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Help Me / Function of spits rakes
« on: June 20, 2007, 08:55:40 PM »
Interesting this option of 2 or more RAKE. Where it can be usefull??? the single place they are split are in the "Per-player-rake".
In summary we have only the sum of the 2.
Thanks for your attention...

Help Me / Alphabetical order
« on: June 20, 2007, 03:11:26 PM »
How in Brasil we use accent in the names, names like "Éverton" or "Álvaro", was put in wrong place in list, in alphabetical order. its possible to fix it, in some way?
Thanks for help...

Suggestions / Re: Some questions
« on: June 20, 2007, 02:31:55 PM »
Thanks again, for help.
This is a nice use to bounty, but for that really works, should be necessary, that some one get bounty from another, lose it (his and thats he got) for another whose bust him of. Lets try explain: 10 players in regular game (A,B,C,D, etc...). 5 buy a bounty (A,B,C,D and E).  'B' bust 'A' (get his bounty); 'C' bust 'B' (get the 'A' and 'B' bounty). This until don't works very well, because if 'F' bust 'A' he or get his bounty (if is not checked "Restrict bounties", or not). Anyway, If nobody with bounty get the 1st place, the holder of those bounty can't use this bounty, because don't pay for it, at begging of match.

Suggestions / Notify the winner in Random Hit
« on: June 16, 2007, 01:56:42 AM »
Great prize, to give more fun to the game.
Will be, very funny if in the EXACT time that the random player was busted, Display this prize in the screen, with sounds.
Thanks for work so hard for us, cooper...

Suggestions / Re: Some questions
« on: June 16, 2007, 01:50:16 AM »
Thank you for try help, phaze, I gonna try to explain better:
We have 3 tournaments: Saturday (buyin R$30 (~US$15) with 2 rebuys AND 1 add-on), Sunday (R$200 no rebuys/add-on allowed) and Monday (R$100 with 1 rebuy OR 1 add-on).
Everybody plays Saturday, because is cheap, and pay R$30,00. Some fews, want to try get rebuy for sunday, and put PLUS R$10,00 in separate. The better place in the 20 that put his R$10, get the R$200 to play Sunday.Its between they, the house don't get rake.

Suggestions / Re: Some questions
« on: June 15, 2007, 05:12:18 PM »
Thank you for so fast answers. I hope to help you to make a better yet program, and don't being a pain...
1) Like you do in rake, separate it in more than one, is very difficult you create 2 kinds of buyin? In this case, the satelites prize (where the house don't take rake) goes only to whose that get better place between that ones that make the 2nd buyin in the same match. If you make it, We can use this option for "satellites" and "Jackpot" prizes.
2) If you could put only one round (and not Through 'X' round) to make possible to get ADD-ON, this would be nice, like the other program we use before.
3) Could be resolved if was enable to create a 2nd buyin, like explained in '1'.
4) Please use at your tests the file "prizeSuggestions.xml "  I put attached in my 2nd post, and you will see that for prizes 1~9 I put manually all prizes, but more than it, I can't find where I change "th places" for "º prêmios".
5) When you click in "load" button, the dialog box appears in the last time you close that. This is because Windows and not your program do it. When you click in button that is exclusive of your program, like "Reset" and others, the dialog box, goes directly in the center of your program. Open the dialog boxes where they are close last time, would be a big step to use 2 monitors, like I saw in others posts of this forum. I have NVIDIA video Board here, and his software have some facilities to use 2 monitors, or 2 desktops. But I don't know why, in your program, I can't use this facilities. If you have NVIDIA VB, you can use 'NVIEW', that comes with driver of  Video Board and simulate 2 monitors using 2 Desktops.
6) I have changed "Decimal point" in preference tab, and this affect "automatic prizes" and "suggest prizes". Do it in your program, and see how its works for the prizes that isn't whole number like 2,5%.
In some "dialog boxes" in the layout tab, like "Background" and others the buttons are half show.
In CHIPS table are swaped "Display on tournament page" with "Don't display on tournament page" in chips menu.
Thanks again, for your attention.

Suggestions / Re: Some questions
« on: June 14, 2007, 11:19:29 PM »
When I Install version 2.3.1 the new "prizeSuggestions.xlm" was over for my modified file. I'm glad, I post it here, and could download...  :) :) :)

Suggestions / Re: Some questions
« on: June 14, 2007, 10:50:05 PM »
 ;D Lets try again, so... (using a translate of google)
1) Some players pay a value more (10% of buyin) to participate of a satellite of another match. Not all. I would like to know, if is possible to separately create a prize only for the players who had paid more for this option.
2) It would be possible to place in its program an option for purchase of Add-on, only for that they had not made rebuy? And only at the end of the time for rebuy?
3) Because it is a prize that is given separately if SOMEBODY to make a Royal straight flush. It is removed of rake 2, without the house receives percentage therefore. He accumulates for the next week if he will not have winner.
4)I modified “prizesuggestions.xml” and it functioned until 9º prize, but I do not have as to modify prizes 10-18, automatically, as attached file… It only can be edited in the Note, because I cannot use accents in UTF-8.
5) A simple way to skirt this problem, would be making possible that the boxes of dialog be opened in the places where they had been closed, and not in the front of the program.
In layout TAB - Background options have 2 "override all background color". One is about lines.
In conditions Rebuys remaining and Add-ons remaining haven't place to put how much.
How in Brasil, we use "," as decimal point and ". " as comma in currency, and I change it in preference, when I put Automatic prize, prizes like 2,5% change to 25%
6) Other necessary conditions, is ">, = or < Round" and not only specific one.
Thanks again
Ps: if you have msn on, my is:

Suggestions / Some questions
« on: June 13, 2007, 10:38:39 PM »
First of all, I ask excuses for my poor English, and congratulate you, for your great program.
I and my friends have a poker league, and bought your program, to sophisticate our tournament. However I would like to know, if exist, or you have intention to do this things:
1) Some tournaments, can have together, a over prize that some few player will disput whithother. Without a rake, and rank.  Its possible, to do it, automatic?
2) For us, add-on, is just possible, one time and at the end of rebuy time (like everest poker). And more, is just possible, to someone that don't make the only rebuy possible in that tournament. Should be fine, to put it automatic whit your program.
3) We have a Jack Pot, for who's make a great hand, and I like very much that in your version 2.3, I can put ANOTHER rake specific to it. Would be fantastic, if I can take % of the another rake (rake 2), for any kind of hand, like: 100% Royal 2 cards; 85% straight Flash 2 cards; 70% Royal 1 pocket card; etc...
4) Trying to translate the displays information to Portuguese, I cant do it, with automatic prizes, neither changing "autoPrizes.xlm". Here we use "1º Prêmio" as 1st Prize, and even rewriting that file, still displaying 1st prize.
5) I use a datashow, to display out tournament to the players, and can't put the dialogs to bust, add-on and others in my laptop display. Its possible to show only the layouts in one monitor and dialogs in other?
Thanks for your help, and keep improve your very nice program.
Mouras Kid.
PS: you can view our league in

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