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Help Me / Chip Up message
« on: January 09, 2012, 08:13:21 AM »
On the "rounds" tab (I believe), there is an option to flag breaks as a "chip up" period. Wondered if there is a way to alter the default positioning of the resulting "CHIP UP!" message that appears?


General Discussion / Run Program event action
« on: January 06, 2012, 05:38:04 PM »
Corey, a big thanks for the "run program" event action; what a great feature!

I use it to trigger several things -

- launch keyboard wedge script for scanner registration
- kill registration script
- launch bust-out script
- turn table lights on at game start
- turn table lights off on breaks
etc, etc, etc.

It works great; lots of fun!

I'm only running into one small thing that I need to refine a bit. It seems that running these DOS batches are causing TD to lose it's active screen status (sorry if my terminology is wrong here). Basically after some of the batches run I will notice Itunes pop up in front of TD (for example), or some other random application that is running in the background. Or even worse, TD is still maximized and everything "appears" fine but another app is actually "active", therefore none of the hotkeys work until I click on the TD screen to restore it's active status.

To work around this problem I've been triggering another event a few seconds following the original event that runs "TD.EXE"; this effectively restores an active status. I tired to simply perform a save tournament action to accomplish this, but it didn't work. Wondering; can you think of any negative side affects that might occur from running the TD.EXE a number of times throughout the tourney as a solution?


Templates, Layouts and Sounds / delay between rounds
« on: January 06, 2012, 05:16:26 PM »
Hi All,

I am noticing a big delay between rounds. Basically the clock counts down each second without hesitation until it reaches 0:00; at this point it hangs for 4 to 5 seconds. Is this pause between rounds configurable anywhere? I didn't have this big of a delay using the last 2.6 beta version and I can't seem to figure out what I might have changed that would be causing this... I do have a ton of events setup, many of them triggered by the clock, maybe I'll disable all of them and see if that helps. Please let me know if anyone knows what might be causing the delay.


Suggestions / <lastbustout> Token
« on: January 03, 2012, 08:48:10 PM »
I know the likelihood that many others will find this suggestion useful is not good; but I figured that it can't hurt to ask.

I use the following tokens to drive a display message which is triggered by "a player busts out".

<name> has busted out in <ordinalrank> place.

The bust out message is displayed and an associated sound file plays each time a bust out occurs, EXCEPT when a table balance suggestion results from the bust out. In this case, the balance suggestion action (audio announcement) takes priority

In an attempt to satisfy both events I decided to merge the bust out audio clip with the table balance clip. (bust out plays first, brief pause and then the table balance clip plays) - problem solved (almost). The only problem is that the <name> and <ordinalrank" tokens do not work if "table balance is suggested" is the trigger.

Wondered if it might be possible to add something like <lastbustname> and <lastordinalrank> so that the table balance trigger can be used to display information from the bust out that forced the balance suggestion?


Help Me / No auto player movement screen on break
« on: January 02, 2012, 06:57:47 PM »
Hi All,

I have created a screen set that includes only the "player movement screen" with the following associated conditions

(time - lastplayermovetime) < 45

Each time the Table Balancing suggestion is accepted the player movement screen is automatically displayed for 45 seconds which is great. However this process does not work if the tournament is on a scheduled "break". The bust out works and the table balancing action works fine but the player movement screen is not displayed.

Anyone know how I can get the auto player movement screen to work while on a break?


Help Me / Table / Seating Receipt to an Epson TM model printer
« on: December 28, 2011, 08:46:09 PM »
Wondering if anyone is using an Epson TM88 thermal printer to print table / seat receipts?

I use a barcode scanner to register players and have been printing receipts for a while, however I have never gotten the formatting just right.... at the present time it looks just "okay".

The seating receipts in the you tube video found in the TD post below are perfect in my opinion - looks great!

I've struggled to improve my receipt formatting by altering my PlayerMovement.html file. Wondered if anyone is already printing to an Epson TM model printer and wouldn't mind sharing your HTML file that controls the formatting - a good example would help me out tremendously

Thanks very much,

Help Me / Auto Export
« on: April 25, 2011, 08:58:40 PM »
Hi All,

Wondered if it is possible to setup an Event or preference to auto export the seating chart to a pre-defined folder with a pre-defined file-name every the tables are balanced?


Help Me / Surppress status messages
« on: March 29, 2011, 08:16:44 PM »
Does anyone know if there is a way to suppress all status messages once an event message is triggered to display? Once the event message disappears the status messages would be re-enabled.


Suggestions / Auto perform action on table suggestion
« on: March 28, 2011, 09:13:21 PM »
Hi Corey,

This addition to 2.6 was a big help...

- Added a preference to automatically perform an action upon searching within a
  player dialog (such as Buy-in Players, Rebuy players, etc).  When this option
  is enabled, and a search returns exactly one match, the action is
  automatically performed.  This will help to streamline card reader/barcode
  scanner integration

Is there anyway this can also be added to the Table Balance Suggestion dialog? It would be great if the table balance suggestion dialog could also be accepted automatically with (in my case) the "omit current seat" and "open move player window" options checked. Then to really top off this request, it would be great if I could predefine a length of time that the player movement screen would be active (45 second for example).... after this time is reached the system would return to the regular tournament screen.  This request would completely make my tourney a one button effort. I would need only to start the count down clock.... all functions after that would require zero operator intervention.

Hope my description was clear enough,

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Share Tournament Videos
« on: March 26, 2011, 07:03:01 AM »
Hi fellas!

Here are a couple links to quick videos I made of my home poker setup. My video making abilities are not the best, but it will give you the basic idea. I have taken screen layouts, backgrounds and audio from several of you guys, much appreciated for sharing!

I'm still in the process of ironing out some issues, but i didn't want to wait a few more months following my next tournament to make the video. The vid was made a couple days after my last tourney, using the TD beta version. So the clean up / tear down effort has already begun in my poker room, but you'll still get a good feel for the setup.

poker room & registration -

bust-out -

Comments are welcome!

Help Me / Event - display message for winner
« on: October 10, 2010, 12:32:54 AM »
I've been making good use of TD events, I have various but out sounds and print messages for when players bust out.

Whenever a player busts out I use the following display message.... <name> has busted out in <ordinalrank> place.... this shows the player name and what place they finished.

I would like to display a flashing message which congratulates the tournament winner, there name should be printed in this message. I am able to get the second place finisher to appear okay... but since the winner doesn't actually bust out, I cannot figure out how to display their name in a display message. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks very much!!

Hey All,

I'm a newer user of TD, having used it for only two home based tournaments so far....

The first tourney was hosted only a few days after downloading TD and therefore the format was quite basic. I was able to identify the tremendous potential of TD right away.

For the second tournament I was excited to try implementing several ideas I had floating around since the first tournament. I've found the TD forums to be an absolute necessity; thanks to the hard work of the many TD members, I've been able to create a tournament with a polished and professional feel with not a lot of effort or technical knowledge. I have taken from many members, too many to thank individually - but I'd like to make a point of specifically thanking Hally and JediMaster, you guys have done some amazing work!! And of course a huge thanks to Corey, best program on my PC, period.

Anyways, Iím gearing up for my third Tournament; I like to make each one bigger and better then the last. So, I was hoping to get some ideas from you guys for my next event. I'd like to explain the setup of my last tourney in the hopes that I might get some suggestions for improvement. I really like trying innovative ideas and making software do stuff that it was not necessarily designed to do.... I suppose Iím looking for cosmetic suggestions as much as anything, Iím really shooting for the wow factor.

Okay, here's my basic setup

1. Last tourney had 42 players

2. Game is held in a home basement on 5 ten person tables

3. Buyin is $60.00 which includes your seat and food. BYOB. Lower buyin cost keeps everything completely friendly and the pot is still pretty good for the winners.

4. Payout went something like this... 1st $950.00, 2nd $550.00, 3rd $350, 4th $250, 5th $180.00, 6th $120.00

5. Player's arrive with a custom made credit card sized color membership card in hand. I bought some PVC cards online that have a special coating that allow them to accept regular inkjet ink. I printed the cards with my tournament league logo on the front and a unique barcode on the back. Senior league members also get their picture on the back. The barcode number corresponds with the playerID stored within the TD software.

6. Each player comes to my computer / registration desk upon arrival. Their membership card is scanned using a Metrologic Voyager 9540 hand held scanner. TD software will not allow incoming data from a serial peripheral device like the scanner. So I must also run a little keyboard wedge type application, I'm sure there are many that would work fine, I used something called TAL BC-Wedge. I was able to program a number of suffix characters that are transmitted along with the scan, this makes things really cool. When the membership card is scanned it automatically buys the player into the tournament and places them in a random seat. As the operator, I simply have to press enter once to accept the seat placement. The membership card is also used to bust out players.

7. Iíve setup a tournament welcome screen which shows past tournament winners, when the next tourney will be, my league logo and the count down to start clock

8. I use a VGA video distribution box to transmit the TD game screen to seven monitors strategically placed around the room. The screens are various sizes and resolutions, few of them are 50 inch screens or better which makes the setup quite impressive for a home gameÖ. It really takes on a professional like feel. During the pre-game count down the screens alternate between the welcome screen and the table seating chart. There are also many custom audio announcements which are presented though a multi-speaker home stereo. The announcements are triggered by the time clock during pre-game; they welcome players to the tourney, remind them to register, and provide 30min, 20min, 10min, 5min, 3min, and 1min warnings. The 3 second countdown is from the TV show ď24Ē and then I use a ďweíre ready, so shuffle up and dealĒ audio kick off announcement. The tournament is full of automatic audio announcements for blind adjustments, break starts, table balancing, bust outs, etc. 

9. A custom screen appears during break periods which show a countdown clock and if a CHIP UP period is in affect.

10. I did not use a bounty system during the last two tournaments; Iím planning on using one for the up coming tournament.

11. I would like to have one big screen monitor which shows an updated seating chart at all times, the other six monitors I have will show whatever game screen is active. I received a nice detailed suggestion in the forums from JodiBingo on how to accomplish this feet using an HTML export of the seating chartÖ. However it looks a bit complex and I havenít gotten around to implementing it yet.

12. Iím working on starting a website that will show member stats, and upcoming tournament announcements. I would love to setup something so that players can register for the tournament online beforehand using their credit or debit cardÖ.. However Iím sure this is taking things way too far for a home gameÖ. Not likely this will ever work without a massive expense.

Well, thatís all I can think of, let me know what you guys think and if youíve got any suggestions to make my little event a real spectacle!!

Thanks very much!

Help Me / Event Conflict
« on: December 16, 2009, 09:42:32 PM »
I have 25 or 30 events programed, the large majority are triggered automatically as opposed to manually with a hot key. Almost everything is working great which should make running the next tournament a breeze.

The only trouble that I'm having is a conflict between an event triggered by a player bust out and an event triggered by a player movement suggestion. Which ever event I place in the "event list" first is the one that will execute properly, the other event will not run. The bust out event plays a random sound and displays a message. The player movement event plays a sound only.

I was hoping that the bust out event would trigger first, displaying the message and playing the sound; the movement event would trigger immediately following the bust trigger, thereby canceling the "bustout" sound file to play the "player movement" sound file, but leaving the bust out message to run though it's specified duration. I can only seem to get one event working; as long as one is activated the other is ignored.

Any suggestions to alter these events to play nicely with each other? Or, is there some way to combine the two using a condition?


Help Me / Multiple Displays
« on: December 15, 2009, 04:33:06 PM »
I've been working to figure out a few things before my next tournament.

One feature that I'd really like to implement concerns multiple displays. I plan on having seven displays using two video cards (I can get more if needed to get things working), and a couple video distribution / splitter jobies.

I would like to have display #1 (a touch screen) visible only to me that will show the "settings windows", the settings window should be hidden on all the other monitors; in reading though the forum posts I'm sure this is possible, I just haven't tried it yet.

Display #2 through #6 should show only the "game window"

Display #7 (a big screen which should be visible to all) should show only the seating chart, all the time.

I hope I've described my request properly, please let me know of any questions or suggestions on how this might be accomplished

Thanks very much!

Help Me / Bust out sound & message customized by player
« on: December 11, 2009, 10:28:47 AM »
I've searched through the forums and it appears that I cannot do this, just wanted to double check.

I was hoping to display a custom message for a predefined time period after each player busts out.... "Jim Beam has busted out in 38th place. Thank you for playing", for example. The message would include the player name just busted along with his / her finishing position. In addition, I would like to display a random or personalized bust-out sound, depending on who the player is.

I've been able to play random bust out sounds successfully. Is there an event condition that will allow me to accomplish any of my other stuff mentioned?


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