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Help Me / Adding Total Season Rake
« on: September 05, 2015, 09:35:12 PM »
Hey guys,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me add the following to my layout:

I would like to add the Total Rake Taken in all Season games to show as "Final Table Amount: (Total Rake from All Season Games)". I would like TD to add any previous rake taken from previous games and include the rake taken from the current game together. As we have a $20 + $5 buy-in w/ $0 + $20 rebuy ($5 and $20 being the rake respectively).

Thanks in advance,

Hello Everyone,

Currently I am developing a league scoring system and we are looking for the following:

Game: $20 + $5 buy-in w/ $0 + $20 re-buy (the "rake" goes towards a final championship table at the end of the 26-week season).

1st place: 100% of non-rake prize pool + 10 points
2nd place: 7 points
3rd place: 5 points
Each Hit: 1 point
Hit on Previous Tournaments Winner: 1 additional point
Hit on Current Season Points Leader: 2 additional points

The additional points are only awarded on the initial hit (a rebuy hit would only count as 1 points, no additional points awarded).
Should the previous tournament winner be the same as the points leaders, only 2 additional points are aware on the initial hit.

Now, I have set most of this up:

1st place: Monetary prize 100% + Points: 10
2nd place: Non-Monetary prize (Points: 7)
3rd place: Non-Monetary prize (Points: 5)
Points for hit: 1.00
Point Leader: Non-Monetary prize (Bounty on Player - Points: 2)
Previous Tournament Winner: Non-Monetary prize (Bounty on Player - Point: 1)

My question is, will the "Point Leader" and "Previous Tournament Winner" award points for the initial hit and rebuy hit (if applicable), and if so, how can I stop the program from awarding the points for hit on any subsequent hits. Will I have to do a manual override or is there an automated way to do this?


Is there a way to display the current seasons leaderboard on the greetings and farewall pages without having to do it manually in the announcements token or anything like that?


How does TD handle 2 players being eliminated at once, for example if there are 4 players left and 2 go all-in while being called by the 3rd, if the 3rd player takes out both all-in players, how does TD determine who is ranked 4th and who is ranked 3rd?


Help Me / Duplicate Display
« on: August 08, 2015, 06:33:50 PM »
Hey guys,

I am currently using an Extended Display via spacedesk. This allows me to have 2 computers at multiple locations throughout the tournament room.

What I would like to do is run both on the Main Tournament Screen (while the other has the tournament screen and allows me to utilize it for tournament changes. Essentially allowing both to show the tournament screen. As one of my laptop's displays are not at the same resolution I want to avoid having to use "Duplicate Display" mode.

I have been into Display Management under the Preferences tab but I have not seen exactly how to do this.


Hey there,

Just recently upgraded my Windows OS from Windows 7 64-bit to Windows 10 64-bit.

Ever since that point, I have not been able to bring up the Save As or Load windows. The button depresses however no action occurs after this.

I have tried running in compatibility mode (both Win 8 and Win 7), as well as running As Administrator.

I have a large tournament tomorrow (I posted this yesterday under another heading, under General Discussion - Windows 10).

Any assistance would be much appreciated,

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