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Suggestions / Network+multi TD = external multiscreens?
« on: March 26, 2007, 12:10:25 PM »
First, you have a great program Corey!! Thank you!

Maybe a new way of having multiscreen with one main-PC and a satelitt-PC that showing the Clock/tournament screen. You running 2 TD programs, one on each PC, and have an function in the program that direct the satelitt-PC to gather Database/tournament info from the main-PC. Could this work? Then maybe you could work on the TD at the same time as the tournament runs, and the players don't see everything that you working on the TD. (as it is now) Maybe this can work on more than 2 PCs hopefully.       
This will also help when registering players, then you can use 2 PCs to add players to the tournament.
One problem i can think about: how do i start the clock on both PCs at the same time.

I know, this have been discussed before, but I haven't seen the idea i this form in the forum. I do not know much about programming, so please, don't kill me at once. :)

Thanks again

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