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When the timer gets to 5 mins (300 seconds) during a round i have the sound saying 'Blinds are up in 5 mins.

It is the same sound during a break, but i want it to say  'Break end in 5 minutes'. I have tried various commands but its not working for me.

Can you also help me with another issue i have found.

I have on the clock a 1 min and five min warning using 'Blinds are up in 5 mins' etc

Can you tell me how i add a different sound to the break. It gives the same message as the normal blind levels.
I want to sound a message at the same 5 and 1 minute timing.


Many thanks it works....

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Break Sound plays previous level's sound
« on: January 09, 2014, 08:50:08 AM »
I have just payed for the full licence and its worth every penny.

Can anyone help me with a sound issue.

I have created sounds for each blind i.e. ' Blinds are 100 and 200' which work fine on all rounds.

But when i try to add a break with 'You are now on a break' it just plays the sound from the round just gone. (300 and 600 on round 3, Break is between rounds 3 & 4)

My code for the conditions is (breakNum = 1) and i have the correct sound choice in the actions.

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