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Help Me / 10 Week Tourney points (input welcome)
« on: May 03, 2009, 03:11:22 AM »
Hi guys, I run a poker leauge at our local club, am just about to start our second league for the year, I have put together something that is similar the point structure I have used for the last fe tournys but I have changed a few things.

What I would like is if a few people can review this and tell me what they think.

$20  buy in 5000 in chips

1 Rebuy allowed at 5000 Chips

$40 towards each week goes towards Final (top ten players play off at end of 10 weeks)

Prizes 70% 1st 30% 2nd $20 3rd

Standing Points

+ 20 Points for Buy in
+10 Points  Hit
+15 Points Final Table
- 20 Points Rebuy
+25 Points 7-2  (if you win with 7-2) worst hand an incentive to play it. (was 50 points worked really well last time, dropped it to 25 points this time)

Standing Bounties

1st    50 Points on player that came first last week
2nd   25 Points on player that came 2nd last week

10 Week Tournament

Top 10 Players Play off with their position in the top 10 determining their starting chip stack at the final.

Week 1     Standing Points & Bounties
Week 2     Standing Points & Bounties
Week 3     Standing Points & Bounties + Chip Leader at each table at break 25 Points
Week 4     Double Points Week on Hits/Rebuys (excludes bounty points)
Week 5     Standing Points & Bounties + Bounties on top 2 of the leader board 50 points / 25 points
Week 6     Standing Points & Bounties + Bring a Player that hasnít played before 25 points max
Week 7     Double Points Week on Hits/Rebuys (excludes bounty points)
Week 8     Standing Points & Bounties + Bounties on top 2 of the leader board 50/25
Week 9     Standing Points & Bounties
Week 10   Standing Points & Bounties

Week 11  Top 10 Play off for trophy and prize money

Points Schedule

1st   100.00
2nd   80.00
3rd   65.00
4th    60.00
5th   55.00
6th   50.00
7th   45.00
8th   40.00
9th   35.00
10th   30.00
11th   25.00
12th   20.00
13th   15.00
14th   15.00
15th   15.00
16th   10.00
17th   10.00
18th   5.00
19th   5.00
20th   5.00
21st   5.00
22nd   5.00
23rd   5.00
24th   5.00
26th   5.00
27th   5.00
28th   5.00
29th   5.00
30th   5.00

What do you guys think? Any input welcome,

We usually get between 16 and 23 players

Thanks guys

Help Me / Points Draw
« on: April 29, 2009, 02:59:36 AM »
Hi Guys, our 10 Week Tourney has just finished and I have 2 Players sitting on Tenth place, and the top ten are playing off, At this stage I have told all 11 Players that they are through, but I just want to know the procedure. Thanks

Help Me / Final Table formula needed
« on: April 29, 2009, 02:56:33 AM »
Hi guys, I have a points for playing formula but I want to add 20 Points for reaching the final table, can some one give me a formula

Thanks heaps

Suggestions / Last weeks placing on Stats
« on: April 10, 2009, 04:14:29 AM »
Hi Corey
Forgive me if this has been brought up, But I think it would be cool to have a column  in the stats page that displays the players last weeks (game) placing, as people like to know how many placings they have moved up from last week.
I don't know how easy this would be to implement but just an idea.


Help Me / 2.5.8 User account control issue
« on: March 26, 2009, 04:27:54 AM »
Hi Corey

I just reinstalled TD using the latest release cause it wouldn't load my database from a backup, Anyways I got that sorted but now the new version put's the little windows sheild(admin rights) on the TD icon and UAC pops up everytime I start the program.

Any ideas to how I can resolve this?

Thanks Radium

General Discussion / IE8 Offical Release is out
« on: March 19, 2009, 06:40:47 PM »
So IE8 is out will TD run on this platform?


General Discussion / Formula idea Please
« on: January 26, 2009, 02:21:18 AM »
Hi Guys

Just after a points formula for our new league which is about to start in 2 weeks time
This is the formula I used last time
if(r < 10, (10 - r + 1) * 10, switch(r, 10, 15, 11, 10, 12, 8, 13, 6, 14, 4, 15, 2, 16, 1, 0)) + (nh * 10) - (20 * nr)
It worked well but I would like first place to get more than 10 points more than 2nd place...
Could someone suggest me a formula I would like a bigger gap between the placings more so 1st to 3rd because 10 points difference isn't much
I think 10 Points for Hitman and 20 points for reuby is ok So I would like to keep this
Here's our structure we have between 15 and 25 people playing this time Iam hoping for a bigger turn out, have really pushed the advertising ( fingers crossed)
We play once a week it's at a local club.
$20 buy in 5000 chips with one rebuy allowed up to the end of the first hour.
Blinds this time will start at 100/200 then 200/400 500/1000 1000/2000 2000/4000
Tourney will run for 10 weeks and then top 10 will play off.
Thanks Guys

Help Me / Please Help Corey or anyone - Cannot load files through TD
« on: December 14, 2008, 02:50:40 AM »
I have just brought a new laptop and I want to use it to run poker tourneys, But I can't get TD to browse to any folder, Like by loading a Tourney or using save as, I just can't get into Windows Explorer through TD, . I have a licenced version and need to sort this issue out asap.

I am running Vista home premium, I see other people are having this issue, I have reset IE but to no avail, I need to fix this as soon as.

Laptop is brand new, so I don't see any point in using system restore or factory resetting it.

Thanks Guys

Cheers Radium

General Discussion / Bounties but not Bounty Chips - Your thoughts please
« on: October 21, 2008, 04:50:54 AM »
I am running a 10 week points for playing league, Which includes points for hits, rebuys etc... but same as last time it's the same people that sit at the top 2 or 3 and it doesn't seem to change.

I have run many Tourneys, but I want to add an extra incentive to this one by mixing the top of the board up.

I have toiled with having bounty chips but players won't fork out for them. a

So I thought I would try this, place "Wanted Bounties" on the 2 points leaders and the bounty being 5000 chips respectively. If you take the 1st Place or 2nd Place points leader out you get 5000 chips which is basically a buy in. to play with in that game.
I had heard of something similar being run at another venue, but I'm not sure of the details.
Buy in is $10 which gets you 5000 in chips with unlimited rebuys for the first hour. With around 20 players and as many rebuys  also.

If I did do it. I would probably just make it for the first hit.

Do you think that this would be fair, or would it interfere to much with the chip count.

Help Me / Selecting more than one Hitman
« on: September 03, 2008, 02:29:32 AM »
Hi Guys, Have an issue when it's a spit pot and the 2 that split the pot take out a player. This happened last night and they both wanted the points for the hit.

Is there a way that only one person gets the hit or How do you select both.


General Discussion / Hitman, Rebuys
« on: July 27, 2008, 05:41:40 AM »
When someone rebuys it doesn't give you the option to say who knocked them out (hitman), so to get the hitman points should you bust the player out then when TD asks if they want to rebuy say yes?

Or do you just count the Hits after the rebuy period?


Also just on bounties, I'm thinking of introducing them at one of the venues I host, does everyone have to buy a bounty chip, or just the people who want them, How would you work it then? How could you win a bounty chip of some one that doesn't buy one? So I guess everyone would have to buy them...?

Thanks heaps guys

General Discussion / Heads up button
« on: July 12, 2008, 05:10:29 AM »
Just to clarify in heads up the button is the small blind right? And acts first before the flop then the the Big Blind acts first for the remaining 2 streets.

I have searched the net and that seams to be the consensus but this website claims the opposite

This has been an on going issuse where I'm the TD for a Pub game.

Thanks guys

How do Bounties and bounty chips work, I sort of understand the concept but not sure on the dynamics?

Also I have a few issues that keep arising from time to time.  ???

An example say the Blinds are 200/400 can the first person under the gun come in and make it 500 with their first bet or do they have to double the blind from 400 to 800 if they want to raise?

Next issue

Say the blinds are 1000/2000 Now if somebody goes all in and they have 1500, does the next person to bet have to still enter the pot for the full bet of 2000 and make a side pot of $500? or can they just call the all in even if there were several people still to act?

Next issue

If someone  raises a 1000 the next person calls that then the person after that goes all in with 1500 can next person re raise that or can they only call their all in? or what if they want to go all-in also... Can they? Then the person who raised it 1000, wants to re raise the all in, this happened last night and I wouldn't let them as he had already raised and I would only let him call the all in. Was that right?

Coloring up

Chip race, do you always race the chips when coloring or chipping up, or do you just change the smaller chip to the next closed denomination in play?


I have been deciding whether to use antes does any one play with Antes in the later stages of the Tourny, what size tournys would you usually use them for?

If somebody acts out of turn, do they still have to make that bet or action. Sometimes people act out of turn then when they see what the person in front of them does  they take their bet back? I don't feel that this should be allowed?

Thanks for your input

Help Me / Extended display and double up of players & Tourny results?
« on: June 24, 2008, 03:01:35 AM »
When I use the extended display and want to bust a player out, How do I do that in the settings window? Cause pushing X doesn't work unless I click on the Tournament button and then move the mouse over to the extended and take the player out on the Main Screen which I find hard to do as I have to look up at the TV and try and make sure I'm taking out the right player.?

My double up problem is that I have created a League which is cool, but when I go to add players and I choose from the all players tab it shows double ups of everybody, If I just click on the League  it's right. What have I done wrong?

Also can I print out just results of each tournament, I'm using the points for Playing and it's working brilliantly, but would just like to have the results printed for each game? Maybe I have over looked this.


Help Me / Help with League Formula, I need a formula for this....
« on: June 16, 2008, 02:29:46 AM »
Hi Guys, am just getting use to TD 2. and am trying to run a league, I have been asked to be a director of. I need help with the Points for playing.

Now theres no Bounty's or any fancy stuff.

This is how the points are currently structured

1st   100
2nd  75
3rd   60
4th,  55
5th,  50
6th,  45
7th,  40
8th,  35
9th,  30
10th, 25
11th, 20
12th, 15
13th, 15
14th, 15
15th, 15
16th, 10
17th, 10
18th, 10
19th, 10
20th+  5

Can somebody please provide me with a formula for this if it's possible.
Thanks heaps guys

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