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Hello there,

I'd like to use the "print receipts" function of TTD, but everytime i buy someone in, the print-dialogue pops up, and i have to click "OK" - Is there a way to circumvent this dialogue? (Like the quick-print option in word or openoffice)

Thanks a lot in advance.

Suggestions / Tournament Templates as folders
« on: June 05, 2008, 08:56:17 AM »
Hello there,

I'm working as floorman in a small cardroom, and we have all our tournaments saved as .tdt files. I simply copy-protected these files, so the other people working with TTD can't overwrite them, and so far this works quite well.

When we're starting the daily tournament, we load the template, save it with the current date as filename, but there is one problem with this: whenever i change the layout, i have to open up all our Template-files, load the new layout-template (or rounds-template, or whatever we changed) and save it again. So here's my ideas on how this could be done better:

  • Add a "New from template"-Option in the main screen ("Game")
  • Whenever that button is pressed, TTD searches for folders in a subfolder called "tournament_templates" in the TTD-Directory
  • Every folder contains a tournament template and the name of the folder is what you get to choose when you click "New from Template" (e.g. 20+2$ Rebuy-Tournament)
  • The Template-folders contain the standard .tdt file AND! template-files for rounds, rules, tables... (all the things you can save as a template)
  • Whenever you choose to Make a new tournament, all those files are loaded. When a template-file is missing, the standard template is loaded

This way, whenever you change the layout, or the rules, or anything, you just have to copy the new template-files into all of the Template-folders, or change the standard-template file for those things that are the same for all tournaments, and you're done, the're automatically loaded)
I think this would make TDT even easier to work with, especially for those who administrate the templates and do the layouts.

So what do you think of this idea??

Suggestions / Suggestions for Use in Cardroom
« on: April 30, 2008, 07:11:31 AM »
I'm working as a Dealer in a Card-Casino, and my Boss now bought the commercial-Version of TTD.

There are some suggestions i have, that would make it easier to use in a professional environment.

  • Player movement: It's great, TTD immediately informs the floorman, when Tables aren't balanced, but it would be great if one could select the player to move, and the place he's moved to. - We always move the next big blind, so the program's guess is wrong most times, and we have to manually move the players in the "Tables" screen.
  • Rebuys and add-ons: If all the tables are full, it's impossible for the Floorman to immediately do all the rebuys and the Add-Ons. That's why we count the rebuys and Add-Ons and in the Break we use TTD's House-Contribution function, to correct the prize money. It would be great if you could just tell the program to add a number of rebuys and add-ons without having to specify a player. I know, this way the won/lost statistics of the player aren't correct any more, but it would be easier for us

Thank you very much in advance, herb

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