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Suggestions / Suggestions that would work for my Poker Room
« on: March 17, 2007, 12:46:48 AM »
Suggestions that I have that would make the program even better would be,

1. Being able to choose the order of which tables would break in what order. And or when it is time to break a table TD2 asks which table to break. (Or control when dealing with many tables and multi rooms)

2. When TD2 breaks a table have the players in order by seat on the table that is breaking and to the table they are going to.

3. Being able to put in Mass rebuys and add-on's.

4. Multi Monitor So the Clock can always be on the full screen and on the other monitor being able to do data entry and table breaking and moving.

5. Having a place to do percent held back instead of fixed dollar amount.

6. To be able to print receipts to players buying in to the tournament. Name/Tourney Info/ Who sold it.

7. To be able to assign a (Player Number) to each player instead of having to look through a data base with more than 500 players.

Just a few idea's for us would are using this program in Poker Rooms


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