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Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Eureka! - My first fully customized layout
« on: February 05, 2012, 04:28:30 PM »
Hey everyone,

Just been a user of TD for little more than two weeks, but I am hooked. I just love it. Therefor, in order to share my wealth with the rest of you I hereby give you my main-screen-layout i have built from scratch.

As you will notice, if you are going using it yourself, it is completely built within tables. So here is a quick walkthrough:
  • The first row (is the first <tr> till the first </tr>) is the row where all widths are carefully selected. This layout has been made for a 1366 / 768 - resolution. If you are changing the numbers in there, you will change the layout.
  • If you want to quickly change a cell, but not sure which one.. All you need to do is change border="0" to "1". All cells which have content is now visible
  • The overall fontsize is only used for the chips-denomination, all other sizes are regulated by the style-attributes added to the cell.
  • The layout is logo-ed. If you want to add your own logo's: try to do it in Photoshop, since adding it as an image within TD will give you lots of headaches :)
  • Final thing: the screen has a preference for a 5-chip set, I can't get a 4-chip set aligned yet.

Also, undoubtedly there are a lot of easier ways to have done this, but I couldn't think of any so I went for it this way :)

If there is something wrong, let me know. Though it will be hard to fix it, since now already i am not understanding it half the time ;)..

Let me know what you think,


Edit: can't seem to add the 10mb PSD-file, sorry for that.. Less customizations possible for you guys :S

Edit2: New backgrounds for the different rounds (uneven, even and breaks) with an extra card to make it prettier.

Edit3: Another batch of new backgrounds also with a new layout-attachment.

Edit4: Problem with breakscreen fixed

Help Me / Inserting images of players in an automated fashion
« on: January 26, 2012, 04:01:36 AM »
Hey guys (and ladies),

Using the latest version 3.1 in its evaluation period (@Corey: if it operates smoothly this next tourney i will get back to you ;) ), just have a question if the following is possible:

In my case I will be running a 5-player tourney, which will boil down to a headsup between the last two standing. It is now my intention to change the mainscreen-set to a newly made headsup-screenset with different cells, when that happens. And in there I would like to insert the images of those final two players. Showing it not only on the table, but also on the screen.

At this point i have created one cell ('VS_Headsup1) in which i added two images (e.g. Jake.jpg and Barney.jpg). If not these two players made it to the headsup i can quickly change it to the correct names (e.g. Michael.jpg and Robert.jpg). Hope everyone can see that i would love to have an automated function for such a feature..

So, in other words: can I put in a formula that shows: IF players <3 THAN show picture of player 1 AND player 2.

Hopefully this is possible with this version. If not, @Corey: is it possible to add this functionality to a newer version? It might be easier to setup if it an image-entry is created in the players-database. Since then, just like the playernames-token, a token could be created that showed player-images.

Hope to hear from you!


EDIT: This could also be a great feature for bigger tournaments, where -for instance- on the screen the pictures can be shown of the 'championship-table'.

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