
It shows the point payout system (changes based on the number of players signed up)
and shows the rank and points of the last 4 players busted out including soul points and bounty.
Also the top 3 Soul takers or hitmen are shown.
Feel free to edit this and use it at your location.

Please report any problems or give feedback and suggestions.

Help Me / Token for name of 1st or 2nd place winners etc.
« on: May 30, 2007, 06:14:02 PM »
I have looked around your site for awhile looking for this answer but can't seam to find it yet.

What is the variable name that would show the name of the player who busted out 3rd or 4th etc?
(I just want to access his name and display it in a cell)
What is the variable names used to show the number of points a player would get if they busted out 2nd or 3rd?
(I need this info for a menu that shows before and during the tourney, not at the time they bust out.)

What i am trying to setup is a POINT SYSTEM menu to show how many points a player will get for each position.

1st = 690
2nd = 380 or whatever

but this point system changes with the number of players so i need a way to look up the value that TD is going to assign to the player that busts out in each of these positions.  I have a formula in TD now which assigns these points when they bust out and shows the points in the ranking screen but wanted to have a list on the main screen showing how many points they could expect if they got 2nd or 3rd etc.

Help Me / Can i edit date of tourny after it has ended?
« on: April 01, 2007, 08:12:03 PM »
Ok, here is a different sort of problem for ya.

I set my computer date to 2006 in order to run a trial version of another program which had expired.
It worked fine, allowing me to use it past its trial date.

Last night i ran a Tourny forgetting to change the date back on my laptop.
So now i have a saved tourny dated in 2006 not 2007.
Is there a easy way to go in and edit this date after the tourny is over?
Or must i change my date to 2007 and rerun this tourny?

Suggestions / Cash Game Options
« on: March 29, 2007, 02:13:28 PM »
I would like to see some options added for Cash Games.

Cash Out - rather than bust out, allows you to enter the amount of chips/money the player cashed out with.

Player Rankings - (The one you can add to a cell/token) add a Total Take column and allow sorting by this column and have players ranked by the amount of money they made that game. 

Give points etc like in a tourny but based on the amount of money made not when the player left or was knocked out of the game.

Beta Testing / Add Players bug?
« on: February 19, 2007, 12:39:43 AM »
Use the add players button from the main tourny screen while in a game to add one player and buy him in using the check box.
Pot will update, but the entries and prizes will not update till you go off this screen and come back.

Help Me / How to sort Stats Export
« on: February 18, 2007, 10:28:25 PM »
Hi.  Likely a dumb Question, but i can't figure it out for the life of me.

I have exported many stat reports in the past for each game we have had.  Everyone came out sorted the same way the stats were sorted in the stats tab, by score.  However, now everyone i export is sorted by name.  How did/do i change this? 

Beta Testing / Small bug
« on: February 17, 2007, 03:46:44 AM »
This is not in the beta, but in V2.2.2

On the pref tab, where you input the time interval for auto save, the tooltip shows (see options tab) rather than (see Game Tab)

Help Me / Command and Variable list.
« on: February 16, 2007, 02:50:22 PM »
Is this a list somewhere that i could download showing all the valid commands and variable names used in TD so i could learn more about programming stuff in it?

Suggestions / New bounty chip features
« on: February 16, 2007, 01:47:39 PM »
OK, i am new to TD, and i am sure SOME of this can be handled manually, but thought i would share some ideas i had regaurding possible new bounty chip features in TD.

option to rake bounty (x amount from each chip sold) to create a prize pool used to put a price on the tournament winners head for next game.

i.e.  buy chips sold for $5+$1=$6, pay out $5 per chip won, keep $1 per chip to create prize pool.

option to not pay tounry winner for his bounty kept.  Keep  this amount for prize pool put on his head next game.

option to allow this prize to be won only by a bounty chip holder.  if a non-bounty player knocks him out then this pool would carry over and be placed on the nexted winners head.

check box to select if bounty wanted at buy-in.  this will allow them to be given away or purchased for free.  Also would allow just clicking box to allow purchase, rather than typing in the price each time.

option to have buy-in screen reopen automatically after you buy one player in.  Like the adding new player to data base screen.  Its hard trying to get all guys that want bounties to buy in first, then handle the non-bounty guys.  It would be easy to have the buy-in screen reopen and buy each person in one at a time or in groups while just clicking his name and the bounty box if he wants one, next person, just click the name, he didn't buy a bounty.  Heck, i guess a all in one way to buy in would be to have a table, all names in first column, buy-in cost in second, bounty check box in third, bounty cost in 4th and so on.  Then just click a master buy in button to save it all when done. 

But it would also be nice to be able to reopen and edit this data without having to undo buy and rebuy if a player later desides to get a bounty.

option to allow setting prize paid for each bounty held, would allow house to add to prizes for bounty and would also allow the collection of the prize pool in the above idea. 

i.e.  buy for 5, get paid 10 for winning one.  or buy for 6, get paid 5 for winning one.  1 dollar is saved for the bounty pool.
Or in the free idea, (or bounty chip given as prize) you could select check box to give them a chip, but have cost set to 0, then still have the prize for winning one set to 5.

so maybe the best way to implement this would be to have one check box added to buy-in screen that says he purchased a chip, then two boxes to allow input of cost for the chip, and the pay-out for each chip won.  This might also allow you set set diff cost to buy and diff pay-out amounts for each player.  two tier bounty system?

Then you would need a over/under token to show the prize pool collected or the house contribution needed.

Help Me / Tips for making slow systems run TD better?
« on: February 15, 2007, 02:05:03 AM »
Does anyone have tips for how to make a slow laptop run TD better?

One problem i am having atm is with the token shown below.
i have it set to max 4, and when its showing less than 4 my system runs at 100% and can't keep up.
the time updates once a minute sometimes.
but once the frame is full, (hits it max of 4), then my system uses about 85% cpu power and
the time keeps up ok.
Is there maybe a way to have the frames max be 1 when 1 person is busted out, then 2 when the second
is out and so on till the max size Ii want it at is 4?
Why does it take 100% cpu power to run it when its showing nothing, but only 85% when its full?

also, why does this not show all the things it says it should?  i only see rank, name, hits and hitman.
and i don't really want it to showstillin unless i could get it to sort so those knocked out are at the top but in order of rank.

<span style="height: 150px; width: 100%; overflow: false"><rankings showTimeOut="False" showRoundOut="False" showStillIn="False" showHitman="Ture" showHits="True" showWinnings="True" showPoints="True" showColumnTitles="True" max="4"></span>

Help Me / automatic tourny setup/correction of problems.
« on: February 12, 2007, 12:17:24 AM »
Hey, i went to start a tourny the other day and for the first time tried the hotkey to buy-in my players at game start from the main tourny screen.  At the time, it was warning of problems, no players bought-in.

So when i used the hot key, its allowed me to buy in the players, all at one time, then automatically came up with the option to seat them.  I clicked ok and that was it.  no need to go to settings and then players tab, buy in then go to table tab and seat players etc etc.

So i ask, what made it do this?  I tried to repeat this today and it did not work.  It let me buy players in but did not automatically bring up the option to seat them.  I could however start the tourny without seating them.  This i found odd.  I didn't think it would allow that.

Anyway, if this is a feature, (use hotkey to buy-in and auto seat players) how do i make sure it works as it did that time, all the time?
If its not a feature, it should be.  When you start a tourny, it should not just say it has problems, but rather bring up the options needed to correct the problems.

and ya, the fact that it started without the need to seat players was cool really, as i do not use a seating plan for my games.  i allow anyone to sit anywhere.  First come first serve.  So being able to change a setting that made TD ignore the need for seating would be nice too.

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