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I guess my challenge is similar to clbg571's ("League Formula Help"), but I do have a couple of other stuff to consider.

I'm now running a 15 tournaments series where the 9 best guys of the first 14 tourneys qualify for the "final". However - only the 10 best tourneys of the first 14 will count before the final tourney is "manned". It's also important that players with only 9 tourneys are not deducted 4 tourneys automatically (if you see what I mean- rusty English here)...

So this is how I tried to set this up:

In every game the "Points for playing" is set like this (final table of 7 players):
if(rank =1, 2+6+n+1-r) +
if(rank =2, 2+4+n+1-r) +
if(rank =3, 2+2+n+1-r) +
if(rank =4, 2+n+1-r) +
if(rank =5, 2+n+1-r) +
if(rank =6, 2+n+1-r) +
if(rank =7, 2+n+1-r) +
if(rank > 7, n+1-r)

The "Tournament Scoring" is just set to "points" (literally, just written in that open field)...?

And the "Overall score formula" is set to: "sum (top (count(scores)-4, scores))"

Is this really correct? I seem to get some strange results...?

And also - the 15th round with the 9 best players... The end result here will divide the 9 top ranks - but if I add this game to the series-filter, it will surely look different.

Does anyone have a good idea on how to set up this series - or do you think this might be the best way?

By the way: there are no money involved in our games (Norway - not legal) - so I always get the warning that says "there are no prizes defined" :-)

Thanx to anyone interested in helping out!

Suggestions / Sync
« on: May 06, 2009, 02:07:15 AM »
Various "sync" topics has been disucussed before, but for me the backup/restore variant is not quite doing it - and I also have problems copying the entire folder structure since the two computers I'm running TD on has different folder structures. On computer A the program is installed on D: while on computer B it's installed on C:. By copying the folders I end up with some problems finding sounds and images on one of the computers.

I'm trying to set up a system where the computer last used (two venues - never used in paralell) is "copied" over to the second. The best thing would of course bed a "sync" button, but could anyone give me a good list on how to do this manually - with the various disc-placement in mind?

PS! I still love the program and I can't wait til version 3 so I can pay you some more ;-)

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Break or round?
« on: September 29, 2007, 08:30:31 AM »
I have one sound that plays when there are 60 seconds left of every ROUND:

(roundNum > 0) && (state = 2) && (secondsLeft = 60)

This is fine, but I also have a different sound that I want to play when there are 60 seconds left of every BREAK:

(breakNum > 0) && (state = 2) && (secondsLeft = 60)

This does not work... Both work the same way, the one higher in the list will play.

I'm sure there are a simple solution, but I can't think of it... Anyone?

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / <tables>
« on: September 16, 2007, 09:07:07 AM »
One more thing!

I was trying to build a token that would display a picture of a pokertable with the names of my final-table-contenders surrounding it in the appropriate places.

I've got a drawing of a table, and I figured I could build a HTML-table and "pop in" the names there. However, the only tag I can find in TD is the <tables>, witch gives me too much information. Is the name of player 1 at table 1 contained in some other tag? I've seen the "<seatingchart format="diagram" showEmptyTables="false" columns="1" showChipCounts="true">", but this just gives me a finished table. It would be so cool to get the various players in different variables...

Is it possible to use the new event-stuff for this. Like creating an event that will display this token when there is only x players left?

Any other ideas on how to do this?


I run a weekly tournament series (point based). We average about 25 players (max 32, min 16). Some of my members attend every tournament, some attend almost every tournament and some attend just a few. There ar 7 players on the final table, and I award them some extra points. Everyone gets points for playing. The top three get some extra points. Every tournament I randomly pick out two bounties. The two players that have the bounties when they reach the final table get an extra 1000 chips to play with. No extra points, but that's a feature I would like to incorporate. The season runs for 12 weeks.

Here's the points-for-playing formula I've been using so far:
if(rank =1, 2+6+n+1-r) +
if(rank =2, 2+4+n+1-r) +
if(rank =3, 2+2+n+1-r) +
if(rank =4, 2+n+1-r) +
if(rank =5, 2+n+1-r) +
if(rank =6, 2+n+1-r) +
if(rank =7, 2+n+1-r) +
if(rank > 7, n+1-r)

It's been OK, but it gives a HUGE advantage to the players attending ALL tournaments. Really good players that has missed a couple of tournaments tend to be punished quite hard for that.

So the questions are of a general nature:
- What point/score system do you think would be the most "fair" for tournament series like this?
- What would the formula look like?
- Is there a way to display stats for the whole series on-screen DURING a tournament?
  (my players are mostly interested in the overall score - as there are no prizes for individual tournaments, just for the whole season)

I would appreciate lots of different opinions! (parden my rusty english...)

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