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General Discussion / poker tournament, is this possible to make?
« on: May 18, 2013, 06:37:36 AM »
I have a poker tournament four times and the fourth one is final.

I have created a template for this tournament and something and i want something to make,  I really don't no of it is possible?
But this is what i want to do:

Leftside template table 1       
Rank Player points   

Rightside template table 2
Rank Player points

My point system is for both table's 9 players on each one, when player 9 goes out on table 1 he gets 0 points,
on the right side on the template goes then the name from table 1 with player name with his points..

Is this possible to make ?? and sorry maybe for my bad English

This is the points system when 9 players left over:

1 16 points
2 11 points
3 8 points
4 6 points
5 4 points
6 3 points
7 2 points
8 1 point
9 0 points

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