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General Discussion / Poker Humor T-shirt
« on: November 21, 2009, 03:55:48 PM »

Poker Humor T-shirt

You've seen the inspirational Life Is Simple ... Eat. Sleep. Golf. Well I've taken it one step further...
Eat. Sleep. Donk.

We all have at least one Donkey in our game if not more than one. Thhese t-shirts make excellent Christmas gift ideas without going overboard financially. Available in Sm through 3XL, $14.99 plus S&H of $3.90 keepts under 420 per t-shirt. These are Gildan brand t-shirts made of 100% Cotton. We accept PayPal.

Need shirts, silk screened or embroidered, gimme a holler and I'll shoot you a quote.

Help Me / Formula assistance request
« on: March 29, 2009, 07:37:19 PM »
I am using the following formula for my Tournament Scoring (under Stats Tab), 35 - (nr * 5) + (nh * 5) + (na * 5) + (finalTable * 10) + (m * 20) + switch(r, 1, 100, 2, 50, 3, 25, 4, 10) it should work as follows

+35 BuyIn
-5 pts for a rebuy
-5 pts for an addon
+5 pts for hit
+10 pts for making the final table (top 10 players)
+20 pts for making it into the money
+100 pts for 1st
+50 pts for 2nd
+25 pts for 3rd
+10 pts for 4th

Is the formula correct?

#2 what formula should I use in the Overall Scoring to come up with a "score" rather than points total?

Lastly, is there any way to incorporate the 4th place finish into the stats export rather than just the top three?

General Discussion / 6 Pack of COPAG Plastic Playing Cards
« on: January 22, 2009, 01:48:05 PM »
I have a case of these COPAG 2-deck sets (Red&Blu), if anyone is interested you can order via my blog and I'll ship ASAP to your doorstep (6 decks for $49.99 + S&H  :o).

If you haven't played with these plastic cards, there is a great feel to these cards and let me just say that they have withstood my league's 20+ players, a most notorious bunch of Benders, for 3 months now. We play with two decks at a table at a time, and they're holding up real good. nearly all my players have gotten some for their own home games.

You won't buy any other cards after playing with these. If you want a larger order, email me ( and i'll get a quote for whatever quantity you want.


Help Me / UnDoing Add-Ons Resulted In Error
« on: January 19, 2009, 04:06:44 PM »
Attempting to undo Add-ons gave me an error this weekend. I attempted to first undo all players from the Player Rankings Tab prior to the start of the game, and encountered a pop-up error which allowed me to email the error message to you. The I attempted to do the same undo with a single payer, resulting in the same way. I did not send the message twice. I had to ultimately unseat all players, undo all buy-ins and re-do without add-ons. Bug or did I attempt possibly too late, what gives?


Help Me / Formula Not Subtracting Points For Re-Buy
« on: January 12, 2009, 03:46:08 PM »


Probably being a pain by now, but this last one will help me also better understand the formulas. You gave me
50 - (nr * 5) + (nh * 10) + (finalTable * 10) + (inTheMoney * 10) + switch(r, 1, 100, 2, 50, 3, 25, 4, 10)
but this does not take away any points for the re-buy but appears to give me the 50 points for the Buy-In and thus end up with an OS of 55, sound right?


Help Me / House Contribution/Rake Questions
« on: January 11, 2009, 11:31:20 AM »

Our Tourney has a $25 Buy-In with a $1 Add-on (sp players pay $26 Buy-In Total).
The $1 Add-on goes to the House.

I rake of 25% (not including AO) of the total Buy-In ($25/$5.00) tp go tp the Final Event at end of year).
Where should I file the $1 Add-ons?

I also have a $15 re-buy. $5 of the re-buy stays in the current game, $5 goes towards the ME (end of year), and the last $5 go to the house. Is there any way of formulating this?

13 players bought in for $325.00
13 players bought $1 Add-on for $13.00
4 players bought $15 rebuy = $60 total w/only $20 staying in the current game,
  • $20 going to the main event (end of year)
  • and $20 going to the house.

Or do I just need to spreadsheet all of this?


Help Me / Desperate Need of Tournament Scoring Formula
« on: January 11, 2009, 09:35:40 AM »
It seems that the Game tab won't allow for what I need. Here's what I want to do (and I don't think I understand the formulas well enough on my own, so need one).

I need a formula for a league event as follows:
Buy-In = 50 pts
Re-Buy = -5 pts
Hit/Kill = 10 pts
Final Table = 10 pts
In The Money = 10 pts
1st = 100 pts
2nd = 50 pts
3rd = 25 pts
4th = 10

Will this formula go on the Game tab or on the Tournament Scoring? maybe I need two formulas, not sure. Really appreciate the help as last nights game out all disconbobulated (sp?).


Help Me / NEED HELP: 1 Year League Tournament Play Scoring/Points
« on: January 03, 2009, 08:24:31 PM »
I have a League starting on the 10th and need some help in resolving some questions.

2 10 man tables, so we will have a Final Table, and then 4-6 placement payouts depending on that nights attendance counts.

1) If I understand it correctly I should not use the Points under the Game Tab, rather the Tournament & OverAll Scoring under the Stats Tab , is this correct?

2) I am giving points for Buy-Ins 25 pts, Kills or Hits 10 pts, Final Table 10 pts and Finish (placement) 10-1 (?), and subtracting points for Re-buys -5 points. I have a minmum participation qualifier for the Final Table, they must have played in 75 or 80% of the 23 games to play in the Final. Or I can do a Points/OverAll Score minimum. Which is better? And can I get help in the form of a formula for either? And where would I place this?

3) Do I need a forlmula in both the Tournament Scoring and OverAll Scoring or can one do everything?

4) I like the idea of scratching the High & Low Tournament for each player over the year, and if this shortens our FT count (lesser than ten players) that is okay. Any thoughts? If I use this I would need this formula as well.

Thank you much in advance. Any chance ther will be an Affiliate Program with this software?

Scott aka Fight Club

Help Me / Points Fpr Playing Formula help needed
« on: November 30, 2008, 10:07:19 AM »

I've been managing a league for a number of years, and have as of the last year switched from Tournament Manager to Tournament Director for obvious reasons. It's a superior product with greater functionality and aesthetics.

We are taking our league play to a new level and would like to incorporate the Point system. We will have 24 scheduled games during 2009. I would like to motivate regular participation with Points based on percentage of participation, whether players are League members versus visitors, then the obvious Buy-Ins, Add-ons, Finish placement, In The Money, and Paid Out finishers. I'd also like to subtract points for re-buys to encourage better play and eliminate the river chasers.

I have been through the formula section which unfortunately does not appear to be able to be printed, but I am no programmer and I just get lost.

Can someone provide a complete formula, or some assistance in my getting thorugh this. I have until the end of the year as we start a new season in 2009.

Thanks in advance.

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