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Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Random Knockout Sounds
« on: March 07, 2018, 03:42:58 PM »
I'm wondering if there is a way to have a random sound played when a player is knocked out. The regular event is easy enough to set up, but I'd like a different sound to play with each knockout. I realize I can set up a sound for each place knocked out, but that's a little more work than I'm willing to do  :)

Having the ability to select a folder full of sounds and have the event choose one at random would be amazing.

Help Me / Wacky Points Given
« on: July 01, 2014, 11:06:19 AM »
I'm writing this post away from my copy of TD so bear with me.

I have a formula that I've been using for 4 years. It gives points based on finishing position taking into account the number of players in the tourney. Rebuys are -3 points, hits are +2 points and addons are -1 point. I had a tournament where first and second place were equal in all areas except 2nd place had 4 more knockouts than first (so that's 8 points more). However, for some reason he ended up with 12 more points than first place.

Check out the summary here:

I have no idea what could have caused this. I've never had this issue before. Obviously the point total is wrong. How can I fix it? This is important because I keep a running total and have a free roll tourney at the end of the year. Sometimes less than 1 point separates who gets to play and who doesn't.

General Discussion / All In raise
« on: November 06, 2008, 05:23:57 PM »
For some reason this has come up like three times in the last couple games.  Here's the scenario:

Player A bets $20.
Player B goes all-in for $30.
Player C wants to raise...can he or must he only call $30?  I say he can raise what ever he wants as long as it is at least $40 (since the $30 all-in was an incomplete bet).  Lately though there are those who say player C can not raise and can only call or fold. 

I do know that had Player C only called $30 then Player A can not reraise.

Help Me / Another points issue, set points to zero on rebuy
« on: May 05, 2008, 04:11:39 PM »
Hello all.

I'm running a tournament with 8 players.  I have two questions.

1) I want the top 4 players to receive extra points for finishing.  I was able to create a formula that works, but it seems like there is a better way to do it.  See below.

2) If a player rebuys I want their points for that game to reflect the place they went out before the rebuy.  Even if they win I only want them to receive points for what happened before the rebuy.  However, I still want to know who won each tourney.

Current Formula:

if(rank =1, n-r+5) + if(rank =2, n-r+4) + if(rank =3, n-r+3) +  if(rank =4, n-r+2) + if(rank >4, n-r+1)

Help Me / SOLVED - Another Points Issue
« on: September 17, 2007, 10:52:51 PM »
So I've been using TD for two seasons and find myself having an issue with my point formula in my new season.  Here it is:

(((1 - (r / (n + 1))) * 100 + 4) + nh - (tnr*3)

Basically, we have 24 players usually.  The formula above will give 1st 100 points if no rebuys and no hits.  When I test I get:

1st, 100.00
2nd, 96.00
3rd, 92.00
4th, 88.00
5th, 84.00
6th, 80.00
7th, 76.00
8th, 72.00
9th, 68.00
10th, 64.00
11th, 60.00
12th, 56.00
13th, 52.00
14th, 48.00
15th, 44.00
16th, 40.00
17th, 36.00
18th, 32.00
19th, 28.00
20th, 24.00
21st, 20.00
22nd, 16.00
23rd, 12.00
24th, 8.00

Problem is, after our first tournament, the first place player (no rebuys, 4 hits, should have 104 points) has 78.24 points.

2nd (no rebuys, 5 hits) has 75.48 points.

Last place (no rebuys, no hits) has -20.24?!?!

I'm using the most recent TD.  What am I doing wrong?  Can I fix what's already been done for the first tourney?

T.I.A. for any help!

Help Me / How to update player points after tourney is finished
« on: October 26, 2006, 09:54:21 PM »
I have a problem.  I started a new season and during the first game I marked that one player rebought when he did not, and the other guy who did rebuy I did not mark.  I need to go and and adjust their point totalls but I can't see how to do so.

TIA for any help so I don't have to manually update their point totals after every game.

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