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Help Me / Error messages when attempting to open TD
« on: January 10, 2018, 06:20:33 PM »
I'm getting the following when trying to open TD.....Any ideas?  Because I'm unable to open it, I'm unable to perform a backup.  I'm scared to do anything without a backup....

Help Me / Exporting stats to HTML and posting to Facebook problems
« on: August 20, 2017, 09:47:29 AM »
Is it only me? I couldn't find anyone else posting on the same issues.

For the past 10 years I've been exporting the stats at the end of a tournament and then posting that file on my poker league's facebook group.

After TD3, it still worked.  After TD3 AND Windows 10, it has never worked the same.

First, when exporting, the windows file viewer is very weird.  You can't see other files in the folders and the folders directory is also weird compared to how it used to be seen. The only reason you see files in the attached picture, is because I manually added the .html to the end of the file name.

Once a file is saved, it saves itself as an html file but without the .html extension on the end of the file.  So, you don't see the little IE symbol next to the file.  I'm mentioning this, but don't know if it's relevant.

I upload these files to facebook without issue.  For 10 years everyone in the league has gotten the file notification, and was able to open the html file on their phones and tablets.  Now they cannot.  They get an "Invalid file format" error.

I place the .html at the end of the file myself, and the IE symbol appears and opens on a computer, however, if I try to upload it to Facebook I get an error saying there was an issuing with whatever it was that I was attempting to do.

Is ANYONE else having these issues?  Posting the stats to facebook is a huge part of my league.

I'm so frustrated with TD3 and Windows 10.  I want to go back to TD2 and Windows 8....

Help Me / 3.4.b2 black screen crashing...
« on: January 22, 2017, 07:29:37 PM »
I recently downloaded 3.4.b2.  I'm running it on an updated Windows 10 PC.  During my first tournament run last night, I had 4 occasions of the TD crashing to a black screen.  I had to force quit the program each time and then open it back up from it's last auto save point.

I've searched the forums and I see where people have complained about this but I'm unable to find the fix.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


Help Me / Overall Score question....Please help!
« on: December 14, 2014, 06:28:23 PM »
I run a league that is points based.  Top 10 points leaders proceed to the TOC or Tournament of Champions.  If 2 players tie for the 10th spot in points we use the "overall score" as the tie breaker to see who will proceed to the TOC.  We use the formula that was already in TD:

(1-exp(-average(scores))) * 100

After our last game of this season, 10th and 11th place were tied.  They guy in the 11th place row had a better "overall score."  He also had a better "total take."  Yet, he is listed in 11th place.

So, couple of questions:

1. How EXACTLY does the "overall score" work so that I could explain this to my players?

2. Is there any way to sort the stats by points and THEN by "overall score?"  Or does TD randomly print those with the same number of points?

Thanks in advance for your help....


Help Me / break screen disappeared...
« on: July 31, 2010, 09:21:25 PM »
I just downloaded the latest upgrade of TD.  After round 2 of my tourney, typically a break screen comes up with a 10 min timer flashing and I have to unpause it and let the break start.  Now, it goes to a solid white screen and says that the screen set is not defined, however, I have 2 other breaks that are working perfectly.  What gives?

Help Me / Can't minimize TD?
« on: May 03, 2008, 07:43:52 AM »
I can't minimize the TD anymore....  Don't know what happened.  If I want to go to another program or get on the internet, I have to exit TD to do it.  Anyone else have this problem?  (I'm running VISTA if it matters)

Help Me / Final table seating question...
« on: May 03, 2008, 07:38:27 AM »
In previous versions of TD I used to be able to designate table 1 as the final table.  Is this not the case anymore?  I liked having table 1 designated as the final table and the option of not having anyone at that table have to get up and move around, rather the few players that are moving into the table be seated in the empty seats at table 1.  (2 table game btw)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


OMG, Please help me!, I have a poker tournament tomorrow and the software is doing something weird!

I've never had an issue like this before.  I have two tables with 10 seats each.  Typically, if I only have, say, 14 players, the TD will assign 7 to table 1 and 7 to table 2, seated 1 through 7.  This is what I am used of. Then, typically players will bust out until there are 10 left and we will be placed on one "final" table.

Now, for some reason, if I have 14 players it will assign 6 to table 1 and 8 to table two.  The seats are assigned and the tables unbalanced.  Even if it assigns 7 and 7, it will seat the players oddly.  For example seat 1, seat 2, seat 5, seat 6, seat 8, seat9 and seat 10 will be filled leaving gaps in the table.

What happened????????

Please help me!

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