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« on: September 05, 2007, 04:40:34 PM »
I think its a software bug . . . or maybe its operator error.

Item 1:  Sound event scheduled to play at the start of Round 1 (event to play at start of specific round) does not play when going from countdown to tournament start.   Sound events for start of all other Rounds play correctly.

Item 2:  Sound event for player Re-Buy does not play (press V, then number of re-buys, then OK, . . . then nothing).  I had to program a hot key "V" for that sound, but doing so plays the sound when the dialog box comes up.  Sound event for Add-Ons, which is similar, works properly (press B, enter add-on number, click OK, then the sound event plays).

Item 3:  When advancing to next round (Ctrl-N) does not play the sound event specified to play at the start of that round.

Item 4:  Sound event at the end of tournament plays double.  The sound file is triggered when the tournament is over, and a split second later its triggered again.  The resulting sound has a very short slap-back echo.

I own a recording studio and I'm a music producer so I'm picky about how things sound.  The local casino poker room uses a software that announces blinds at the start of each level . . . except they use a text to speech software, so the sound is a bit robotic and synthetic sounding. 

I just finished recording a live voice over for a script I wrote for my tournament.  The result is a very human sounding announcements for blinds, warnings etc.  I am thinking about marketing a sound package in the future.

For the 4 items above . . .  Am I doing something wrong?  OR  Is it a software bug ??


Help Me / AAARRRGH ! ERROR 7-126 TD WON'T RUN !!
« on: July 08, 2007, 04:50:10 AM »
I have a tournament tomorrow afternoon.  I just tried to start TD to edit payout schedule...   

I am getting ERROR 7-126  "Unable to load message catalog for language "en-us" (catalog folder not found).  TD WON"T RUN !!!!

I looked into the directory "The Tournament Director 2" . . . the folder IS THERE . . .  ( The Tournament Director 2/lang/en-us ).

Last time TD ran just fine.  WHAT HAPPENED ???  WHAT DID I DO WRONG ??? 

Do I need to move the folder "en-us" somewhere else?

My tournament starts at 1pm PST Sunday July 8th.  I don't have a clock !!  PLEASE HELP QUICKLY !!


Help Me / The Payout doesn't change with Re-Buy
« on: June 18, 2007, 02:08:02 AM »
I am still using the evaluation version.  After many hours I finally discovered the "SIMPLE MODE".  I've set up a TEST tournament to try it out.  But,  when I add a Re-Buy by pressing "V"while the tournament is running, the prize pool amount and the payout amounts do not change.  The summary page also shows zero for Re-buys. 

I'm sure its something simple that I missed.  What did I forget to do.  All I want is for the payout amount increase as I enter Re-Buys and Add-Ons.  I'm hosting a tournament in two weeks.

I really like this software except for this glitch.  I have a simple timer without payout calculation on my other laptop.

Please help.  :(

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