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Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Trouble with bubble and in the money
« on: January 09, 2013, 01:14:05 PM »
I have a good number of events, among them I have in this order these events:
Player busts out in the money (Condition: rank <= inTheMoney)
Player busts out on the bubble (Condition: rank = (inTheMoney + 1))
Player busts out (No Conditions) This one works well.

In the money doesnt work
Bubble only works when tournament is over, last player standing

Help anyone

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Receipts
« on: November 03, 2008, 08:57:45 PM »
We have been using TD for about 2 years now, its great, but just recently we really started taking "full advantange" by changing images, sounds, templates, you name it.
We play every week and once a month we run a "big tournament", usually up to 70 crazy dudes, but since we do things well, it seems we are heading to run tournaments up to 200 people.
I am trying to take advantange of the "receipts" button, I want to issue receipts upon buy-in but would like to include table and seat given. Also, it would be great if we can issue receipts for players involve in table movement.
I just though of giving receipts for prizes, final table.
I have been browsing through config files and templates but donīt know how to change this.

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