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Beta Testing / TD 2.5 French language
« on: December 21, 2007, 01:10:35 PM »
Bonjour Correy ! :)

Firstable, i'm sorry for my bad english…

You will find attached a proposal of translation of TD 2.4.3 in french. It stay on quite a few working to do. A few tabs are not still translate, this is a works more long that I think.

Yet I can already distinguish a few bugs technic and propose small suggestions :

 - Splash blue screen, at the start of TD : impossibility to translate it from files in the "Lang" folder.

 - Buttons width : the generality of the word in french à more longer than the word in english. Please can you assign a dynamic width to buttons  ? or specify a greatest width ?

 - Settings page / Preferences Tab : the translation of the feature "Hand Timer default time" is not recoverred from the file Lang

 - file doc.html, license.txt : please can you add an reference this file with translatable files of "Lang" folder ?

 - file " ":  variable " Dialog.Prize.Tooltip.RandomPlayer " : "chsen" instead of  "chosen" in the english file

 - file " ": reversed values between variables " Dialog.EditGamePlayerHistoryItem.Tooltip.Rake " and " Dialog.EditGamePlayerHistoryItem.Tooltip.ChipsReceived " in the english file

 - Sometimes the Options tab is called the Game tab. Is it normal ?

 - Please, is it possible to put in parameter the amount of time of the tooltip bubble displaying ?

I have considering that the version 2.5 is actually in beta test, is that implicates many modifications in files of "Lang" folder ?

Good continuation,

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