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Suggestions / What's Missing
« on: August 26, 2006, 06:47:53 AM »

Here are some things that make it hard for me use TD2.0

Seating Management

When someone comes into Poker Room.  I used to Buy Them-in then Randomly Seat them immediately so they could take their seat, with TD I can't do this.  I have to buy everyone in and then seat them which makes it a little hard for all the 20+ players in the room moving around at the same time.  Additionally is someone calls and lets me know they are going to be late we aren't going to hold the game for them but I couldn't seat that person.  Another issue is if I have 2 tables open and I have 10 seat at each table but only 9 players I probably still want them at 2 tables, TD will randomize only at 1 table unless I drop the seat count below the # of players.  The last issue I have with seating is when randoming seating players it fills the seats in numeric order, say I have 10 seats open on a table and there are 6 players per table, instead of randomly seating seats 1-10 it will randomly seat 1-6, again this is for late comers I don't want them always getting seats furthest from the button.


Can we get the ability to purchase an add-on before the tournament starts?  I use the add-on as the method of payment for the league. If they purchase the add-on then they get their results tracked and are eligible for free at the end as well as getting additional chips.  Makes it hard to go in and do after I start the tourney.

Scrolling Screens

Make it stop :)  I'm sure this is probably a feature already but I tried to make it stop scrolling different screens during the tournaments.

Payouts Not Right

I tried to use the automated payout and did round to the nearest $10 but the System said to pay out $10 more then was in the prize pool :x  That wasn't a happy situation  :o


Whoops! Dumbass eliminated the wrong person.  How do I go back and change that?

Default Settings

Can I load default settings so I don't have to load all my options every time?

I'm sure you probably have solutions to some of these problems already but I wasn't able to figure it out.  Thanks for providing us with such great software Corey


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