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Help Me / version 2.3.4&5 lock up after doing stats
« on: July 23, 2007, 12:47:17 AM »
I have been running 2.2 for a while and doing stats with no problems.  I wanted some of the new features of 2.3.5 so I upgraded.  Now every time I run stats, I get the dreaded "a script on this page is causing IE to run slowly . . . " message.  Waiting doesn't seem to help.  Basically the software is locking up after refreshing tourneys. (Happens after clicking done when refresh is complete, so it is probably something in how the stats page is displayed.)  I also noticed that the default stats option has my leagues grayed out as well, and I have to run a named search, but I don't know if they are related issues or not.


Help Me / 2 minor problems
« on: January 09, 2007, 10:58:08 PM »
I have TD buttons on my pregame screen to allow me to buy-in and seat players.  (The screen has required buttons, a player count, the current time, and a full screen seating chart, which was a great idea by the way.)  To simplify everything I set the options to automatically mark players paid in full and automatically buy a player in when I use TD buttons "add player" and "new player".
The add player button works fine, but using the new player (adding a player not previously in the database), I still have to go in and manually mark them paid.  I am sure this is an oversight, but I wanted to let you know since it should be an easy fix.

Also, I suspect since the game clock is not running, I need to do a manual screen refresh to get the player count to update after adding players.  Is there a way to set the pregame screen to refresh periodically without using a countdown clock on the screen?  And would adding a countdown clock solve this problem?


Suggestions / Auto Prizes advanced options
« on: August 02, 2006, 02:38:17 PM »
There is probably an undocumented way to do this already given how the software is written, but the correct option names are not in the instructions:

I would like to use the other prize options with the automatic prizes option.
Specifically, I would like to be able to set first place as a percentage with an adjustment in the auto prize configuration script.  I can do this manually, but i have to redo it every time the percentage on that prize changes.
I would also like to add a non monetary prize in the script so it holds the correct place in the prizes display. 

If this capability already exists, please let me know the names of the attributes.  If not, please consider this a suggested improvement.


The title says it all.  I can't get the system to work using number of tables as a condition for display proprerties.  Every time I set it up and click OK, the next time I try to either edit the same field, or show the layout page, I get an error.  I am using number of players instead for now, but it's a bit less clean a transition than working it by tables would be.

Help Me / old way of displaying long prize lists
« on: March 17, 2006, 11:06:00 PM »
The old version of TD would display a window flashing between the first few prizes and the last few if there were more prizes than the max for display.  This was the default.  Is there any way to make 2.0 do the same thing?  It just never displays the last couple of prizes in my list, and I can't find an option for it.


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