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Help Me / Running the Trial - Couple of Issues/Questions
« on: January 17, 2018, 12:47:19 PM »

I have downloaded the trial and am playing around with the software and have run into a couple of issues & questions that I would like some assistance with.

1) The control screen freezes up periodically and I have to close out everything and reload.  I have had this occur after exporting statistics to csv and when attempting to modify prizes.  The only way to resolve is to quit and reload - am I doing something wrong?

2) Now that I have run a few test tournaments - how can I clear my player Statistics so I am ready for my first real tournament?

3) Is there anyway to add an "On Time" bonus without manually changing player starting stack?  Manual method is easy enough, just curious if there is a better way

4) Blind level announcements - are there audio files to announce blinds?

I am running Windows 10 and IE 11.192.16299.0


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