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General Discussion / Re: Mobiles at tables
« on: April 08, 2011, 11:18:39 AM »
Here is what we do.

Your on the phone, you are out of the hand.
Music is ok.
No texting what so ever. We do not want players to be able to text one another during a tournament and or cash game and try to pinch players or feed chips to one another.

Now in Pennsylvania Casino's - You can use your phone if you are not, I repeat, not in the hand. You must have the phone visable and once the next hand starts you either turn it to sleep or muck. If at any time they want to check your phone activity, you must show, If they catch you cheating with another player at the table, boh players will be asked to leave and you run the risk of being banned as well as subject to arrest.

Sands in Bethlehem there have been people caught doing exactly that and have been banned and were arrested. Its a serious charge so running the risk is stupid. If you're playing in a tournament or cash game, just put the phone on vibrate and tell people to text you in an emergency.

General Discussion / Re: TD with IE9 Beta
« on: April 08, 2011, 11:08:20 AM »
Here is an update to my previous original post.

I just ran a tournament of 167 players and just wanted to see what IE 9 (release version) would do versus the beta.

What I have found is that the screen will still blink and then once the first event goes off it will cease with the blinking. Thats the good news, the bad is that then I got exception errors in the script and it asked me if I wanted to debug them and I just click no, but every time there was an event firing I would have this pop up on the screen.

When the script errors appeared it did take away from the program a little, but all and all we got through it and the software did its job.

The debugging script error is the same as in one of my previous posts and seems to be a combo thing with IE9 and Windows 7 Ultimate (my opinion).

Anyone else experience the same debugging script errors with IE9 and windows 7 (any version)

I love this program and at least 6 people that come to our tournaments have purchase the program just based on what they see and experience at our tournaments and how simple everything runs with TD.

General Discussion / TD with IE9 Beta
« on: September 24, 2010, 11:38:09 AM »
Just want to look at IE9 (Microsoft's new browser) and use it with TD.

What I found is that using IE9 is not quite compatible at this point.

I am using the following

Windows 7 Ultimate
IE 9

What I found is that everything loads up quickly and runs just fine, but for some reason the screen just keeps blinking. I compare it to a refresh that happens every 3-5 seconds.

Like I said I wanted to see if it would work and I have decided to remove 9 and go back to 8. I must say though on a personal note I like IE9 a ton more than any other browser I have used. It has some very nice slick programming in it that makes it faster as well as uses less resources. Microsoft did their homework on this one.

Suggestions / Re: I think this would be a great addition......
« on: September 13, 2010, 10:19:40 AM »
While I do agree somewhat with parts of your post, the underlying request or for that matter for posting the idea is that there are many of us that run rather large tournaments.

Posting information on facebook in my himble opinion is not a viable nor good idea as Facebook does not delete information off their server backups and most people including myself do not want any of my information published in that manner. It is no ones business what I am doing and when.

When have a totally secure area of our site that has every months tournament results as well as players, pot size, payouts, finishing order, ytd monies won or lost and so on.

This suggestion is to try and eliminate steps in running a large tournament and at the same time either as an addon or as an option to the program to make it even easier for me rather than to be going to one program to do this and another to do that.

This suggestion would not affect 50% of the people who use TD, but the 50% it would, well they would be extremely thankful.

Suggestions / Re: I think this would be a great addition......
« on: September 12, 2010, 10:02:59 AM »
COREY: Sounds like a great idea.  I see it in two parts: (1) ability to select users from the database and email them a tournament announcement/invitation/RSVP;

ANSWER: All is true with the exception of the RSVP part. I will answer the RSVP part with the second part of your response

COREY: and (2) the ability for the program to receive responses from those invitations and automatically add/remove appropriate players from the tournament (or have I inferred too much from your post?).

ANSWER: This is would be in my humble opinion overkill. I was thinking on the lines of when emailing from the database it could be just the basics of a txt formatted email to contain for example:
(Their Name) you have been invited to (name of club or organization) Poker Tournament
Date of Event
Yes   No   Maybe
Everything that is sent could be variable based and the yes no maybe can be they just hit reply and respond yes no or maybe. In no way would I want to have the responses automatically sent to the TD program because too many things change and people don’t show up and then I have more work.

COREY: Well, in fact, I have considered part 1 before.  But let me tell you why I have decided against it.  First, while the software has taken on a lot of functionality beyond strictly running a poker tournament, this is another area where other software has already been there, done that, and works much better than I could ever hope to incorporate into the TD.  Should the TD have a sophisticated email editor built into it?  Will it send emails in plain text or HTML?  If HTML, do we build a fancy designer so the emails can look nice?  I'd much rather spend time working on other features than an email editor.  Then there's the problem of actually sending the emails.  Do you have your email server configuration information? 

ANSWER: I say plain text emails. As far as the server config, most if not all are sitting on their own domains, so I would not think this would be all that big of an issue only because of what I stated above in that people would hit reply to commit or decline the invitation.

COREY: The TD will need that.  Many users already have a hard enough time setting up their home email clients, I don't want to add that frustration to the TD software. 

ANSWER: What I proposed it not a fit for everyone, I agree whole heartedly, but as an option or add-on for people who are handling large events, I think this would be an amazing time saving kick A$$ addition.

COREY: But we could go another route: we could avoid using the user's email server, and have the software route email through the TD website email server.  That would avoid the configuration problem altogether.  Until same j@c#@$$ decides to use the software to route their spam emails.  Then the TD email server gets put on a major email server blacklist, and then every tournament invitation anyone sends using the TD gets routed to spam folders - everywhere.  Feature is now useless

ANSWER: I agree 100% and that would be a bad solution that would do nothing but open you up to headaches.

COREY: After brainstorming that nightmare, I decided to add only a simple feature: export email addresses, which can be done from the Players tab or the Database tab.  This will export names and email addresses to a file.  You can simply copy what is exported right into the "To:" line in any email and send something out to all of your players.

Of course, part (2) in your suggestion pretty much depends on part (1).

ANSWER: As it is right now I use Rank em software to try to accomplish this task and it does it somewhat half baked and doesn’t always work. I have 171 players in our database and when the email goes out half get the email, the other half get blanks. I tried to purchase rights to the software from the developer but he was in fact way out of line (in my opinion) with his price.

I would be more than happy to give you admin permissions to the program to show you how it works if you like.

Suggestions / I think this would be a great addition......
« on: September 11, 2010, 08:56:07 AM »
I am not really sure if this suggestion has been brought up, but I will pitch it anyway.

As the director of a tournament/league it is very time consuming to try and calculate how many will be attending the scheduled events. As it is now I use Texas Rank em to try and track who is in but this is time consuming.

Here is my suggestion, since I have everyone in my Tournament Director database with their emails, I would like to pitch the idea of being able to

1. Announce the tournament via email from the database in TD. I would click on a button the email all players in database announcing the tournament
2. Once the email is sent have a yes or no button on the email for the recipients to reply to.

This would save a ton of time as well as in my humble opinion add even more uniqueness to an already GREAT program.

It would save time in that when I deal with 70+ players in a tournament, if they were to get the announcement announcing the tournament via the program with a yes or no clickable response, I could have all the yes' in the tournament before hand and would just need to collect the monies and off to dealing the cards we go.

Desta Dula
Da-Man Poker Club

Help Me / Re: Script Debugging Error
« on: May 15, 2010, 08:37:12 AM »
Stu & Corey,

I thought it was just me and had not commented on this since my last post. So let me update Corey as to what has been happening.
Both 2.5.9 & 10 run great on the first run after an install and then script errors.

An error has occurred in the script on this page
Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: Call was rejected by calleeCode: 0
URL: ms-its:C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 2\TD.lib::clockThread.html

Do you want to debug this error Yes or No

Now I always select "no", but then the program becomes very unstable and has to be shut down and restarted.
Here is some info that might help you out or to dial in the error:

TD Setup

1. Auto save after events
2. Make backups when saving
3. Program file location: C:\Program Files (x86)\The Tournament Director 2\lib
4. Tournament File Location: D:\TD Files Backups\2010 Season\Saves\2010_template.tdt
5. Data Stores: D:\TD Files Backups
6. Events -
   a) bustout sounds – Yes
   b) 1 minute warning for round sound – yes
   c) Balance tables sounds – yes
   d) Other sounds – level end warning, tournament start, tables unbalanced and break warning
7. Template – I run the template I posted here on this forum (Mafia template)

My Computer

Windows 7 – 64 b - 8 Gigs memory
Internet Explorer – 8.0.7600.16385

Add-ons Running
- Accelerators  - All are Bing Search related
- InPrivateBrowsing – None
- Search Providers – Bing
- ToolBars & Extensions – Shockwave flash & Live Signin

Any other information or setup that you may need or what I will be more than happy to provide to you to see if in fact it is as simple as maybe a setting that Win7 and IE8 offer together.

Here are the screen shots from the template. Enjoy and please leave feedback with the setup and the sound files included if you chose to use them.

Here is the zip file as promised

Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Man Poker Club First attempt at a template
« on: February 28, 2010, 01:36:20 PM »
This is my first attempt at a template so please be kind.

I have included everything you would need in the zip as well as all the sound files and templates we use for events. There is a bunch of sound files as well as the template as to how we use them.

The zip file will be in the next post as a reply to this one

gf_manpokerclub.jpg = extra background
MPC_gf_back.jpg = Background (main)
mpc_goodfellas.jpg - blinds background

I hope you enjoy

Help Me / Re: Script Debugging Error
« on: February 20, 2010, 08:55:23 PM »
OK Corey as  stated in my email I was going to pound on the software with your suggestions and used 2.5.9 & 2.5.10 in my tests.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit Professional with 8 gigs of memory.

Here is what I found after checking and unchecked the advanced options in IE 8 that you suggested.

In every instance of the error popping up for the script debugging error it happened in combination of three things happening at the same time and they are

1. Auto save enabled
2. Hitting the "X" to bust out players and
3. Player movement (balancing tables) suggested when the player busts out.

Now with the suggestions of checking the options in advanced in IE8 it seems to have corrected the problems, but if I unchecked any one of them the error will pop up once again.

It took almost a week, but I knew I would find the common thread to the error.

I hope this helps you out with this.


Help Me / Re: Script Debugging Error
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:30:46 PM »
Ok so I just got done running the mock tournament with all the suggestions you had requested and round 6 got the exact same error.

There is no common event that I can see that triggers this script error.

Its not a certain time, bust outs, table movement, events, nothing.

Is there a possibility of getting a copy of the previous version before the TD 2.5.10 to load that and see if the problem continues with that version or if this is strictly a 2.5.10 issue.

I will await your next suggestion.

Help Me / Re: Script Debugging Error
« on: February 10, 2010, 10:48:08 AM »
I am setting it up now and will run it and report back to you with the results. Give me an hour or two to get to say round 4+

Desta Dula
Man Poker Club

Help Me / Re: Script Debugging Error
« on: February 09, 2010, 04:58:59 PM »
I followed all the previous instructions as far as what to check and uncheck.

During tournaments I have the auto save enabled and that is the error. During the test for this post I did not have auto save enabled and it did the same thing and then I started all over with auto save enabled and the exact same error message both times.

Could this be a windows 7, in conjunction with ie 8 problem with the upgrade to 2.5.10? The reason I ask I never seen this or for that matter any error before I upgraded to .10.

Hope this helps you track it down. Also I am volunteering myself to you to try any suggestions you may have to try and help with the correction.

Help Me / Re: Script Debugging Error
« on: February 08, 2010, 12:51:40 PM »
Ok as promised I ran the mock tournament and here are the results:

I ran the tournament all was fine until round 4 with 1:15 remaining in the round and I got this error:

An error has occurred in the script on this page

Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: Call was rejected by callee
Code: 0
URL: ms-its:C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 2\TD.lib::clockThread.html

Do you want to debug this error Yes or No

When this happens everything becomes unusable untiol you exit the program and then restart it.

Desta Dula
(knuckle head in italian)
Man Poker Club

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