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Suggestions / Add new Property Set to all Tokens on a Screen?
« on: November 02, 2013, 12:12:57 PM »
This may not be something folks are clamoring for, but from my (ignorant!) perspective it seems like it may be a simple coding addition, and would have saved me hours this morning.  (I.e., if I were in full control, I'd have coded my tool to do this job rather than brute force it the first time through.)

I would like the ability to add a new Property Set to all Tokens which appear in a Screen (or by Screen Set).  I'd be fine if this new Property Set copied all properties from each Token's default.  Finally, I'd like to set the Condition under which this new "global" Property Set applies.

In terms of an example, I'm converting a No Limit-only tournament layout to a tournament during which alternating rounds are played NL and Fixed Limit.  To keep my players sane, I'm using a radically different color scheme for each Game Type.  After creating new Global Properties for each element with my new color scheme, I had to go into each token on the Screen and add a "FL" Property Set with the Condition that Game Type is Limit.  I'd then copy the token's default formatting and manually select from my list of newly created Global Properties which one I wanted.  This last step would take a significant amount of coding and I wouldn't request that portion be automated, but the initial steps involve a lot of repetitive mouse clicks which seem easily automated (says the guy who would not be doing any of the coding).

This sort of thing would come up any time someone would want to drop in a new global condition on their tournament displays (such as different Screens for alternating rounds).  If there's any thought to adding to the list of potential Game Types, then this sort of thing seems very like to crop up for other folks in the future.

Thank you for your consideration Corey.

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / WSOP FT Layout
« on: July 26, 2013, 08:31:22 PM »
We are running a simulated WSOP main event final table (folks submitted silent bids via email, and the nine highest bids get the November Niner's corresponding chip stacks and table position, levels set to 1/4 scale the actual clock).

A shout out to this thread for the background image.

Also, not sure if others would be able to use all the elements of my layout, as I've got a marquee scroll across the bottom of the page which pings a local webserver which has a PHP script that converts a XML output file generated by the Now Playing visualizer (in iTunes) that ultimate displays the currently playing track from the local music server.  It would be very easy to disable this particular screen element, however.

Finally, this is my first upload of a layout, so I'm not 100% on whether things properly exported.

Hope someone else can find value in this!

Suggestions / Condition for last rebuy level
« on: February 25, 2012, 05:44:08 PM »
I can hard code this for each tournament I run, so that's an acceptable work-around.

In my layout, I have a token which shows the last level during which rebuys can occur.  As we approach that level, I have an indicator with escalating urgency that we are approaching that level.

I'd like to be able to set conditions like
"In The Last Level to Rebuy"
Level = lastRebuyLevel

"One Away From Rebuy Level"
Level = (lastRebuyLevel -1)


Obviously I have different display settings for each of these conditions.

Thanks for your consideration.

Help Me / Non-standard prize pool
« on: November 21, 2011, 12:31:15 AM »
Background: We generally have one table of participants of widely-varying experience in our monthly weekend home game, and as such I tend to run two tournaments, one as a "warm up" designed to last roughly half the amount of time of the evening's main event.

I'm thinking of changing this warm-up tournament to something else entirely.

Something Else Entirely: Let n represent the total number of players who bought into the tournament.  When the tournament is down to n/2 remaining players (in the case of an even n) or (n+1)/2 (in the case of an odd n), the tournament ends.  Each remaining player then receives prize money consisting of a) the amount of one tournament buy-in, and b) the remaining prize pool distributed by outstanding chip percentage.

By way of example: Say 10 players each buy in for $10 a piece gaining T500 chips apiece.  There are no rebuys.  At the moment the sixth place player is determined the tournament would stop, each of the remaining 5 players would get $10 (one buy-in amount) + $50 x their percentage of total chips in play.  If one player had T2000 chips, one with T1200, one with T800, and two with T500, then the total payments would come to $30, $22, $18, $15, and $15.

My question: How to set this prize distribution up in TD3?

I see the new chop rules can incorporate prize distribution based on remaining chips, but I failed at taking advantage of that when I was monkeying around with trying to set something up.  I'm guessing that I'd have to take advantage of the points system (then manually convert points into dollars, which I'm fine with).  My real motivation is to avoid having to pull out a calculator (or spreadsheet software) to generate the prize pool.

Has anyone done anything like this?  Has anyone considered this then rejected it?

Thanks in advance,

Help Me / Two layout token questions
« on: November 06, 2011, 09:22:47 AM »

1. I'm trying to add a token that displays the next round number.  I'm using
Code: [Select]
<round offset="+1"> as the contents of my token.  The resultant output display is the current round.  Using +2 or other numbers does not change this behavior.  Not using the + sign does not change this behavior.  Not using the quotes doesn't change this behavior.  Using a - sign does not change this behavior.  I only have two Property Sets: After Tournament (the only modified Condition behing "Stage: After game"), and Default (which is the one I can't get to work appropriately).  Advice?

2. I would like to display the duration of my next round in MM:SS format.  The default output of the <duration> tag is in HH:MM format.  Using the Contents of this token as
Code: [Select]
<duration round="+1" format="clock" alwaysShowHours="false"> does not accomplish what I'm after.  I'd be comfortable with a workaround that only displayed the minutes of the next level (after which I could manually add the text ":00" to accurately represent the seconds).  Unfortunately I have a frequently used structure that changes the minutes on a round-by-round basis, so I cannot hard code the minute text into my general layout.   Enabling the alwaysShowHours tag for the <duration> token would be a great fix. :)

Thanks for your help on both these issues.

Help Me / V3: 1024x768 recommended, but netbook limited to 1024x600
« on: November 02, 2011, 05:00:53 PM »
Screen resolution issue.  I use The TD2 on a netbook which has a native resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.  I see V3 has a recommended minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.  If I make the conversion, what is going to frustrate me?

Also, I'm guessing this specific question will be followed by many others of a similar nature.  Teach a guy to fish?  Is there a spot where these sort of things have already been discussed?

Thanks in advanced.  Were I not unemployed, I'd have already forked over the $$ for the new version, but I've got to be a bit frugal at the moment...
[edit to fix resolution widths: originally I had them as 1028 rather than 1024, and want to get 'em right in case folks find this thread via the search function...]

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