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Beta Testing / Re: Version 3.4 FINAL
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:13:31 AM »

I'm the Tournament Director of my poker club in France, which is located in Auffargis.

I tried 3.4.1 a few times, without any problem, except a strong fail when (if I understand well) I tried to associate too much (> 20 ?) actions with an event (a have a lot of jingles that I want to be played randomly at level changes).
But I managed to separate the jingles into two groups, the first for the first 12, the other for the rounds after.

The main problem is a new one (yesterday) : Windows defender decided to remove TD.exe, saying there was a virus in it. I reloaded it after having removed the real time protection, but it's no long-term solution, I think.

Could you help me please ?

Thanks !


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