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Templates, Layouts and Sounds / NJPL Tournament Director Layout 1.0
« on: February 15, 2006, 05:21:25 PM »


NJPL Tournament Director Layout 1.0
Release date: 15 February 2006


This layout is designed for The Tournament Director version 2.0, visit for the latest release.
The post-tournament screen is not developed - we post results to our web site.


The Tournament Director 2.0\
 \templates\NJPL Layout ver 1.0.tlo


- Copy the images\NJPL-TD-logo.gif image to the images folder within the Tournament Director program directory. (The default is C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 2.0)
- Copy the \templates\NJPL Layout ver 1.0.tlo file to the templates folder within the Tournament Director program directory.
- Open The Tournament Director
- Click on the Layout tab
- Click on the Load Layout button
- Navigate to C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 2.0 and open the NJPL Layout ver 1.0.tlo file
- On the right side of the layout right-click on the Last Winner button and select Last Winner Properties
- In the HTML text box on the right side replace the existing code with whatever you like (or if you are curious, leave as-is to be updated on who the last NJPL tournament winner is :) - You can use HTML here or poll a database like I did. Pretty neat eh?
- You will probably want to change the logo. Open the GIF file I supplied in a program like Photoshop. Erase everything and leave it transparent. Insert your logo but leave the background transparent. You may need to use adjust a color matte. Export the GIF and overwrite my logo. If you are comfortable with editing the TITLE field rename the image and change the name in the Tournament director.


Please let me know if you have any questions:

For more info on North Jersey Poker League, please visit our website:

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