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Help Me / Name confusion
« on: August 03, 2006, 04:51:34 PM »
When i add Players to the tournament a pop with a list of names come up under the heading name but it does not show the second name so if i have two players with the same first name i do not know which one two click

also when i right click to drop somebody from the tournament the name comes up again but still have the problem in not knowing which one it is can you tell me how i get the second name up

Help Me / Stats problem
« on: June 26, 2006, 04:05:11 AM »
I have now done a couple of pseudo tourneys and the results are ok. But I cannot seem to get anything showing under the stats tab also under the prizes tab, the prizes are ok but under the points it reads zero, yet under players tab all the points are correct, what am i doing wrong

Help Me / need formula for this pointing system
« on: June 21, 2006, 08:49:21 AM »
Hi, I need a Formula for this pointing system as this is what i wil be using

Each player’s points for a particular tourney will be calculated based on 1500 points for every game as follows:
1st = 120%, 2nd = 96%, 3rd =82%, 4th = 70%, 5th = 60%, 6th = 50%, 7th = 40%, 8th = 30%, 9th = 20%, 10th and lower = 10%.

• With 10 or less players the point scale will be the same. 1st place would receive 1800 points (1500 x 120%), 2nd place would receive 1440 points (1500 x 96%) and so on.

• For every player over 10, 2% would be added to the total points earned for each position for that particular tourney. In the 14 player tourney we recently completed, 8% (14 players - 10 players x 2%) would have been added on top of the regular points for each position. 1st place with 14 players would receive 1944 points. That number comes from adding 8% to the 1800 points for the regular 10 player point scale (calculated as 1800 x 1.08). 2nd place would be 1555.2 points (1440 x 1.08). This would change the difference in points earned for 1st place for the 14 player game vs. 1st place for the 10 player game (for example) to 8% instead of the 40% difference we currently show. And with our current method, the 40% difference only gets wider with each finishing place (2nd = 44% diff, 3rd = 50% diff...7th = 100% diff) but with the new method it would be 8% across the board when comparing 10 player points to 14 player points.

This alternate/new point system addresses a couple of holes that are present in our current point system:

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