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Cool thanks indeed for the update Corey ;D

It's not a major issue as it still works perfectly with hard-coded paths, and I only have 8 or so affected images - but thanks for the impending fix.

Got my new layout pretty much sorted (finally!) after days of tinkering - looking forward to seeing the lads' reaction tomorrow night when we play our second tourney  :D

All the best

It's v3.1.1


I'm not at my home computer just now to check, but I only downloaded and installed the software a month or so ago so I'm fairly certain it's the latest version I've got...?


Thanks Corey, no worries on all fronts - like I said, this is just an 'icing on the cake' thing for me.  If you get the chance to do it, sweet - if not, no dramas!!

Thanks for entertaining my whims  ;D


Hi Corey,

That's exactly what I did at first (and have done again now to double check) - Insert Token, Browse, Select File, and it does indeed insert a relative path - but it doesn't render the image for me.  Whereas if I hard-code the full image, it does.  My chip images are definitely stored in a sub-folder of 'images' in my currently selected datastore (I only have one, the default).

So this is what TD inserts and doesn't work for me:

<tdButton type="AddPlayers" image="images\Buttons\PlayersAdd.png" link="true" tooltip="Add players to the tournament">

But if I hard code the path like this, it does:

<tdButton type="AddPlayers" image="C:\Users\Jamie\Documents\The Tournament Director 2\Data\images\Buttons\PlayersAdd.png" link="true" tooltip="Add players to the tournament">

My data store is definitely "C:\Users\Jamie\Documents\The Tournament Director 2\Data" - there are many other things I've customised within TD that have worked fine for me using relative paths and the data store, it's just tdbuttons that don't seem to work for me...


Hi, this may be a bug (in which case it's directed at Corey) or may just be something I'm doing wrong (in which case directed at anyone who cares to correct me please!)...

I have a row of <tdbuttons> at the bottom of my main screen.  When I replaced the standard buttons with images, at first I used images stored in my My Pictures folder, so had to hard code the full path for the image file.  As I've gotten better at customising TD, I moved the images to the datastore.  When I changed the links and selected the images from the datastore, TD specified the path as relative - which is cool except it doesn't seem to work, none of the pictures seem to render...  When I change it to a hard coded path in the exact same location though, all works perfectly again.

Not a big issue, but just thought I'd raise it in case it was a bug and Corey wasn't aware - or perhaps it's something I'm doing wrong and someone can correct me.


Hey Corey,

Thanks for getting back to me again.

I have managed to get the hits & points displaying as whole numbers using the method you suggested - sorry I just hadn't noticed those options before I guess, but thanks!

Regarding the alignment of columns - I can see the options to left/right align numbers, but this only applies to input fields doesn't it?  Not tables like on the Player Rankings screen?

I get your point about the balance of in-built screens etc, so don't worry I'm more than happy to just have the same setup of Player Rankings screen displayed both during and after the tourney - it was purely a very-nice-to-have...  I like your idea about the multiple screen setup, though from a purely selfish point of view it's likely something I'd never use - since I just run TD off my laptop for a house game with 10 people...

The only thing I'd love to see now is the ability to center-align numeric columns on the built in screens.  In an ideal world, I'd have text all left-aligned, numbers all center-aligned, and table headers all center-aligned too.

If you were able to slip that into a future release, that'd be awesome - but again, just a very-nice-to-have so it's hardly the end of the world!


Hi Corey,

Sorry it's taken so long to reply - stupid work got in the way this last fortnight meaning I didn't have any time to spend on much more important things like setting up TD for our next home tourney!  ;D

Thank you for your responses though - very much appreciated.

This is actually a bug.  It should be using the preference that controls whether or not Hits are displayed as fractions or whole numbers.  I've fixed this for the next version.

Cool thanks - I hadn't actually noticed the option to display hits as whole numbers or fractions so didn't realise there was a bug.  Would it be easy to provide a similar option to display Points as fractions or whole numbers too?

Regarding the other comments which were all related to customising of the <rankings> token and Player Rankings screen, I probably didn't think them through particularly well from your point of view - especially the <rankings> token.  That would be much harder to customise in the way I was suggesting and almost certainly more pain for you than value for your customers.

What if though... 

The end goal of all those comments was to allow me to change some number formats, text alignment and column order on the Player Rankings screen (which I'd use during the tourney with one set of columns) and something similar (which I'd use at the end of tourneys to display final standings but with slightly different columns).

Column order is already available on the Player Rankings screen, so that's not an issue.

If the next release allows me to display hits (and hopefully points) as whole numbers, then that's not an issue either.

So - what if on the Player Rankings screen you added a third option near the Edit Columns and Edit Column Names buttons, something like Edit Column Alignments - which allowed the user to apply an alignment to each column individually then was rendered in the <td> style tag for that column in every data row?  If that was possible, then the Player Rankings would be 100% perfect for me.  And then going a step further, if it was possible to either conditionally display certain columns based on tourney state, utilise another built-in screen identical to Player Rankings but called Final Standings, or somehow make a copy of Player Rankings myself - that would be my end goal achieved in its entirety!  Well for this particular element anyway I should say...  ;)  Am I still in dreamland or would any of that be easy enough to be considered please?

Thanks again Corey!


Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Re: Controls on fixed screens
« on: May 29, 2012, 06:04:44 PM »
Just posting my tuppence worth and a big +1 for this idea, I have a row of tdbutton tokens at the bottom of my main screen - I'd love it if I could display the same row on all screens  ;D


Hey Corey,

Personally, the 4 columns I'd love to see added to the <rankings> token please are:

Chip Count

I only suggested making all the same columns available as the built in Player Rankings page in case other people wanted to do the same as me but with different columns...

And just while I'm in dream-land, a couple of other additions I'd love to see on the <rankings> token if at all possible would be the ability to customise column names (same as the Player Rankings screen), and to customise the rendered table cells - primarily the ability to center-align the cells and change the displayed number format (eg Hits & Points - I never use fractions so would prefer to display them as integers than decimals).

I know you can style cells of a screen using the HTML Styles section, but since the <rankings> token (and Player Rankings screen) are tables rendered inside that screen cell, there's no way to apply HTML Styles to the rendered tables, is there?  I've certainly tried but to no avail so far...

Many thanks!  :D

Edit: sorry one other thing I meant to include whilst in dream-land, the ability to reorder the columns in the <rankings> token would also be very desirable - if at all possible...  Thanks again!

Hey Corey, no worries it's hardly the end of the world - we can live with the same set of columns displayed during & after the tourney for now!  It would be awesome in future though if the <rankings> token could maybe be extended a bit to have the same column options as the built in Player Rankings screen...?  Definitely a feature I'd love to see please if you get the chance!  ;D


Help Me / Re: <statsinfo> in templates/StatsExport.html
« on: May 29, 2012, 08:03:09 AM »
Hey thanks for getting back to me Corey.  Sorry, I did do a search in the help tab, but I only searched for the token name and got no results - didn't think to search for the html filename, but I can see it now of course.  :-\

I will always be using Normal view mode so it sounds like this tag doesn't matter to me anyway, but thanks for the confirmation.  I thought it might contain something like a 'last updated/created date/time stamp' perhaps...


Help Me / Re: <statsinfo> in templates/StatsExport.html
« on: May 28, 2012, 08:57:06 AM »
Sorry I should've added, are there any more tokens I can use in this export template?  Is there a list somewhere I can check out please?

Thanks again

Hi all,

I would like to display the built-in Player Rankings screen both during and after the tourney, but I would like to show some different columns depending whether the tourney is still running or finished - eg during the tourney show 'Chip Count' but not 'Points', but after the tourney hide 'Chip Count' and show 'Points' instead, just as an example.

I was wondering if it was possible to either copy the built-in screen and have two of them with different settings, or make a custom screen virtually identical to the built-in one, though I can't see a way to do that.  Then I was wondering if it was possible to set columns to display conditionally, but I can't see a way to do that either.

Is it possible to do what I'm trying to achieve?

I know I can get something close to what I want using the <rankings> token on a custom screen, but there are a few other columns I want to display on top of those included with the <rankings> token so I don't think that's an option...


Edit: oops sorry I meant to post this in the Templates, Layouts & Sound forum, apologies...

Help Me / <statsinfo> in templates/StatsExport.html
« on: May 28, 2012, 08:26:31 AM »
You can modify the template that is used to export the stats.  It is the templates/StatsExport.html file in the Data Store folder.  That way all exported stats files will include your changes.

Hi all (and hopefully Corey especially!),

I'm using this approach to customise my League Standings page (which is the exported html file displayed in an iframe of 'announcements') - but I notice in the markup of StatsExport.html that the second row of the header infotable contains a token called <statsinfo> - this always renders to nothing for me when I generate an export of stats.  I assume it's meant to give some or all of the data displayed on the Info popup of the Stats tab...?

I can't see any option or setting on the Stats tab that relates to including stats info on the export, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong please?  Why does it always come out blank in the generated html export file for me?  ???

Many thanks

ps I have only run one tourney so far, but I wouldn't have thought that'd make a difference...?

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